A new Divination technique

I have spoken to various spirits on divination and I have come up with a new way of divination I coined the term chain tossing, simple yet effective.

You take two chain necklaces and concencrate them, like you would with tarot cards, then hold two chains in your hands cupped focus on a question and project them into the chains.

Focus on it, squeeze your hands and hold them in the air visualise a white light shine in your cupped hands and in the chains as you exhale letting go of the question cast the chains by throwing them in the air.

As they land on the ground you may get shapes or letters of numbers etc.

To see deeper into the results you can scry into the pattern you’ve casted, i’ve had faces, letters, symbols of course you let the chains commune with you telepathically like the tarot cards you interpret the results like in a trance state.

Many of my apprentices and fellow local practitioners have all had undeniable success. In the words of S Ben Qayin, " In simplicity there’s strength, in the complexity you loose that strength and power ".

Give it a try let me know your results.


This is similar to a method of runecasting that I use occasionally.

I take nine relatively straight sticks, all of relatively the same length (toothpicks, chopsticks, etc) and hold them together. With the question in mind, i drop all the sticks at once. Then I investigate the resulting pile for runes and meaning. The depth of the reading is up to the reader, and can be extremely precise