Which tarot deck would you recommend

I want to start using Tarot for my own divination and things like that.

I looked around but most of the decks around are a bit hmmmm boring to me, about angels or other things that don’t pull me to buy.

Can anyone recommend a deck that is at least grey or darker than these main stream ones?

Thank you


Less mainstream.
Not Barnes And Noble.

I was talking about Amazon, not tried Barnes and noble and won’t either haha,

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It’s not very recommended for a beginner a black and white pattern until you learn to interpret the deck. The point is to study each card and note all the small details. With grey patterns this process will tire you up too fast. I’d recommend the classic Rider Waite, it’s an awesome one for beginners and a good base for every tarot out there. The actual deck looks much better than the pictures you see in Amazon.


Smith-Waite or Thoth deck.


The Wildwood Tarot is the one I started with.
I never got very good at Tarot though.

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Thanks for the quick replies and recommendations guys.

I went ahead and ordered the Rider Waite classic deck, looks really cool.


There are some wonderfully focussed Tarot decks out there. Here are some of the less common and potentially “darker” decks:

a) The Necronomicon Tarot
b) The Manara Erotic Tarot. Obviously focussed on sex and it’s relation to the psyche.
c) The Daemon Tarot

You can find others at the site: www.aeclectic.net

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I think the Lon Milo Duquette Tarot of Ceremonial Magick is excellent. I started with a universal deck and liked it, but once i touched the Duquette deck i never looked back. It has Goetic sigils on the cards. Its done right, and references Astrology, Enochian Magick, Goetia, Tattwa meditation symbols, and I Ching hexagrams. @Fuego has multiple post referring to his use of the deck as well.

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I’d find the best of all then design it yourself and get one of the online card companies to print and send you your custom deck. So start designing

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I would suggest -

The Everyday Witch tarot
Green Witch Tarot
Witches Tarot
Zombie Tarot
Housewives Tarot
The Gilded Tarot
Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Pagan Tarot
The Beginners Guide to the Tarot

These are nice and easy to understand.

I would keep away from the Rider Waite and definitely not go near Crowley’s Thoth deck as a beginner. Once you’ve understood one of the above decks then get them.

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My personal favorite is anything Celtic.

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