Angelic Mantras

Hey All,

I used as many of your suggestions for angelic mantra as I could, and now, without further ado, I present the fourteen mantras I channelled from nine different archangels. Most of them have been tested by some experienced members here and verified as safe, but there are several that have not, so any feedback on them is appreciated.

Please check out my post history if you wish to see if what I present can be trusted or not. However, as with everything, what happens with these mantras is your own personal responsibility, should you choose to use them. They can have real effects on you and your environment, and any risk is yours alone.

With that said, here we go…

Received from Raziel:

Mel ah-en-tul es kuhl - To Increase/Enhance One’s Psychic Powers

Ick thel ta nuit lon fata - For Divine Wisdom (best used with intention to answer a specific question)

Mesh fa luong tu pron na fo lem - To Purge Negative Subconscious Blocks and Break Free of Negative Thought Loops

WARNING: What comes up will rarely be pleasant

Received from Metatron:

Ick thul fawn pa quo sa - To Enhance Mental Prowess and Learning (Note: quo is pronounced “kwoo-oh”).

Chant before study to enhance retention of information.

Va la veem ka la feem ko sun - To Attain Spiritual Perfection

WARNING: Ascension comes at a cost personal to the individual, and this mantra can begin the process. Use at your own risk. Best chanted daily, while holding focus on the Eternal.

Received from Michael:

Lesh ta pak een lafa tu son - To Neutralise and Repel Negative or Harmful Energies

When using this mantra against psychic attack, chant out loud forcefully if possible. If using it against a toxic environment or person, chant mentally if you cannot do so vocally.

Tu fo ka lent vox to lux ini la fay - For Confidence and The Courage To Act.

Chant this mantra until you feel a strong sense of surety within yourself.

Received from Azrael:

Lo fa kra san tho lem tha - To Call the Nearest Dead and Communicate With Them

WARNING: If you don’t know how to deal with the dead, do not use. If you wind up haunted, it will be no one’s fault but your own.

Lu font sek lon ka sunt - to help alleviate grief or loss

Note: This does not get rid of the emotions, but helps the mind to process them, to enable the individual to moved passed their grief easier.

Received from Malkiediel:

Fo ta kem fa long tu - To Increas Physical Vitality

Received from Raphael:

Lok fahn to fa ko tek lon - To Heal The Subtle Bodies

Note: This can be chanted daily as a overall health tonic or, if damage to the subtle bodies is suspected, it can be used as a sort of reset to equilibrium by placing awareness on the subtle bodies while chanting.

Received from Sandalphon:

If pa thal ah tem po lel - To manifest Material Desires

Hold the image of what you wish to manifest in your mind as you chant. Chant daily for as long as you wish until the object manifests. The more emotional energy you can infuse into the mantra, the quicker the manifestation. Can be used for any desire.

Received from Ariel:

Sa ta luhn va soke tron fu - To Heal Animals, Plants and Nature (Note: soke is pronounced so-kay)

Hold your hand over the sick animal or plant you wish to heal, and direct the energy into them while chanting. To heal a natural area, hold your hands out and direct the energy into the environment.

Received from Tzadkiel:

Iktha ton ma pa kon la - To Create Luck In Gambling

Chant out loud before playing, and silently in the mind when placing bets.

Please feel free to post your experiences with these mantras. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy them!


Finally !

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we will try them all

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What do you mean by spiritual perfection?

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Think of it like a refinement of the spirit, an expansion of the Divine aspect within.


Thanks to you for sharing this with everyone!

I’m sure it has more to do with intent than perfect pronunciation, but just to satisfy my curiosity… how do you pronounce ‘Kuhl’? Like cool or cull?



Like “cull.”



Tul like ‘tool’?? From first mantra, and Kuhl like cahl?

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I’m gonna test the physical vitality mantra. From the time I get up for work until I get home is 12-14 hrs every day. Those days when I get stuck in traffic wear me down. and at the same time I will do the subtle bodies mantra.

The first mala no bad effects :nerd_face:

Maybe I can try the animal mantra on my sister’s cat. has some kind of lump in her stomache. Will have to figure out how to do it without my sister seeing🧐 (not into magic stuff)


Tul like “mull”; Kuhl like “cull.”


S_vi_Britannia Exact pronunciation usually isn’t required ( unless it does apply here, @DarkestKnight please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here ), an understanding of what you’re saying and why is very important. Edit: Thank you @DarkestKnight, these will come in useful. I’m putting these in my book of shadow tonight and will keep you apprised of the results, as I’m going to give these a test drive soon. Thanks again, brother


Pronouncing the mantras phonetically ie how they are spelled, seems to work just fine. However, there have been some minor changes come up in testing (like pronouncing “sun” in the spiritual perfection mantra as “soon.”) so as you chant them, you may find a particular pronunciation that has more of an energetic effect for you.


Just curious would this one also work to pacify an animal thats in distress?


Try it. It is for healing so it may help soothe suffering and distress.


Will definitely try these. Thank you.

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tested today the one for learning, dunno if it was placebo but I felt more will to study and I could understand better a subject I was reading. I’ll keep doing it and update.


today is 7 days for the physical vitality and subtle body mantras together. No negative effects.

the plus side. seem to be a little improvement, but I had a cold before starting and I got rid of that. I will give it the full time of 21 days.

Can feel trance state starting almost every time before finishing one mala. I wonder what will be the effect of doing two malas at a time.


todays is 14 days for testing the two mantras

Fo ta kem, fa long tu. Lok fahn to fa ko tek lon.

I used them together because they flow together when you are chanting and because they seemed to me to have related funtionality.

This works!!! As a way to get rid of fatigue and exhaustion. I can say that I am less tired after the long days at work. Less drained after V-mantras I was working on. Some improvement noticable around day 5 or 6. But it has increased a lot in the last 7 days :cowboy_hat_face:


Can the mantra to heal nature, work on crystals?