Best ways to counteract negativity? Need suggestions please

So I have a family member who is very very very negative towards me (no physical abuses).

This Person is always saying shit like “when I’m gone you’ll lose everything” “you’ll have nothing their gonna cheat you out of it” “you’re crazy” “you’re stupid” etc,

I know I can’t change this person (and I can’t avoid them or steer clear of them).

Is there a way or are there ways magickalky to prevent this persons negativity from imbedding into my subconscious and becoming a unintended self fulfilled curse?

My concerns are they could be magickally cursing me by their words or that it’ll imbed into my subconscious and that my subconscious will fulfill those nasty negative words and statements.

I can’t just avoid the person unfortunately, so I’d like suggestions on stuff I can do to make sure this persons words don’t end up successfully cursing me and having their statements come true please. So things I can do that’ll convince my subconscious that it can’t and won’t happen cuz I did x or y or z.

Add: maybe I searched the wrong terms but I didn’t find anything applicable to the situation when doing a search.


A daily banishing ritual will help. And a general protection ritual, such as the main ritual in Magickal Protection by Damon Brand also works for this purpose.

Otherwise, any deities who grant protection should be able to protect you on this. It can be good to pray to them once a week or so.


That’s what magic is for. Keeping these people in your life is never worth it, and there are many readily available death workings made specifically to cut troublesome people in your life.

But if you really can’t do it then I’d recommend assuming a predatory mental stance when interacting with them. John Kreiter mentions this offhand in Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense. When this person is browbeating you, they are perpetrating a psychic attack against you. This attack rests on them maintaining the several dynamics and pretexts existing in your interpersonal relationship. If you discard these dynamics and adopt a new framework wherein you are the predator and the other person is prey then the psychic attack which they are accustomed to evoking will simply not work.
I should mention that you’ll probably feel the urge to physically attack the person if you get deep into the predator invocation, this is good since it will show in your body language and intimidate the other person but if you have poor impulse control it would probably be best to work on this first to avoid possible legal ramifications. Just remember to keep your rational mind in the driver’s seat.


Tbh physical abuse dosent just come from someone one placing their hands on you verbal abuse is also physical abuse. they need to talk to you to say those things if they were mute how would they convey their “Negativity”. I’m going to give it to you straight this person is not your friend even if they pretend to be they quite literately hate you and want you to be miserable. you should get they out of your life i’m not saying inflice a curse that melts their organs just make them uninterested in you.

Their not negative they hate your guts and if you dont do something this person will invite other people to do the same to you.


The most simplest way is, to get a index card, right the persons name and birth day on it, then write a little petition you want to end the negative towards and you can also right the result you want to feel from it too. the put the card in a zip lock bag then get another zip lock bag that will hold that bag in it an fill that one with water till the other bag is cover in it and put it in the freezer, and freeze it to happen also before you add the bag to the freeze meditate with the bag in your hands for a few minutes focusing on what you petitioned on the card then freeze it and every few week take it back out and charge it up again same way you did putting it in, as long as you keep it frozen and keep charging it it’ll keep working till you unfreeze it and through it away.

you can also use another binding spell via candles, brown or black

Spell to Control a Situation
Items Needed:
A Brown Candle
Controlling Oil
Parchment Paper
A Black Pen
Write down your situation on the paper, underneath it write the outcome you would like.
Anoint the candle with controlling oil. Put the paper under the candle, then light the candle.
Visualize your problem and it being solved (meditate on it for awhile).
Let the candle burn itself out.


Have you tried Shara for this situation? I feel like she could meet your needs on this one, or at least help out with in conjunction with everything else you choose to do.


Archangel Michael, to shield you from the negativity while binding the aggressor.

A demonic approach would also work. If someone is attacking you, it is usually a good idea to bind them. If they are particularly belligerent, a binding may just weaken, diminish, and lessen the attacks against you, but this is still a desirable result.

I would do at least this, without question. If this person is a persistent problem in your life, ultimately you have to ask yourself if you want to keep dealing with the situation as it is or counter-attack. Building strong defenses can deter an attacker, but even the most defense-oriented of strategies often includes attacks of opportunity when the moment presents itself, and if all you do is present a shield, no pointy stick, that can be pounded against forever, and eventually it will break if the attacker does not relent. The shield without the sword is just a glorified punching bag. If you are under assault, there are magickal methods to bring you peace if you are willing to engage with the methods.


I second the suggestion of Archangel Michael:


How to be at peace & just shine.


:alien: Archangel Michael :alien:

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Try the best in protection magick: workings from Embrosewyn Tazkuvel.