All You Need To Know To Work With Azazel


My relationship with this particular demon, is a very close one. So just as I did this kind of post for Lucifer before I have noticed many interested in Azazel so here is the information you may need.

General Information.

Direction - North
Element - Fire and Air
Planetary associations - Saturn / Black Sun
Colours - Dark Purple, Black and Red
Incense - Dragon’s Blood and Frankincense
Herbs - Dragon’s blood, Daffodils, Devils weed etc
Gemstones and crystals - Blue Sapphire, Obsidian, Amethyst, Carnelian



I’ve also used the planetary square during operations with Azazel, engraving the square into candles and opening it.

Chants For Azazel.

General Enn - Eya On Ca Azazel Aken

Potent Chant - Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel

Chant Of The Black Lord -
Du Naken Tal’tu Zaz Al’tan Azazel

Offerings For Azazel.

  1. Blood
  2. Rum
  3. Red wine
  4. Burning Dragon’s Blood
  5. Burning you’re hair in fire
  6. Menses

Litany Of The Black Satyr.

“O’Azazel hear my call, Black Ebon Satyr Come.
Azazel Keeper of the black flame rise.
Gatekeeper of outter darkness,
Infernal King and Evil Chief
Come from you’re dark domain,
Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel
Dark God Of Witchcraft, Lord of transgression
Azazel I call you forth from you’re obsidian
throne, to enter this temple,
For he is the Ancient Darkness, for he comes
To me now, Come Azazel Come.
Eya On Ca Azazel Aken
Father of sins, Lord of The Watchers
The skies blacken at you’re coming,
The hell mouth opens at you’re command
Du Naken Tal’tu Zaz Al’tan Azazel
Demon of Saturn, He who taught us Sorcery,
He taught the tribes of old, The Forbidden arts
and crafts, Azazel tare through the veil
Ant’harratu carries the torch of black light
To shine the way for you’re coming.
Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel, Come Azazel come
I summon you forth to appear before me,
Herald of the black sun, He who was once
Called Al’uzza, ignite the blackened flame within
me, cloak me with you’re nether fire,
Lord of the black forest, manifest above me.
Forsaken one, Infernal Scapegoat
Manifest below me.
Eya On Ca Azazel Aken
Azazel the formed abyss, The Devourer
Manifest around me.
Breathe upon me you’re sulphuric breath,
So I may breathe the breath of the nether,
To emanate as a child of darkness,
Emanating in the void, emanating in the
underworld, emanating in the infernal empire.
Manifest within me, Great and terrifying Azazel,
Beast of the wild, Breaker of the shackles and
chains, He who holds the sword of darkness.
May you’re furious nether inferiors
Legions of fire and shadows, eat through the veil
As the hellish trumpets echo through the night,
In praise of their master, rise Azazel rise,
Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel, Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel
Azazel Come, Azazel Come”.

Immersion and Connection With Azazel.

Above is a symbol of great power it can be used for immersion into Azazel’s current.
It can also be used for reverse possession, known as envocation.

Above is a Meditation to connect with his essence.

Invocation Technique For Azazel.

Sit in a meditative position, focus on you’re breathing, clearing you’re mind and relaxing the body. Once done visualise you’re chakras, begin visualising Azazel’s sigil at the root chakra.

Vibrate “AZAZEL” as a mantra X3.
As you do this visualise darkness spill out of the energetic sigil and fill you with Azazel’s darkness.
Do this with each chakra pulling the sigil upwards and blackening the chakras with his darkness.

Vibrating his name as a mantra three times with each chakra, once you do it at the crown chakra.
Vibrate AZAZEL X6.

Visualise the inner darkness spill outwards connecting to outter darkness in the temple uniting the inner and outter self with The Demon himself.

Once done, visualise the darkness solidify within you’re body and state.

“Azazel I invoke thee,
Enter my blood, Enter my breath,
Enter my bones, Enter my blood,
Enter my flesh. Manifest within me
Manifest upon the altar of my immortal soul,
Azazel Infernal Gatekeeper,
I invoke thee, I invoke thee, Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel”.

Visualise then the darkness within you solidify as a body of darkness inhale deeply pulling the outter darkness of Azazel inwards until the body has reached a critical solidified form.

Feel the black fiery devil within you.

Well hope this helps you all.



Wow there is so much here. This actually answered some of the things I was looking for today actually. Thank you for taking the time to do this for all of us.


Thank you


Neat! Exactly what I needed! And by C. Kendall, to make things perfect! Thank you very much for this extremely useful topic!


I am going to have to bookmark this for when I get to him in my own gatekeeper pathworking. Never worked with him before one on one and the only experience I had was the dedication ritual I did when i first began the gatekeepers pathworking with Belial. I evoked all nine to bear witness using their sigils and the best way I could describe my first expression of him was that I got the impression of him grinning ear to ear while rubbing his hands together. It both felt great and also a little intimidating. When I went through each asking if they would consent to teaching me on the pathworking, i got a very excited yes from him, I guess things will be interesting when I get there.


I remember reading this a week or so ago, I didn’t know how to bookmark then. Lol… Now I do. I love how you always precise with details. Us beginners really need that. I appreciate you. Thanks so much!!!


I was doing my mediation and invocation to AZAZEL and within a few minutes after I was done I smelt a very sweet smell.



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I know, but you need to introduce yourself first.

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@Martin this might help you. Warning me might put you through tests but he has been found to be the most winning to help.


This is amazing information. Thank you.


Perfect timing to come across this, I’ve been drawn to Azazel lately


What are Azazel’s specialities?

I know various demons have various “specialities” they help with.

Thanks for this post.

I love your in-depth posts like this. They are very helpful.


According to various articles and my experience he seems to like war

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To channel Azazel you can also use the Ace of Spades and put it with his sigil or variations to it. Very powerful


What’s a “Potent Chant”, what does it do? And also, what does the Chant of the Black Lord do? What can it be used for (this is for both)?

How about to vibrate his name 11 times

A - zaaaa - zeeel :heart:



Once again an amazing post, you are the best!

Thank you for posting this. Look forward to using some of this in my own workings with Azazel