Why Most Magicians Fail At Divination ~ By E.A. Koetting

Why Most Magicians Fail At Divination

By E.A. Koetting

If you could see into the future, having a certain knowledge of events BEFORE they happened, could you use such a power to your benefit?

Do you think that Mastering Divination could possibly give you an edge in creating the sort of life that you want?

It most definitely CAN!

Anybody can buy a pack of tarot cards or an I-Ching set and start reading for their friends, but very few people possess a working Mastery of the process of Divination.

The first thing that you need to know about divination is that, like everything else that works, it is a system. It’s not some spooky, mystical, untouchable thing. It’s a system that you can utilize to your benefit right NOW!

But, there are “kinks” that need to be worked out of the whole process.

As I started researching and practicing Divination, I discovered that with a few tricks, a few simple methods, I could KNOW ANYTHING, ANYTIME.

Predicting the future got to be as second-nature as remembering the past, and any question that popped into my head would immediately be answered by exact and verifiable information.

Make It Easy On Yourself… Get Your Mind Out Of The Way

One of the first keys to any form of divination is to release your mind from its constant work.

The intellect is always moving, always taking in and analyzing information, always figuring out what should be taken notice of, and what input should be discarded…

In divination, you are tapping into omniscience, which is an intelligence far greater than the human mind.

So, what does the mind do when it encounters something that it can’t make sense of? It throws that information out. The mind will discard everything learned in a divination session as nonsense.

Most magicians let this sidetrack them. Most people who try to perform Divination only use their intellectual mind, not realizing that there is an Intelligence far beyond the capabilities of the brain, and that by releasing the mind from its constant work, an endless well of knowledge is accessed.

How can you make use of this endless well of knowledge, then?

Get a step ahead of your mind!

At the start of every divination session, before you shuffle your cards, shake your bag of runes or bones, or dust off your black mirror, tell yourself, “This is probably silly, and it will probably tell me nothing, but I’m going to make-believe, just for fun, just for a few minutes.”

What this is going to do is it’s going to tell your analytical mind, “You can take a break for a few minutes.”

Then, when you start your reading, allow whatever impressions you receive from your medium to come to you, and write them down, or say them aloud to someone in the room. In some way, record the impressions.

A rule of thumb is that the sillier, the more absurd, or the more unlikely impressions are the one that almost always turn out to be right!

Once you learn to release your analytical mind as you receive information from a universal intelligence, you will find yourself slipping effortlessly towards omniscience.

You will gradually become more and more All Knowing!

(This is one of a series of articles and tutorials by E.A. posted here with permission for the benefit of members ~ Eva)


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