Servitors for dummies

I have read the threads about servitors and I believe I understand the concept from a psychological phenomenon point of view, but before creating and using one for magic I have questions.
There are some great threads on balg, but as my title suggests I really need servitors-for-dummies advice.
I have an image in mind, a function/purpose, a time frame for the work to be done and name, sigil and object to bind it to.
From what I’ve learned, servitors are limited to how much we energize and feed them, how we use them and what for and are bound to us under our control.
Therefore they are as harmless or harmful as we allow them to be.

If using a servitor for protection, how could it be possible that it evolves or grows to harm us or becomes uncontrollable?

How could something created for protection, controlled by the creator, turn against the creator?

Also, can servitors be created unconsciously?

And can one servitor be created by me to protect multiple people?

Can servitors ever manifest into physical form or be sensed or seen by a target ?

Any advice is appreciated, otherwise please point me in the direction of some very basic reading. I’m currently reading the psychological perspective, but would appreciate some basic lhp info.


No, it cannot.

It can’t, if created properly.

No. Thoughtforms can be created unconsciously, but servitors are a step above simple thoughtforms.


Yes, if the target can sense energy, or has Yin eyes, or has defenses set up.

Not entirely sure what you mean by “physical form,” as a servitor has whatever form you give it. If you mean can it become physical, the answer is no. Servitors are not tulpas, and never will be.

Basic reading: Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand, Create a Servitor by John Kreiter, Creating Magical Entities by Taylor Ellwood and Taylor Michael Cunningham.

To my knowledge there is no “LHP” information about servitors, because the basics are the same no matter what beliefs you hold or philosophy you follow.


My recommendation is Initiation into Hermetics. It teaches how to create thoughtforms and servitors both of which can be incredibly effective. The only real difference in this context is the level of reality they operate on but this division lets you make very specific tools for the job. It also covers all the foundational skills leading up to it.

Step by step instructions with multiple methods given for servitors which it terms as elementals.


Thank you both !!!

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Take the Jewish Golem for example, created to defend the jewish people and then destroyed when it got out of hand and turned violent.

Most people have problems with their servitors because they don’t know how to utilize and control them properly.

A servitor can grow stronger than you or even be created stronger than you depending on a few factors.

It’s just like any other spirit out there. If you don’t just sit there waiting for whatever created you to feed you, why do you think your servitors have too?

People who have to feed their servitors on their own or believe it can’t grow stronger or in unexpected way’s just haven’t been using them properly.

There have been incidents of spirits being created unintentionally, quite common actually.

Have you seen children praying to their dolls? I have, she used to love that thing and took it with her everywhere, eventually it started talking to her and helping her do things so she kept at it. This was a 7 year old christian girl.


:thinking: I was thinking if I can make a Servitor to keep my space clean so I wouldn’t have to do banishing that often! I am debating if I am capable of such a thing. It will be cleansing the space 24/7 from all the portals and sigils I open. I wonder what kind of effect would it have on my rituals?
:rofl: I am gazing at sigils alot these days and I feel the connection I am forming. The energy gives me headaches and thought a Servitor might help filter the energies.

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@DarkestKnight Looking back at this and recently your Raziel sigil protection that was revealed to you, are servitors the same as wards essentially avoiding malicious entities sneaking in? And if so, are there good books to read on for creating wards/servitors?

Looks like i missed the last part of your post. I see books listed there lmao. Thanks