BELIAL - God of Anarchy

A couple of months ago I started to work with Belial.
Working with Belial has been interesting to say the least so far.
I know much more is going to happen and manifest, King Paimon suggested that I work with Belial. I very hesitant though because of what I had read about Belial, Belial reached out to me.
I know I am in for one wild ride, and working with Belial is going to take things to a whole new level. Much is going to manifest in my life I am sure.

June 3rd, 2016
This morning something happened to me which totally took me off guard.

I heard a voice call my name.
I was asleep in my bed and my body started vibrating, despite this I was still asleep it didn’t wake me up.
I was conscious while not being awake (sleep paralysis maybe?)

I then found myself outside of my body looking at my body which was asleep on my bed at the time.

Almost immediately after I was then taken somewhere else, I was travelling down a dark pit.
I then tried to return to my body, the first attempt failed and I continued travelling down this dark pit.
The second attempt was successful and I woke up and was fully conscious in my bed.

Before I went to bed that night I was discussing astral projection with King Paimon.
The spirit that called my name has a distinctly different presence from King Paimon.

I will ask King Paimon about this and see what he says, I thought I would share with you all.

Days later …
I asked King Paimon who was responsible for forcing me to astral project.
He told me that Belial had done so because he wished to talk to me and wanted to gain my trust.

Incense Used: Frankincense and Myrrh (Seems to work well for demonic evocation)
Sigil Used:

I called upon King Paimon to guide me with the ritual.

I had two red candles on my altar that I lit at the beginning of the ritual.

Before beginning the evocation I repeated the incantation below a dozen times:
Natz Fehr Ata Inferum Negra

It didn’t take long before I could feel the presence of demonic spirit(s) in the room.
I wasn’t sure if they were Belial’s familiar(s) or familiar spirit(s) of Azazel.

I could see my eyes in the mirror above my altar change and they changed like they never have before, they were dark.

I then lit the incense on my altar.

I started gazing at Belial’s sigil and calling him forth, I felt his presence start to come into the room quite quickly. As per usual when a spirit begins manifesting the incense smoke started to change in a distinct way when Belial’s presence came into the room.

When Belial came I felt the presence of many other spirits come with him.
The atmosphere of the room became very dark, I could feel the presence of demonic spirits all around me.

Me: Welcome Belial!

Belial: Shall we skip the formalities? And get to it …

Me: Yes, Belial I have called you forth to aid my magickal ascent. I also ask that you help with bring me material things, wealth, happiness and the things of this world.

Belial: That I can do.

Me: You will NOT …


Me: You are …

Me: I can feel the presence of other spirits in the room Belial, are they your familiars?

Belial: Yes, they are my familiars and they will stay with you and guide you and help bring about what you have asked me for.

Belial: You do not even know the beginning of the path that will be laid before you.

Belial: A path of greatness awaits you.

Me: Thank you very much for coming Belial! You may leave when you wish to.

What is above is not an exact transcript of the conversations between myself and Belial and it isn’t complete either.
I don’t think I’ve ever been to tired after doing an evocation, it really took a lot of energy out of me.
There were things I chose to leave out and others I don’t clearly recall.

I assume when Belial told me “You do not tell me what I am not ,you tell me what I am” that he meant “You do not tell me what I am not to do, you tell me what I am to do”.
However I also have the feeling that he may have been communicating something I don’t understand that may become more apparent later when my knowledge of magick and the nature of reality increases, when I have walked further down this path I am on.

I have never been so scattered after the ritual, I had problems even typing properly after doing it.
After having something to eat, I decided to take a nap for about 3 hours afterwards.
I was that exhausted even after the nap I had I felt that It might be best to cancel my plans for the rest of the day.
The ritual itself only lasted about 5 minutes.

One thing is certain from my experience, do not call this demon forth unless you are ready to have an intense experience.
He may come with many other demonic spirits, they may surround you.
And if you are not ready for it at best you will feel very uncomfortable and at worst you may project your fears and anxiety which may results in things manifesting in the ritual and from the ritual that you may not desire.

I performed an evocation of Belial and asked for his assistance with a problem in my life.
I can’t remember whether or not it was something I initially offered Belial or if he asked me for it, but in return for his services I was going to make him a blood offering.
I made him an initial offering of just one drop of blood and I told him I would give him more once he had completed what I asked.
The results manifested quickly, and were in detail exactly what I had asked Belial for.
I communicated with Belial without evoking him (just using his sigil) and I told him I would do an evocation and make him the offering I promised.

Belial: "BLOOD, GIVE ME BLOOD!" Me: "When I have time I will evoke you and give you your offering." Belial: "I have manifested what you asked, GIVE ME BLOOD NOW!" Me: "I will evoke you within 7 days and give you your offering. " Belial: "BLOOD NOW! BLOOD ON THE SIGIL!" Me: "You will receive your offering shortly Belial when it is appropriate for me to evoke you." Belial: "BLOOD ON THE SIGIL! BLOOD NOW! BLOOD ON THE SIGIL! BLOOD NOW!" Me: "If you insist Belial and that is what you want I am happy to give you your offering."

I gave Belial what I had promised and told him I was very happy with his work and thanked him for assisting.


Are you willing to share what he accomplished for you (including the “backstory”)? If not, can you at least give a made up example that mirrors the scope of what he did for you?


Most people ascribe “Darkness” to Belial and yes he is very Dark. But how often have people asked him to show how “Light” he really is? Most also think of him as a hardass, but how many have even bothered to ask Belial to show them his Joys unattached by all the negativity and darkness and harshness?

Anyway, do not take out of context what he said when he told you to not tell him what he is not. This demon does not make any mistakes in anything including his statements as he is the most straight foreward out of all the goetics. You wouldn’t know it now, but that statement will not make sense until much later anyway.

Also, when you promise blood DO NOT “DAWDLE” or beat around the bush when giving it. That can come off as disrespectful, especially when you make a promise or contract. You do not want to start off on the wrong foot as far as a relationship goes. Anyway, the Gods are not evil beings or hardasses. They understand you and you intent and things very well. Just make sure your Heart is in the right place though in relation to them, because THEY KNOW if your Dedicated or just another Christian looking for a cheap thrill by summoning demons and so they won’t like you as much for that =) Just a word of advice.


No, I don’t wish to share what he accomplished for me or give any back story.
It looks like he has influenced a couple of people, and possibly done more than that.
I don’t know exactly all of what he has done yet, I have my suspicions that more has gone on than what I currently know. I will find out sooner or later whether or not this is the case.

Most also think of him as a hardass

I think that is fair to say and I think that is how he is happy to be.
That has been my experience and from what I’ve read other people say the same thing.

Bottom line is that I am very happy with Belial’s work.




My two cents worth on this comment… I think this relates to the idea that you always use positive affirmations and not negative ones. I think this is Belial’s way of telling you to word your requests to him in a way that does not use the words “not”, “never”, “don’t”, etc.

In the same vein, your thoughts and visuals that you use in magick should focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.


Belial has been calling me, started working with King Paimon recently and feel the need to work with Belial as well. I felt hesitant but I’ve been led to these discussions about him making more comfortable. While reading this discussion a completely random/interesting song got stuck in my head out of nowhere. I was humming a tune from the Disney Jungle Book movie without fully knowing the words, but I am familiar with the tune. Decided to look it up on youtube, and it’s the song the snake sings “trust in me”, I am taking that as a sign I need to trust in Belial, the lyrics for that song are awesome in the context of this work. So I will trust in him, here I go…Thanks for sharing your story. :slight_smile:


Is it a good idea to work with both king paimon and belial at the same time? Ive seen a few people here on the forum talk about that.

Do they work well together. What Ive been told belial would never hurt someone because that would not benefit him in any way.

Anything I should know about king paimon? Ofc I will do research before I contact king paimon.

Im willing to contact all 9 demonic gatekeepers or any spirit to help me.

The problem is fixable if I contact the right spirits, because the problem is spiritual.

Anyway… what about king paimon and belial… do they work extra well together ?


Both are more than willing to help with spiritual and temporal matters as long as it has to do with ascent, so yes they work well together.

It depends, if someone summons him and has a truly submissive and fearful attitude he will kick them in the face and piss all over them and keep doing it until they stand up for themselves, and as far as getting a job done he will crush anyone or anything like bugs if it’s the best and fastest way to go about it and not give it a second thought.

Be as clear and precise with what your asking of him as you can, he’s not a guy who appreciates vagueness at all, stay on point and just like Belial show him your coming from a place of strength and you’ll be fine.


thanks for the answers.

Alright then I will try to contact king paimon later.

I will draw his sigil and stare in it and call on him and tell him what I need. Just as I did with belial.

”Help me with this and I will work with you further in the future, this is like a first quest, help me and we will have more contact” like an offer I gave, like a quest, fix this and I will be your friend.

Correct me if I did anything wrong.

My thoughts was if Belial helped me I would buy the book and video course here on the forum, I told him that also, so if he is intrested he would help me. Im sure he is intrested.

Thats my first step in working with demons.

EA said that beginners should only work with 3 sigils at the same time. Any other spirit that would work good with the two of them? Lucifer?

And as I understod king belial would not require any special clothing when contacting him, is it the same with king paimon. Just have my shorts on and T-shirt, stare at his sigil and then contacting him and telling him what I wanted?

Also I did draw belials sigil on a orange piece of paper… should not make a diffrence… correct me if Im wrong.

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Yes until your used to the energy stay at 3. Sure, why not.

As long as your serious and sincere about calling on him, that shouldn’t matter much.

If it works for you do it.


Alright. Then I do the same thing with lucifer. Stare at his sigil and contact him. Anything special I should keep in mind when contacting lucifer?

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Be polite to him, other then that not really, once people get over the whole lord of darkness thing he’s surprisingly easy to talk to.


When King Belial told you about his familiars and their help then why keep on calling him for another help?
Hope your wishes came to life :pray:


I hope he does not get pissed of if I contact him multiple times this way. Im learning.

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I’ve not done much more with Belial for a while but his sigil has been under my pillow for a week or more. Can’t say I’ve slept better or worse since doing that but have found I have a bit more purpose in what I need to do to move forward in my career etc. in general. Have been attracting women much younger than me lately and been getting some interesting offers too… No idea how much of that if any is his influence?


I will wait and see if he helps me. If someone friendly here could ask him if he is alright with me I would be thankful.

I asked experienced magicians on here if I could do it that way and as I understood it there would be no need to give him an offer right away, I told him I would work with him if he helped me with this because I have a long time felt a drawing towards Belial. When reading about all spirits on here he is the one I feel most drawing towards and I told him that.

My situation is tricky, Im in trouble with other magicians, love, law, and work, all in one situation at the same time.

If someone could ask him about me I would be really thankful.


Intresting. I went first went to ask king Piamon (he seemed to have some femaninaty to his voice? Did you find that too?) for help in the past and he told me too to go to Belial! I was at first reluctant to. But interstingly enough I encountered the same take no bullsh*t attiude clear voice from him when I did. He is clear and amazing. Im feeling more reassurred with my connection when I read your post that we are all talking about the one and the same. He’s an amazing demon, amazing. And while Im writing in sharing its my intention to share my greatful dues. Really greatful. Im no adept, but now and again, especially when the spirits are willing I get profound experiences, and today was reassuring… Thank you Belial, I know Ive got alot to learn …


He could definatly be a support in my humble opinion…
I feel/ resonate with your pain…I hope in time things smooth out. So sorry to hear your have/ going through all this.


So true! But Im still getting over the ‘lord of darkness thing’ myself tbh, and it has caused some awkwardness in conversation, so I’m not ‘friend status yet’ lol but more I get to know him I see he means well and I have to get over myself… so much for dabbling in Rhp too much (in my younger years) lol. Im happy I got to know him.


So when I’ve put blood on a sigil ints forges a deep bond with you both. Is that why Belial likes blood or he just like the life force energy ?

Thank you any who know him !