How to Astral Project

Aight I have a few people asking me to teach them how to AP so here is a post showing how to do it.

As a note I dont do the Traditional Astral Projection shit for fucking, “having fun”, or any of the experimental stuff.

I mainly do it for serious shit like Traveling thru gateways, different Assignments I have, etc. So this tutorial will be geared towards that end.

First lets define what this shit is:

Astral Projection
Traveling through the Astral Plane or any magical Gateway (rune, Symbol, Tattva, etc) using your Astral (energy) body.

:point_up_2: Thats it.
Nothing more complicated.
Fuck all the shit about some “vibration state” and all the other crap.

Now lets define what Astral Sight Is

Astral Sight/Senses
The Means by which you feel things around you as if they were there physically.
For example, if you cast a circle using Blue Flames, you will feel the heat around you 360° for the length of the circle.

Aight, so lets define what you will do to start astral projecting

● Do NOT lay back for this. Sit the fuck up or you will fall asleep.

● You will master doing this awake first. After you master it you will have the control to do this while asleep and remember your so called dreams.

● Do not Expect Visions right away. They will come. But you WILL feel stuff. Period.

● Some people will fall into Trance while doing this. Some wont. Doesnt fucking matter.

● It doesnt matter if the fucking lights are on or off or if you use a wooden chair or couch.


The Procedure

  1. Begin by rhythmically Breathing and notice your energy flow in and around you. Do this for a few minutes until the energy and feel of it is solid.

  2. Notice your Astral Body. It will feel like a type of padding/Insulation almost, under your skin.
    At this point, know that a part of yourself is moving into your Astral body and it will.
    This is called “Transferring your Consciousness”.

  3. Pick a spot In the center of the room. INHALE, gathering your energy, and EXHALE, while knowing that you are moving to the appointed spot.

Congrats, you just astral projected! :grinning::joy::neutral_face:

  1. Take a minute and look at your point of view from that spot. And take note of any Impressions you get.

  2. Will yourself to your body again. (Know that you are moving back into it.)

Receiving Visions: Gateway Travel

  1. Vibrate the Name Binah 3 times and notice a blue star above you.

  2. Repeat the Astral Projection procedure above and travel into the star.

  3. You will feel and see various impressions, one of which is Darkness and Flickering flames. Take note on the impressions and write them down.
    Simply let the words, images, and impressiond flow to you as they will.

  4. When you are ready to leave, turn your vision to the blue star again and exit through it.

  5. Do the same thing again, but Vibrate ALGOL.
    You will see a green star above you.

  6. When finished, do it one more time and vibrate NAOS.
    You will see/become aware of a blue Sun in the distance. Enter into it.

  7. Return to your body.


You can do the same thing with a Rune, Tarot Card, I Ching, etc.
Its up to you.

The Grand Demon :metal:





So with this are you feeling yourself coming out? Because just seeing it in your minds eye is more Astral Travel. Projection is a completely engrossing in the astral realm.
I guess you are showing it in a way to travel to do assigments which is great but, in my eyes, is only half the battle.

Still I know I want to get to the point where its not just in my minds eye when it comes to project but actually out of body. Thats just me though I do like your method though



This is the complete engrossment ffs.
You will feel yourself coming out.

When you MASTER THIS and have enough control to where you can do it in your sleep, then you will be able to have vivid as fuck experiences.

Even still, just cause it may be first in your head, it aint fantasy.


The only way you will feel any of this is if you completely engross yourself in the Astral Realm lol.

So you will be in the astral whether in your mind or not


I just red an how to Astral project with fucking every two words.
By the way, that’s not the way common travels do but maybe more efficient.
I’ll try these days, it looks really efficient.


Okay! Thank you. I just get really confused because I’ve been to many different sources and get told different things.
I guess i should try it out before I say anything really.
And I know if its just in my head at first its not fantasy but I guess I’ve always just wanted to have conscious OBE that I can remember and fully walk around and etc. Not just see it in my minds eye and feel all together. Which yours might do.
I haven’t experienced either so I guess I really don’t know much


But What if I want to? :joy:


Its up to you bruh.


This method doesn’t need trance state?

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Nope @Azaroth
And thats the whole point

Some people cant get into TGS. Why should that stop you from Doing the shit you need to do?


thank you i"be looking for a better way to AP since I do fall asleep alot laying down. thanks man your the bomb!

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Good stuff!

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Do you need to develope your astral senses first


I’m going to give it a go. The last time I’ve tried something similar, I had trouble getting out of my body though instead I sank inside my body with a huge trance by “going down the stairs” technique using in some shamanic meditations

@Micah are you familiar with John Kreitters techniques on astral projections and astral double?


I am not… unfortunately


Micah, can you perform effective rituals or other Magick without TGS?


You can
Takes more effort but it’s possible


Gonna try this later today. As a child I was able to enter the astral realms practically every night. It happened without any effort and it’s almost as if I was pulled into it without really consenting to it, if that makes any sense. I’m fairly certain that years of smoking weed and drinking booze is the reason I can’t do it anymore. I think I’ve damaged myself in that regard. Shooting for full asceticism now in an attempt to restore these gifts that were once so natural to me.

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Ok I was going to give it a shot and I came across this horrible story.

Could this be true? Or could it be just his mind playing tricks ? Can u actually be attacked by demons /spirits while projecting ?

There are people in that thread replying to confirm the dangers of AP.

Can anyone shed some light in this matter ?