What to expect from King Paimon

I see a lot of people asking what to expect from king paimon and I’m tired of typing so.

Hes quiet at first. He usually wants to see how you are under the assumption he isn’t watching. Hes probably just testing your meddle and pushing you to show him your dedication to the path. If he decides youre serious he’ll start turning cogs in the machine to manifest specific lessons.

Many of his lessons are universal. His lessons manifested in the same way for all students I have brought to him. 3 are dedicated, the others are off on their path.

He teaches at the same time he grants wishes.

If you ask him for a lover he will teach you that love is temporary, expect things to end.

If you ask him for something with no offering, he will fulfill your wish in a way he benefits as well. As long as you are ok with this, he typically doesn’t mind. But do try to have more structured arrangments in the future. He is a king and he is beyond worthy of your respect.

Before your lesson manifests he will visit you. If your senses are open you will hear trumpets , strings, and a shit ton of djinn/spirits swishing around the room. He is always preceded by a host of spirits when he first comes to you.

King paimon is patient. A good teacher for those still under the jci influence as at some point you’ll probably wanna call on angels out of fear. He is powerful enough to not give a shit and patient enough to still work with you as long as you dont make a habit of rudely attacking your invited guest.

He likes hawks, camels, and for some reason hes a fan of runes and crows(this may be him teaching me of my heritage its a recent thing)

He loves to give you warnings of the challenges you’ll face from his lessons. These come in the form of dreams and they ALWAYS come true. Learn your dreams’ symbolism to better understand his messages.

Source - I am in a pact with king paimon which involves him guiding students he desires to teach to me so I can mediate when they’re starting out.

So ive connected quite a few people to him and I actively work with 3 people who are also his students


Nice post! I’ll actually add it to the BALG FAQ for new members to see. All the info you share here is true and correct, so it’s a job well done!


I guess I could add a few things since I’m here:

  1. King Paimon is a spirit that can teach you pretty much anything.
  2. His powers to manipulate aren’t plain magic and everyone can use it, by using the right words, in the right tone, to the right people. He may of course help you since others will see something very warm and welcoming in you.
  3. King Paimon has a lot more than just 200 legions. His armies are countless and they all follow him loyaly.
  4. King Paimon didn’t obtained his armies through war conquest (at least not the ones I’m aware of), but instead, he made them to want to follow him through his actions.
  5. King Paimon is the brother of Lucifer. Now, I don’t know what that means exactly, since the word “brothers” could have a different meaning for spirits. However, both Enki (Ea/Lucifer) and King Paimon are sons of Tiamat (who is also I think Gaia?).
  6. King Paimon is also affiliated closely with Djehuti (Thoth). I don’t know how exactly, but it could be that Djehuti came from King Paimon, but they’re currently not the exact same being.
  7. No sealing magic nor any circles/triangles can hold King Paimon. He may stay in one place if you try, but he only does it to be polite and doesn’t want to show you that your effords went to waste.

I worked with King paimon few days ago …

But this is the second time I see him being mentioned and whoever mentioned him also have pact with him…

I don’t think its coincidence…


There’s no coincidences on the Infernal Paths.
to quote V from V for Vendetta
“I, like God, do not play with dice, therefore do not believe in coincidence” :smiling_imp:
@SeekerofK King Paimon is amazing. he was my first summoning many many years ago. I used a triangle (thinking I had to for protection) to evoke him. He came quite easily and in his nonchalant, casual yet serious tone of voice he asked me one question that changed my whole path in a moment.
Paimon: “Do you fear us?”
Me: “No. if you wanted to kill me you probably would’ve already”
Paimon: “have we ever given you a reason to not trust us?”
Me: “No”
Paimon: “Then why do you put barriers between us?”
Me: unsure, confused
Paimon stares at me waiting for me to get it
I sweep the barrier aside and hold my hand out to him
Paimon smiles and extends his into mine

Changed. my. world. in one moment. from then on, I scrapped using barriers. and it’s been amazing since then.
So I fully encourage to delve deep into working with Paimon. :slightly_smiling_face:
Head first, trust fall with arms wide open.
Leroy Jenkins style! :joy:


He loves bringing his students together


I agree. I used to use wards and such but i realized those werent protecting me before King Paimons power. He only let me think they did to make me feel more comfortable. Eventually I stopped using them. King Paimon is not the sort of spirit we need protecting from. If he doesnt like you he simply leaves you alone.


Why do you say Enki is lucifer?

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I guess the person who should answer that is @C.Kendall.
I’ve learned that from the work of other members and also by my conversations with spirits (with Lucifer as well).

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Its a pretty common theme now. Lucifer tells us this and multiple people being told the same thing just makes it hard to ignore.

This is a very good post @SeekerofK, thank you.

Yes, along with other names in different cultures.

Not necessarily, but that probably depends on the type of connection you had with Him beforehand (with or without you being conscious of it). Source: He has been with me all my life without me realizing who He was, and showed up by Himself, no trumpets etc. either (although I heard them later and got to see His court of djinn/ other creatures).


I felt like I was communicating with him and I guess thats a sort of presence but the host of spirits came later in my work for me as well.