Dreaming, lucid dreaming and reality shifting

I promised the1giza I would start a topic about dreaming, specifically in regards to me mentioning that I underestimated the power of real dreaming when I first started out with lucid dreaming. I’m not sure how heavy dreaming work is represented on these forums but I know Koetting attracts a varied group of practitioners that are (generally) open minded so I’m sure a few of you here are into it.

When we speak about dreaming we need to create a division between the “normal” dreaming and the interpreting thereof versus conscious dreaming. Both are worthwhile practices, even though the first is one that will only interest you temporarily.

I generally see regular dreaming as a way of connecting to unconscious and superconscious elements of the self. When interpreting dreams, especially when you get better at it, you start seeing how your hidden issues and desires (and mundane patterns) meet the insertions of your guiding element - a sort of collaborated world is created for you every night. Countless experiments are done with you, sometimes an aware part of you agrees, other times you have no say in the matter at all. Dreams of this type are a hidden tool to balance trauma and frustration and insert certain ideas and concepts into your unconscious mind. If you have really great inspirations under the shower chances are you were exposed to the idea first in a dream. If you went to bed feeling shitty because your relationship isn’t all that great and wake up feeling positive and invigorated it is likely you solved some problems in a dream scenario and felt very good about it. Such dreams also function to test your reactions to certain concepts and ideas, to gauge what can be inserted into your waking experience to help you grow without causing too much upheaval. Growth is ever the goal of the superconscious but the balance has to be just right (The superconscious is the higher self, HGA, spirit guide or whatever you would like to call it). When you become aware of this guiding element and decide to intimately work with it you will come to a point where you are invited to start co-creating your own path and future. It is at this point that you are likely to stop being interested in normal dreaming and decide to let the “operating system” balance itself out as you deal with the bigger issues. A conscious creation process emerges.

Lucid dreaming if approached without the aid of the guiding element (since this is a Magick forum lets call it the HGA from now on) is a beautiful example of our unlimited and free potential, the true nature of the state though will not be accessed in my opinion. You’ll be able to prove to yourself that death is nothing to he who is initiated, your consciousness transcends the flesh with ease and can manifest in realities where suffering and limitation need not apply. Go to bed in one reality, open your eyes in another. It is one of the ways to prove that while the idea of becoming a living God might sound ridiculous to our over-programmed mind it certainly is very much within our grasp at every turn. In your first lucid dream you can fly, move through solid objects, morph into other forms (only the crazy ones do this on their first few tries) and ponder on the question of how easily a fully detailed reality can be created. One of the things that always blew my mind in my first proper lucid dreams was the fact that everything was hyper detailed, it didn’t just mimic the quality of the “normal” world, in many cases it was much more detailed. I would bend to one knee and feel the texture of the stones or marvel at the absurdly detailed art some church I stumbled upon featured (Christ was nowhere to be found I assure you…).

Lucid dreaming when approached with the HGA active in your waking experience is an altogether different beast. No expense will be spared to get the message that the native Americans have always understood across: all existence is a dream. Going to bed and waking up somewhere else is the same as waking up in your bed and continuing your “life”, one of he two is just more continuous and conscious. Just as the Magician learns that he can manifest spirits that operate on totally different levels of existence and through them can influence his reality in ways he once thought were impossible, so does the dreamer learn that everything is the same experience under different rulings. The HGA will lovingly though at times ruthlessly shatter your idea of reality so a new one can flourish. For some this is systematic, dropping a brick at at time. For others it is much more traumatic and the entire house is raised to the ground in front of your eyes. Many magicians think they have no HGA contact yet do not realise that their guiding spirit or demon of choice is the HGA, it is the prime manifesting force in our reality when it comes to growth impetus. Perhaps I’m pushing things here though.

The idea that all is a dream will get you thinking: why is my waking reality so limited and meagre while the nightly dream seems so carefree and full of possibility? I one I grow old and wither as a victim of the systems others have created while in the other no such influence exists. The answer I cannot give because it is a deeply personal one for all but the question gives rise to a specific purpose that the brave share, the desire to create an experience that servers you better and the will to act on it. Creating a reality sounds fun and cute initially but one must understand that the HGA means this rather literally, create a reality tailored to just you. Period. Once you accept this heavy burden the nature of the work changes (and certainly it is heavy to be tasked with the changing of your reality when everyone around you acts on the tried and old and speaks only of limitation, HGA on your side or not). No longer are you allowed to use the lucid dream as a means to flee your daily frustrations, flying around like a carefree spirit until your body summons you to return. Here enters the challenge to figure out how you will manifest the liberties you find in your dreaming world in the waking experience. With great power comes the price of exercising it constantly, the HGA does not care about Spiderman’s uncle’s “with great power comes great responsibility”, early on it cares more about you realising the what power you hold through use.

As I stated I would speak about the moment I realised the true power of dreaming I’ll skip the boring and perhaps depressive sounding burdens I encountered when I accepted this personal truth and move forward and describe one of my more recent experiences. It is my most lucid dream to date, and truly the word dream doesn’t really apply, as it really was an alternative life altogether.

My normal lucid dreams are events in which I’m normally somewhat rushed and excited, I’ve found that time is always limited. Sometimes I have enough energy and focus to last an hour, but more often than not I won’t last beyond 30 minutes. My goal at the time was evocation in the dream, and because I knew time was limited I was like a man fighting for his life. I awoke in the my bed, quickly realising it was the dream world and got up and walked to my living room, all the while frantically chanting the incantation I had been given by the spirit I desired to manifest in the dream. As I entered the living room it was proven that certainly it was a dream, the size of the room was spot on but the furniture and placement of elements was very different from what I have at my physical home. I did some test I’ve developed over tim to confirm that I was not in my daily reality (I obviously wasn’t but for some reason needed to be sure) and decided to try something I had never done before. I wanted to use the sigil I had created together with the spirit to summon her in the dream (the desire comes from a previous dream in which I learned I could project sigils onto the ground and light them up with energy in dreams). I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the sigil looked like but knew it was on my computer. In this dreamy living room I was apparently rather blessed as I owned three computers, two laptops and one desktop, and in one of the corners I also spotted an iPad mini. Both laptops failed to start up, one was out of power and the other simply refused. I quickly defaulted to the desktop which was set up to work with a large screen that doubled as a television, the computer turned on just fine but Evernote, the program I used to store my notes and writings, was nowhere to be found. I was dumbstruck, three computers but none of them served me proper. I obsessed over the whole Evernote thing and spent a good amount of time figuring out what to do about it since the whole website was magically gone as well. At this point I started thinking my time would be about up, normally the more excited I got the quicker the lucidity ended, and I was amped up with emotion for sure.

I sat down on a bed in my living room and pondered my options. Through the window I could see there was a festival going on outside, a small girl looked me straight in the eyes for a longer than comfortable time and finally smiled a spooky “hi” my way before she moved on with her mother. Sitting on the bed and calming down I realised I had never experienced this in a dream before, up until then everything in lucid dreaming had been about doing something. This time I was sitting and thinking. It might not seem like a big deal, but generally thinking does not happen in dreams. I contacted my HGA and asked if something was different this time around. It explained that I had manifested myself in totality this dream, and that this changed the experience drastically. I couldn’t help but agree, I had never had a proper discussion with the HGA in a lucid dream before, words had been exchanged but in regular dreams the HGA was seen more as an extension of my expression. We spoke for what felt like a good hour until it dawned on me this experience would never end through natural means. The HGA affirmed, and asked me if this wasn’t what I had desired all along? After coveting all I read in Castaneda’s books about shamanic dreaming had I not finally breached the barrier? I agreed somewhat unnerved but also admitted I had no clue what I had been asking for at the time, I had not understood that such realities could be more real than our native experienced one. We discussed many things after that that need not be mentioned. One of the most peculiar and also frightening elements of this experience was the fact that even though I proved to myself it was a dream by literally shape-shifing certain of my body parts I was starting to doubt which was the true reality. Was I in a dream or was my old waking life the dream? Which was real? The HGA laughed approvingly. Now you understand it said, the nature of your precious “reality”. They are either both real or neither are, which is of course the same. I agreed but was also getting rather tense. How could I return? I had never wanted to leave a lucid dream before, this was a first. Just sitting it out certainly didn’t seem to do it…

The HGA explained that in the dreams symbolism has more power than in my waking reality, and that killing myself would cause the desired shift. I saw a tragic vision of blood and terrible pain but the HGA said I was overreacting, human logic held no place here. Simply hold your breath with the intent to end it and it will be so - intent is power here, it repeated. Here we care not about facts, just will. I held my breath, and long before the nasty effects of breath deprivation could be experienced I felt my energetic body rise from what felt like my physical body, releasing me of all thought and doubt and propelling me into movement beyond dimensions and time.

That wasn’t the end of my journey, instead of going back to my normal body the HGA was not done with me and showed me how dream worlds are constructed. My lack of focus was also explored and I was shown how the different levels of lucidity created certain effects in the dream world. The experience ended when I simply asked to go back home, back to my base. I’ve done journeys with medicine plants that are of a very highest level and regularly guide others in this, I’ve challenged concepts like endless time and death of the ego and never said “I’m done”. I was done with this session though, the fact that it mirrored physical existence in a totally different setting with no time-frame attached unnerved me more than I could have expected, it came too close to home. It was a dream I had been desiring for quite a time and upon having it I understood why certain things take a properly prepared base. I had conquered my fear of death but the idea of total freedom was apparently much more frightening when manifested in its totality.

There are quite a few valid paths that lead to the truth, magick and yoga are just as valid as dreaming for example. I’ve learned time and time again there is no one truth, there is only the shoe that fits. Ideally though we lose the limitation of such labels and just use and abuse as it suits us, just like the black mage evoking archangel Michael when things get a little to heavy - simply because he knows it will work regardless of his preferences or paradigm. It is for that reason I’m speaking about rather heavy Nagualistic dreaming on a magick forum :slight_smile:

If anyone has questions, experiences or doubts feel free to share them, I’d love to hear it :slight_smile:


Holy shit, this post is gold. You may have just started posting here, but I’ve already learned to become excited when I see a new one from you, Yuri. Give it a bit on my part, I’m sure after more experimenting the questions will come.

Yuri, I have MUCH to ask, but this right here was one of the dopest intro posts I have ever seen. Now, I am biased because of my fascination with shamanic dreaming, but this was my shit! White Jesus approved!

Thanks for the positive words guys. Feel free to hit me up with ideas/questions if you feel the need :slight_smile:

Points for all these new threads giving actual help and tutorial for those who need it! Thanks Yuri!

Yuri: My primary background is much similar to yours, so you certainly aren’t any more out of place than anyone else. Welcome. :slight_smile:

Sorry to bring this topic up, felt a need to share a dream. It was an unconscious dream (normal dream?), In The dream was me and an old friend of mine. We got information that we had some kind of soul entities which were ours. His soul entity was a big colourful wave. Mine was a snake with lightning coiling around it. I was wondering If anyone could interpret these entities or If they are just representations of our souls. Thank you in advance!

You speak for many of us in such a diligent manner. From my experience of lucid dreaming especially as a child I had found that as much control as I had over myself my sub-C would always get the best of me. Lately I’ve come to realise the sub-C, HGA and conscious all being expressions of a self I could freely create and destroy in essence are aspects of ME which I might program for specific tasks to help govern the omnipotence of my consciousness; inevitably I am my own master and servant, my own oppressor and slave. So in relation to lucid dreaming the best thing you can consciously do is surrender and should there be something that displeases you you can correct it being lucid in your surrender; your will of obedience is the weapon against those to whom you surrender; your mind is the master of the sword guided by the hand that swings in accordance with the heart; it is the hand that holds its Self in the fist of its own oppression. Upon my realisation I came to the thought that if I act out my dreams, visions, visualisations in accordance with my will and simply surrender to the circumstance I am placed then surely what I know to be real is what I create. If seeing is believing then we must believe in order to see but it’s a matter of what do you want to believe. Everything is a matter of its Self including matter itself. We seek to actualise all our experiences when we should realise we created the experience in accordance with the cards delt; we built the lego ship with instructions given but the point is we built it so the question is other than the instructions given what can we build, what can we believe, what can we see? Beyond illumination is the freedom of the soul. Expect nothing, Be Ready for Everything. The Unknown is All We will ever Know.