Spirits To Assist With Divination

I asked King Paimon if he would recommend any spirits to assist with divination.
He told me that I should seek to work with one of the familiars he provided me with (I won’t mention his name - at least at this point in time.)

So I want to ask all of you - who do you think is a good idea to work with to assist in divination?

Keeping in mind that there are plenty of spirits out there that both or either assist you with awakening your astral senses and can also tell you things about the past//present/future.

Surely seeking assistance from the right entity could turbo charge your divination?

As for me and my experience with divination, I haven’t got into it much yet but I will soon.

Soul-travel to the spirit of the Oracles, the I-Ching & Book of Fate - they’re both real beings (or at least have an interface that appears like an entity) and they can help you a LOT.

I know it sounds crazy but my BoF talks to me - but that’s because I wanted to set up that link, and also I’m open to the idea of treating it like a personality, and listening to it.

Hathor may also help with that specific method, since she was the one who put the Book in my hands.

I don’t know about Tarot so much, but did you see E.A.'s latest video on this? It’s a really cool demonstration of bonding with your deck of cards:

! No longer available

There are pathworkings you can do to journey through the cards as well, not my area of expertise but that exists as an option, and if you want to use ideomotor methods (like the pendulum) then working with your Higher Self or Holy Guardian Angel and making sure they’re in control of the motion (and not your wishful thinking) is a good idea.

DeathWish, I asked Satagraal from E.A’s kingdoms of flames to help me more with tarot cards and he told me to buy the ‘Legacy of the Divine’ deck before he would work with me. So I went out and bought this amazing deck of cards, which are truly stunning.

I went into a 10 day evokation with him and he told me about every card in the deck. When I evoked him I had no pre conceived ideas of his appearance so I just let him come through the way he naturally wanted to.

Satagraal appeared as a fit athletic man on a solid throne. He seemed to have dark hair tied up, which could be because it is very long. His eyes are a piercing blue and there’s a Dachshund at his feet. Satagraal’s sigil use to glow a blue to purple colour before it opened.

What an experience this was so I would definately recommend him ~ as the days progressed with the evokation, I become to call him the demon prophet for his definitions of the cards were outstanding, traditional to a sense but with a great intuitive edge attached to them that alllowed me to place my thoughts and feelings into them.

There are several spirits that aid greatly with divination. I sometimes invoke my Exu to help me out, not that I cant divine of my own, but its always interesting how things goes with him. But things get sometimes confusing as we dont have a perfect connection to each other yet.

Im looking for a good oportunity to employ Balaam to the same task.