A meditation for you all - meditation of Lucifer

Lucifer meditation

Close your eyes
And relax
Take a deep breath in and out
Feel that each inhalation
Lifts you up in the air
and energises you
And each exhalation
Relaxes you
but as you exhale
Feel the earth spin faster
Repeat this
Around 10 to 15 times
Then visualise your surroundings
Become nothing but a empty
Dark void.

Visualise at each shoulder
Lucifers sigil
Then each inhale you take
Energy flows into these sigil’s
And the sigils glow and charge

Then visualise your chakra points
But where the chakras should be
Visualise lucifer sigil
in the place of where all your chakras
Should be.

Inhale light energy into the sigils.

Once all all nine lucifer sigils
Are energised, then focus on them.

And say in your mind

" lucifer I invoke thee
Lucifer the light bearer
Lucifer the serpent
I invoke thee
Lucifer he who wears
The emerald crown
Enter me, I invoke thee
Lucifer lord of light
And darkness
, lucifer the emperor
Of the infernal kingdom
I invoke thee
Enter my mind, enter my body,
Enter my soul, enter my blood,
Enter my heart, enter my flesh.
Lucifer he who wears many masks
Lucifer he who is called
by many names
The dragon, the snake, the devil, the angel, the god, the lord, the light, the dark.
Lucifer I invoke thee. "

Then visualise in this void
Light enter you and this light
Opens the sigils inside you.

As you inhale your being becomes
Brighter and brighter
As you exhale you become a black flame
And then as you inhale you become light

Repeat that visualisation
While inhaling and exhaling,
Visualise in your left hand
A trident of pure dark power
Like the trident of shiva
Then in your right hand
Visualise a torch of white fire
And say

" I wield your trident
Lord lucifer
In my left hand
Your power, your darkness, your destruction, your unholy force
is manifested into the trident I hold "

Then inhale and visualise
The trident burst with power
Then exhale condensing its power

Then say

" I wield your torch of light
Lord lucifer
I hold in my right hand the light
Of enlightenment, spiritual illumination
, your power of genius, knowledge, power of light, and celestial force
Is manifested into the torch I hold ".

Then inhale and visualise
The torch burst with power
Then exhale condensing its power

Then visualise on your head
A emerald crown inside
The green emerald crown
Is lucifers sigil.

And say

" lucifer crown me
Lord lucifer, the dragon
Place upon me the crown
Of royalty over all
Lucifer fill me with your will
Lucifer fill me with your greatness
Lucifer fill me with your strength
O’lucifer I wield your crown
The crown of the infernal
The crown of enlightenment
The crown of the celestial
The crown of the emerald sphere ".

Then inhale and visualise
The crown shine bright green
Then exhale condensing its power.

Then visualise the nine sigils of lucifer
Shoot into your third eye
Creating a beam of power
Shooting into the beyond

And repeat the Latin incantation

" habeo quod imperium,
Of lux lucifer
In quod quod
Imperium tenebris
En lux
Imperium tenebris
En lux
Lucifer "

Then visualise wings
Burst out of your shoulders
And then at this point
You can commune with lucifer,
You at this minute are merged
And have become one with lucifer
So the possibilities are up to you.

Hope you enjoy.


thanks,is it proper for beginners?


In my opinion yes because it’s safe but you must be aware that you are becoming one with that Entity lucifer at that very moment as long as that’s okay with you and you’re taking it serious and be respectful then it’s safe


i think this meditation opens chakras too.


Yes it can since you are taking into you one of the most powerful entity’s there is and his light will become intertwined into your being if you visualise and will and push the light of lucifer into exam chakra while focusing on the intent to open them.

His energy can definitely do that.


great, thanks


how do you memorize this man :frowning:


Read it over and over like trying to remember words to a song


Just did this as a solar eclipse ritual that was about an hour 20 mins ago I started. Finneshed went to the shops feeling like I took something on way back now still feel kinda high.
Good shit.


Tried it. Shit’s good, yo.



do you really have to memorize that whole thing because i probably can’t do that. can’t i just read it?

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Words do not matter. Break the Wheel.
Intention is what matters. Come to me armed with Wings.


No you don’t have to memeroies it you can just read it.



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Damn, I got a "New Luciferian’ friend who only speaks spanish, hope you don’t mind me translating it and passing it on


No problem

@C.Kendall Even reading it during a trance will work to I think. And yes if you practice it long enough I hope parts will stay ;-). Writing down in your notes will help. Very helpful thanks!


Great meditation @C.Kendall ! How often can I practice it? Is it ok if I do it every day?


yes of course everyday is fine, it’s all up to you really.


:face_with_monocle: ok then… That was intense to say the least… Got some advice in regards to the goals i can aim for while doin the goetic workshop.

Body feels like a mix of the last time i did an invocation of fire and calling the divs. Waves and streaks of hot and cold crawling all over me.

Also Lucifer like azazel enjoyed makin a point of form being irrelevant while shifting between multiple states and forms within my vison. :laughing: that was interesting.

Really good stuff :grin: thanks for sharing it. @C.Kendall