Any tips for love spells?

So, it has been a long time since I started to try doing love spells. I have tried them many times with different targets, but it always has been failure after failure. At some point, I was divided, one part of me thought that it was because I wasn’t good at magick at all, and the other part thought that it was because I was doing something wrong with the spell. In the end the second part won and so I decided to do something more “indirect” to reach my goal cursing the boy’s girlfriend. I did a very simple ritual, and then the girl got cancer. I was shocked that it actually worked, so I tried it with 2 other girls for the same reason, the first ended getting pregnant from another boy and the second moving for another city. It all makes me wonder, why I am so bad with simple love spells? Most of people say that this kind of magick is a way more simple than others, so I can’t understand why it doesn’t work for me.

Today I’m going to try another love spell. I’m going to use E.A. Koetting’s spell holding a photo of the target with my right hand and writing his name on the red candle. I also gonna call 3 demons for the ritual: Sitri, Asmoday and ________. I know that it doesn’t require me to call so many demons, and only one would be enough to do the work, but I feel like it would make the spell even more powerful if all of those entities help me, since I didn’t have a good experience with love spells before, and I want a very powerful spell to make my target completely obsessive and submissive to me. Btw, I’m going to do this at the witching hour.

So, I’m still being a newbie when the subject is black magick, so I’d like to ask you, who are already experienced with this, if the ritual that I described above is going to work or not, and I’d like to receive some tips too.

Thanks for your time :smile_cat: :green_heart:


EAs love spell works very well I tried it on a high class Indian girl that no matter how much I flirted she would ignore me and hide inside her hostile friend circle after trying eas spell multiple times on her she told her friends I was appearing in her dreams and wanted to find out where I lived so we could meet up and I could get her pregnant so my tip is cast it multiple times on one target after about five times they will crave you like a tasty snack :smiling_imp:


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: Seeing how it worked for you makes me more confident about what I’m going to do.

Put your whole desire into the spell and with Sitri’s help i have a feeling you will succeed just be patient and try to forget about the ritual


Stop wearing deodorant. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s worked for me. Let them come to you.


Which one of Eas love spell??

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Single red candle chant or whisper the first name my focal point was sex but the same feeling can be directed to dating works just as well but 5 times once per week on the same day otherwise the hunger inside them will fade


Here is another tip for love spells…if she is with someone already, put the spirit of impotence on HiM. You don’t want her needs being met. you want her mind to wander and to be sex starved out of the relationship.Are you looking for a good spirit to use? Try Eros, the greek god of lust.
Good luck.


My tip is dont lust for results. It’s one of the things that makes love magick harder for most people. You almost have to not give a shit. You can want the results but you can’t let it control you. Just kick back and let the magick do it’s thing. Best of luck to you!


So true but so hard to not care

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I haven’t done a love spell yet. But it sound to me like you don’t have complete trust in yourself, you need to let go. Release your angst for the outcome. It clouds your mind, and when your mind is clouded it’s hard to show pure intent.

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Well… did make a love spell one time, but that was unintentional. I was high as flick like a monkey on a scooter. I just stared at a girl I just meet and I said to myself “gurl, all your ass are belong to me”

…it worked


Part of the reason we meditate, my friend. :wink:

Believe me, I meditate everyday and I still care :frowning:

Never is easy. It still isn’t for me but I have finally gotten to the point where I don’t let emotions control my life. 6-7 months of meditation. It is hard work, but it is 100% worth it.


Can’t wait to get to that point

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I have not done this myself because I am a male, but have you tried feeding him a Venus Cake along with your spell, or as a delivery method for it? I have heard this is some strong magick, even a liability in some cases.


The very first spell I ever tried was a spell to get an ex hook up back. We ended things not great, and the girl is literally gorgeous, 9 or 10 if you will, should bikini model, and has one of the hardest personality frames I have ever seen with extreme will power. Works out everyday and doesn’t touch a carbohydrate (that can depict how strong her will power is, that isn’t easy).

Anyway, about 4 months after parting I spoke to a witch and she gave me this spell.
-Wait until the middle of the night so they are asleep
-Use an 11 day red candle
-dress it with your blood (your menstrual blood if you’re a woman, regular blood if youre a man, I used semen) Damania, Deer Tongue, Orris Root, and Calamus Root.
-I added my own touch and took a strand of hair from a hoody she used to wear of mine and lined it from top to bottom of the candle into the semen before it dried
-I did the ritual at 3am while she was sleeping, and did a meditation on us having crazy sex (the sex was crazy good) and visualized what I wanted in the future but in present time, not as a want or desire
-I also did somewhat of a telepathy working where I imaged myself over her sleeping working my magic with my and on her head.
-After about 30 minutes of building energy of my intent and will I charged the candle with my hands for a good 5 minutes
-Then as the witch instructed, I masterbated to the image of me and the girls past and hopefully future sexual experiences, and upon climax (yes this takes some multi tasking) I lit the candle and imagined the energy flowing into the flame

The next day the girl began liking my Instagram pictures (we had 0 contact and she did not like one photo again until this day) but I could never get her to call me (she is SO stubborn and always said I WILL NEVER CHASE). But clearly I was on her mind. Not bad for a first attempt at magick, ever.

This never fully manifested as I was stubborn and wouldn’t call her, but I ran into her at a Wal-Mart with new boyfriend (makes sense why she didnt call)

ATTEMPT 2: I evoked Zapar, and he willingly told me it would be done. The next day I was on a date with a different girl, and the girl spitting something out of her mouth that was so ridiculous (as if she would have never say something like that, she even seemed confused) that I didnt go to her apartment like we planned and I left. I randomly called my roommate samantha and asked what she was doing, she was at one of our local bars, guess who was there. My girl. She was all over me, wasted drunk, and so was I.

Unfortunately my roommate turned out ot have a crush on me and said something to the girl that totally pissed her off and left. But let me tell you, next day running into her… VERY IRONIC… Both attempts had next day results and were both negatively influenced because she is extremely stubborn, and outside forces were there. But I didnt put much work into everything after that. Had the circumstances been different, and if the girl had been a weaker minded individual, I believe these would have worked for any of you out there wanting their exes back or for someone to fall in love with you.

Good Luck


Dude same here! Been dating this Indian girl for 4 years. Known each other since 14 back in high school. We stopped seeing each other from time to time but always came back (without any spells). Lately we broke up because of some family issues; that we shouldn’t be dating because we’re too different (Mexican) but honestly we are exactly the same except for some stupid idiotic social norms programmed in her mind (Indian customs are just primitive)… so I’ve done a love spell on her before which took forever to work (as a newbie I was hurt! Lol) and just a few days ago I decided to follow the left hand path. I made a deal with lucifer… and I’ve made sigil for Dantalion to change her mind, bring her to me ( for relationship and sex) and to keep her parents mind away from our business and hers…

How do I know that dantalion is receiving my messages? I focus on the outcome and how it will happen. Does anybody here know Dantalion? Can you ask for me as a intermediary. I ask with respect and have given blood to lucifer as well as Dantalion. Also by the way I did my first actual black magick love spell with a picture of hers with blood and semen.

How long should I wait?

Sorry for it being so long we also got in an arguement (kinda big) and she blocked my number… I would like for people here to assist me in this

She’s the Love of my life. I I was also her first and still am! So I know that she carries around her aura my DNA…

Can anyone assist me? You may ask questions as well I invite all help!! Thank You.[quote=“Zach_attack, post:2, topic:13258, full:true”]
EAs love spell works very well I tried it on a high class Indian girl that no matter how much I flirted she would ignore me and hide inside her hostile friend circle after trying eas spell multiple times on her she told her friends I was appearing in her dreams and wanted to find out where I lived so we could meet up and I could get her pregnant so my tip is cast it multiple times on one target after about five times they will crave you like a tasty snack :smiling_imp:

Which of the EA books that Contain love spell?

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