Viking Runes Have More Uses That Just Divination!

Viking Runes Have Much More Uses Than Just Divination!… Each Rune Holds Creative And Destructive Magickal Power!… How Will You Unlock Their Power?…

Do you want to be able to use the Viking Runes for more than just divination? Do you want to unlock a deeper more versatile power in your rune work? One of the things that itches my brain with spiritual communities is how typical working with the runes are. Most spiritual practitioners have a rune set that they use in similar fashion to tarot. Rune readings for divination purposes are all too popular, but what gets to me the most is how much value the runes have that many simply don’t realize.

The great thing with the Viking Runes is that each rune is said to have its own consciousness. They are not just symbols but also entities; that hold several different purposes for the practitioner to use. I see the runes much like E.A Koetting does, in the sense that the Futhark is like a toolbox. Each rune is a different tool that the Vitki or Magician can utilize in their work. Even with just a couple of runes the practitioner can make a huge impact in their magickal work. Divination in my view is such a small aspect of the runes compared to what else is available.

I Dedicated Nine Months To Learning The Runes!… I Explored And Experimented With Each Rune Individually!… If You Listen Carefully, The Runes Will Teach You…

When I trained under Dean Kirkland, I went through an intensive nine-month pathworking with the runes. The aim of this pathworking was to spend nine days individually on each rune. During those nine days, my only reference material was the rune poems. I would meditate every day on that individual rune and evoke it into my life. My day to day experiences that manifested through that evocation would teach me about their meanings, kennings and uses. I would have dreams, synchronicities and sometimes very clear manifestations of them into my life that were impossible to ignore or dispute. During this pathworking I learned some very important lessons. The runes hold very intricate energies, that in ritual can be tapped into, to manifest very specific results. The runes while seen as simplistic by many can in these circumstances become very deep but also specific.

The other great insight I received was the versatility of each individual rune. The word rune comes from Old English rūn ‘a secret, mystery’; not recorded between Middle English and the late 17th century, when it was reintroduced under the influence of Old Norse rúnir, rúnar ‘magic signs, hidden lore’. The runes for lack of better description are mysteries, they have no solid definition. One of my favourite examples of this is Fehu. Fehu while can be literally translated to livestock which many translate into abundance or wealth, can also be interpreted as creation itself. Abundance being a reference to created things and Fehu being the first rune, suggests it is the rune of literally creation. For this reason, I call Fehu the first sound.

So, what can you do to start implementing the Viking runes for more than just divination? The first step is to grasp a real understanding of what each rune is. Meditate with each one, evoke the rune into your circle and create your own conclusions with your findings. Then with that understanding look at ways to implement them into your mundane life. One of the things I love about the runes is that their implementation can be done as simplistically or as complex as you want them to be. If I want to bring some more wealth into my life I will draw a Fehu rune on my left wrist, visualising it glowing gold. If I want to work out at the gym to build strength I will put Uruz on the muscles I want to strengthen. Want to ground better? I would put Algiz upside down on my feet. These are such simple implementations that offer great results. Additionally, you can put these runes in complex rituals, literally evoke Ansuz into the circle and connect with the Gods. Harness Thurisaz to cause destruction. The potential is endless.


It’s funny you put this I ordered a rune set last night and I just sat there thinking “what am I going to do with these” haha


lol Synchronicity.

Lessons of a young Heathen If I remember correctly touches on some rune work.


Damn straight, thank you for sharing


Also good book. I recommend the books futhark and uthark, the night side of the runes @RiseorDie both by edred thorsson, I believe.


Uthark is Thomas Karlsson. Good book, Stephen Flowers is a mixed bag.


Looking at urthark and I haven’t seen a book that expensive since the book of azazel :joy:


I’ve used the Runes to call down entities and as magic tools to materialize and charge my intent. They have a hella lotta power. You shouldn’t minimize them to tell-the-future playthings that are at the whim of fate. The Runes are guides, sigils, beacons and more.


Fair question.

Off the top of my head there hasn’t been anything I can think of that we have opposing views on but the Runes is one of the topics I agree highly in. Don’t get me wrong we have our differences in practice which aren’t so much disagreements but over all not that I know of. Although there may be.


Beacons… huh, I really like that term.


Your book Lessons Of A Young Heathen helped explain some of the stuff I had difficulty grasping and answered some of the questions I had.

Thank you for your awesome works! Keep being you


I am glad you found it useful. :slight_smile:


I also find it synchronistic that you mention runes - Yesterday I used them for the first time. I created a servitor with bind runes as a sort of sigil and name, also for the first time (making a servitor).

The runes felt very powerful and they can be really nasty which I liked for this work.


Damn I need to buy runes it can be more than good for me, I’m thinking @asbjorntorvol tell me maybe I heared wrong , if I would work with norse gods I need to sacrifice very much like my familly ?, my wife,? I’m really poor at English listening :smiley: but to use runes , norse gods are optional right ?


Well first off I do offer custom made, ritually consecrated runes if anyone is interested in getting a pair. All hand made by myself.

As for working with the gods, you don’t need to sacrifice anything you are not willing to. I sacrificed a lot but all of it in the end I was willing to give up.

You get what you put in after all. Some sacrifice goods, some sacrifice parts of themselves. Its all optional. You could work just with the runes and not with any of the Norse Gods, in theory.


Great reading, think i need to dust of my copy of uthark was years since i read it.
Really like the approach you took for the working with the runes it reminds me alot of the story of Odins struggle and dedication to learn the runes and the power they contain.
Havent worked with then myself more then my studies and early interest for nordic mythology i early got the understanding of the runes inner meaning or power for more then simple being a written alphabet.
And i firmly believe that just as Oden work and sacrifice must be given to learn them and master them which to me concludes that the meaning or power of them must be personaly unlocked and that others may only guide you on the path.
Hopefully there will be no need to stab oneself with a spear and hang oneself, sacrificed to oneself as Oden himself.
If memory serves me right he hanged for nine days to learn the mysteries so i really like the symbolism of you spending 9 days per Rune. All creed to you for your hard work and dedication.


Mr. Torval, I really wish you’d do a video course on runes and runic magick. I view you with the same reverance as Edred Thorsson, with regard to extensive knowledge of Scandinavian history and the runes. Just a thought.

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@KWolfgang Asbjorn has left the occult community and is no longer doing public works. He made a post here about it:

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How do you Evoke a Rune?? @asbjorntorvol