Sigil rambling and experiences

Alright so I figure this will be a nice place to talk about sigils of all kinds and compare methods, theory, experiences, etc. First I will present my little take on it. Might be rather long so bear with me please.

So I guess first I will put that I see there as being two main types of sigil. The sigil that is linked to a spell, action, or energy, which I define as a normal sigil. This is the kind most used in chaos magick to put a desire in visual form and a spoken form of words of power. This is the most common and useful sigil I use.

The second kind is a summoning sigil which links to an intelligent or otherwise entity and is most often used to contact an entity or its unique energy. Demonic enns are a form of spoken sigil to help further that connection or replace the drawn sigil entirely.

So I am sure everyone has some knowledge of both sigils and there are many ways to make both kinds and personalize them to you and to make use of them in various other methods.
The main ways I use sigils is either in the classic sense of making a my desired statement and cutting it down to a few letters. There are a couple of ways of doing this the first is to eliminate all repeating letters and the second is to eliminating all repeating letters but one.

For example a statement that is usually fairly easy to make happen such as invisibility which I am rather good at could be stated as: “I will be invisible to those I wish”
Now the first method produces: NV
This doesn’t seem much to work with but there are many ways you can stylize this to work.

A few examples.

Now the second method leave: IWLBENVSTOHW
This leaves significantly more to work with and letters can be overlayed with each other to simplify. The goal is to create a powerful simple image which to your mind represents your desire in a fully explanatory nature. You want it to be like a hieroglyph that is a picture of what it represents to you.

Examples for the above method.

The most important part once you have the image formed and suited to your task is how you charge it. The charging has to be focused entirely on the energy into the shape and the goal of the sigil. You want to become the sigil and place yourself into the center of its being and charge it from the inside out the same way you would bring energy into yourself while seeing and vividly knowing what it does. In this case see it bound to your will making you literally vanish and be ignored by those you want to ignore you while letting others see you if you want. You won’t literally turn invisible but the perception of you will be gone but for the sake of charging see it as being literally invisible and even erasing all memory of what they see and blurring it over into standard haze when they look at you so even in their memory they cannot perceive you. Think about how many people you might pass of the street that you never remember the details of or hardly notice and this is what you become. Fill the energy with that thought and concept even as the sigil is filled with that energy.
Then you can carry the sigil with you or remember its form and draw a cloak of shadows or such around you when you need its effects. You would adjust this to fit the purpose of each sigil but giving it a strong intent focus and charge is important.

Now a more intensive method in terms of you focus and concentration is to use pre-existing symbols with powers already attributed to them. For example Norse runes are what I am most familiar with and what I tend to solely use for most of my sigils except the most specific and those that feel like they need something else.
You can use any symbol set for this so long as it is powerful to you and you understand it. Norse, Hebrew, Enochian, are some examples of symbol sets you can use for this type. It is all about using those archetypal currents of energy with each symbol and turning them to your desire. You do not spell out your desire as in the other methods but you use symbols with properties that align with your desire.

The sigil below is a reusable sigil designed originally to cure pneumonia but can be used for any illness affecting the lungs in such a way.

Now to me it represents the respiratory system in its form and incorporates many healing runes and runes for power and manifestation. The way I used it was activating each rune and its power turning it with my will and intent while charging it to curing the disease and seeing it revitalizing the organs and purging the disease. Then I projected its image into the recipient and bound it to them mentally.

This sigil is one for safe, reliable and consistent travel I made when there was a huge rush of vehicle problems in the family. It uses runes of power and manifestation along with those symbolizing travel and safety.

I pictured it as a flying platform with wings of energy that would surround a person and take them where they need to go in the time they needed to go.

The key to using symbols in sigils is to understand what they represent and their powers and be familiar enough to direct their currents towards you desire in combination with other symbols.
The use of symbols can be combined with any sigil method. You can write your desire and turn it into a sigil and attach these additional symbols to it for an added boost or vice versa even. It all depends on what you want to do and what resonates the most strongly with you.

You can make sigils to house thoughtforms and to augment separate spells you will be doing and even make spells you have performed into sigils to provide anchors that bind them more to manifestation and provide a means of actively empowering them. You can project a sigils power towards someone just like you might use an elemental symbol to project an element somewhere. You have to practice and experiment to find what works for you and make your own methods and combinations until you find what resonates the most strongly for you then continue to practice and push the limits with what you have.

Now as for words of power when you make a sigil the more classic way the letters you are left with can be broken up and rearranged to form words and sounds as a mantra towards your goal making an auditory sigil. This can complement or stand in for a visual one if you want. For the use of symbols each symbol generally has a sound associated with it and you could combine and vibrate these as your spell or mantra and imbue them with energy.

Summoning sigils and chants are a far more covered subject so I won’t go into too much detail about them. You can make your own through various means for known and newly discovered entities or even fictional characters and archetypes you want to call up or embody. This process depends on what you are good at. You can take the name you have for a being and make it into a sigil or channel a sigil with automatic writing or receiving mental impressions and shapes for it. Either way will work if it feels right for you. Often you can quest out with your mind in regards to an entity and receive a personalized sigil for them.

These sigils can call on the entity or even their energy without the intelligence attached in a way you could call the intelligent embodiment of an element or planet or just its energy and vibration alone.

Hopefully this is helpful to some people and feel free to ask any questions and I will get around to doing my best to answer them.


Thank you for your post. Very informative

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Great! Just fucking great. I’m impressed. Keep up the great work.


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After creating the sigil and charging it should I burn it or destroy it forgetting about it completely? I read somewhere that it’s the best thing to do so your desire or intent gets released in the world.

If it’s a fire-and-forget kind of thing, that’s a good idea, but if it’s something that has to be maintained and sustained, it’s better to keep the sigil intact and just know that it’s working.

I carry a sigil in my wallet that draws money towards me.


It also depends if you want it to be reusable or not. Some sigils can represent spells which you might use over again and so they become a focal point of power like a talisman for the spell. So if you use it like that then either have a backup copy to make it again next time you need it or use the same one each time and put it away or in a special place. I generally don’t burn them unless but tend towards the ripping them and then only once the effect is done if it is a one time deal but if it works for you then by all means do what gets you the best results.

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I’m intrested in the one used for heallng your lungs I already placed that sigil in my mind what I’m asking it heals my lungs but would it damage other parts of my body because the energy has to go somewhere I use different methods of healing that is why I ask

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Cool sometimes I go all out on sigils drawing them the best that I can and I feel bummed out destroying it so I take a picture of them and loo

Well that sigil uses the energy you have stored in it and the power of the runes associated with it. So it connects to a type of universal well of energy you just have to charge it up and open that connection. The sigil burns away the illness in a sense consuming it and purging it by either removing it with its own energy or transmuting the vibration of the illness to further power itself.

thank you Nemesis I already feel the energy working on my lungs

Yep! Just reinforce it as much as you feel necessary.

ive asked Lilith to take away the waste so the bad energy doesn’t hang around I don’t know if I should use Lilith but she comforting at the same time

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I made a necklece for myself because I’ve promised Sallos.:slight_smile:


When you do a spell or evoke a certain diety through the sigil, do you hold onto the sigil until your desire manifests, or do you burn it and release the energy into the universe?

Normally if it is an entity’s sigil I keep it until it gets worn out. It is basically a business card with contact information so they are good for more than one use unless they are combined with other sigils on the same paper then you can keep it or dispose of it as appropriate to any instructions given or the work in question.

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Very cool and informative.
Thank you very much for the feedback.

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