Prayer to King Paimon or Lucifer

I have been asked by many new to magic here how to pray to demons (or to any spirit). It’s not something hard so I decided to share this simple method and a prayer to say.

First of all, you don’t need any tools, nor to meditate or anything. It’s a prayer that can happen anytime and anywhere. You can do it with closed or opened eyes. You can speak it out loud if you want but I’m actually thinking about it without saying it out loud.

I use this prayer for King Paimon and Lucifer and do it every day before I sleep:

King Paimon/Lucifer, please listen to my prayers. Please take care of me, protect me, keep me safe and do every situation I find myself in to work in my favor. Destory and punish my enemies and those who want to harm me. Thank you for everything you do for me great king. Thank you for hearing me out.

You can add things too. If I need something else, I simply add it anywhere in that prayer. It works as long as you pray in believe in its power.



I would add, if this prayer is to Lucifer.

I would say “Thank you for everything you do for me great emperor.”

Or both “Thank you both for everything you do for me great emperor, and great king.”

This prayer could be changed and be offered to any spirit you’d like. So, you can change it to fit your style.

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do I say it to each spirit individual, or can do it as a group?

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It depends on what you’ll say. But you can pray to a group of spirits if you want to.

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Thank you for your wisdom, I include Lucifer king Paimon, king Belial, duke Dantalion, Sallos, and prince sitri, Rosier. Sometimes I include Lilith, Ladilok, and Sargatanas.

I am greatful for all of them

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Always happy to help!

Since they helped you so much, it’d be great to offer them your prayers and gratitude.

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I try to give them that every day. And my praise to you.

Thank you again, also is it okay if I talk to them like there here with me, or does that annoy them?

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Actually that’s a great way to talk to them. When you say something out loud, you also subconsciously think about it, and no other thought can interupt that intent of yours. So, it’s a great way to speak to a spirit, since it’ll surely hear what you have to say.

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