Mantra anyone?

starting this topic to collect mantras all in one place. I will start with a few I picked up

@DarkestKnight mantra to unlock magical potential

@DarkestKnight mantra to connect to inner divinity

@DarkestKnight mantra to remove parasites and vices

@DarkestKnight mantra to manifest material need (not to be used for desires)

mantra to develop astral senses
mesh ka-rel, luhn sim ba-ta-rel, luhn tin sughel

@DarkestKnight mantra for light trance

@Encore19 mantra to manifest servitor
Ic chalaz santum ralaz vaskalla sinrampt, Itz melez dune fen’ki (servitor name)

@Encore19 mantra to increase servitor energy
almak al ten ron tal, alash kala kal, peref ron felish tal

@Encore19 mantra to increase solidification of servitor
sah kah mah vaskalla, Inz rin’pal balah Tur inz u’tala

42 letter name of Jewish god
a-bag et-tatz
ka-rah saw-tan
nah-gad ee-chash
bah-tar tza-tag
cha-kav tah-nah
ee-gal pah-zak
shah-kav tzah-yat

since far-east mantras are not said the way they are spelled I will include a little pronunciation guide and spell them the way they are pronounced

au - auxillary
a - father
ah - Allah
ai - eye
ay - pray
e - bed
ee - feet
i - him
o - home
oo - foot
u - run

mantras should be said 108X in the morning and 108X at night for a minimum of 21 days. You should see results before 41 days

remove all obstacles
ha-ree aum namah shee-vai

bring good fortune and wealth
aum shree-ma-hal-ex mee-namaha

Tibetan healing mantra
Tay-a-ta, aum be-kand-ze be-kand-ze, ma-ha be-kand-ze, rad-za sa-mood-ga-tay so-ha

San Jivani mantra for healing
aum toom to-lay-sai na-maha

3rd eye mantra
whai-uh yan-tee kar yan-tee ja-ge-doo te-kar-te a-dak-tit wha-ah brami-ah-day tray-sha-goo-roo etee whai-ay goo-roo

hindu healing mantra(imagine green light around the person to be healed)
ra ma da dasa sa say sho-hum

Vaayu Gayatri healing mantra
Aum. Aum. Aum. pa-vai-na-poo-roo-shai-ah veet-mahay sa-ha-stra-morte-ee che dee-ma-hee tanno vai-yoo prae-cho-day-ah

Dhanvantri Maha mantra for health and healing
Aum namo baag-va-tay va-soo-de-vai-ah dan-van-ta-ray am-ri-ta-te ka-lesh-e ha-stai-ay. sadeva-mah vin-asha-ai-ay tray-lo-kah na-tai-ah shit-ee ma-ha-vish-na-vay na-maha

Maha Mrityunjaya mantra to conquer death (wow this has 260million views on youtube. don’t have a clue why - hehe - necromancers want to check this out???)
Aum tray-um-bu-kum ya-jama-hay soo-gand-im poosh-tee-vay-da-nam oore-va-roo-ka-mee-vuh ban-da-naam mitree-or mook-shee yama-ree-tah

There are probably still a lot of mantras hiding on the forum that I haven’t seen yet.:face_with_monocle: Anyways, thats enough typing for one day.


Okay but let it be known I found my mantras from this site ages ago so they were originally found by someone else.

found a definition I hadn’t seen yet.

siddhi : the word by itself means supernatural abilities given to the masters of eastern religions. Each of them has their own list

mantra siddhi : this means that you have achieved perfection in pronunciation of the mantra. It also means that you have achieved perfection (as in completeness) in receiving all the benefit that you can from a particular mantra. There is no exact number for achieving mantra siddhi, but as a guide count the number of syllables in the mantra and multiply by 1,000. This will give you an estimate for how many time to do the mantra (those hindu mantras are 20-30 syllables long :confounded: )

:sweat_smile: most of the mantras on the forum are 6-8 syllables

adding the new @DarkestKnight mantras to the list: Angelic Mantras


These work too, I tested them out in October November.

As far as siddhi goes, it tends to vary by the mantra and purpose significantly, though I’ve read about lahks and how to count the syllables, something like om for chakras takes 1,250,000 reps for one siddhi, yet the mantras I worked with from December-February, each varied from 6800 (and change) to 10,000.

It’s pretty noticeable when you get near a siddhi, at least if you are practicing daily, as you reach a point where even if you stop chanting the mantra simple continues in your mind, no matter what you are doing and I experienced ear ringing, and energy influx as well around the times I reached them.

But something I noticed in one of Baal Kadmons books, thst I don’t see addressed all that often is that- after you become attuned to the energy of the mantra, you still need to direct that energy at your goal to see results- he of course said it better. :laughing:


so there are mantras hiding here that I didn’t see :cowboy_hat_face:

I shall see what Kadmon has to say for himself :smirk: I think the Seed Mantra and Tibetan mantra was in my purchase on Fri. Or it will be soon enough.

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I used this book, but I actually read through all of them before deciding, on kindle unlimited. I can’t remember which book it was in, it was a single line that he mentioned it and I was like…

Oh, that explains why so many people think they wasted time chanting, they don’t know how to direct energy or that they need to.

:laughing::joy: so I went in with that in my mind and immensely enjoyed the experiences.

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🥸 that’s the book that killed me. before that book I was trying rituals from everybook that I got.

Then I started mantras. I would go 5 or 6 days and then get home from work too late to do anything and have to start over after an involuntary day off.

Now I got a few books that I havent even opened yet🧐


I skipped days when I had to because I had my kids for entire weekends or I slept 18 hours. It took me something like 53 days to do a 40 day routine. I always tried to chant silently those days, but I never made it through every mantra I choose those days, unless I shortened it to 108 for time saving, and I loved them, even chanting them internally, so I preferred to not shorten my routine lmao.

I chanted each mantra for at least 1080 per day when I did do them however, and about halfway through I found I would always be chanting, even as I woke up- in my mind, but not intentionally. It was almost always the mantra I was closest to the next siddhi on, but it was kinda weird and kinda cool too lmao.

If I didn’t have a thousand other todos and a never ending list of things vying for my attention, I’d love to continue the practice, and eventually branch into other mantras as well.

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hahahaha you be washin clothes and the mantra starts playin in your head :rofl:

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Seriously, it was almost like I wasn’t in charge of it at all. :laughing: I was glad I live alone and dont go out much tho, imagine singing under breath lmao…

I also had one of the entities related to a particular mantra show up in my dreams right after I began, so it was lots of fun- but I didn’t know their chosen appearance was normal or anything because I didn’t try to research the entities first lmao…

Oops, my bad.

mantra by @Ferunt

Powerful healing mantra for meditating!

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About a month ago in a dream I repeated a mantra or incantation made of 2 verses ( hopefully not simple gibberish :grin: ).
The first one was pronounced more or less like “Hey may, hey may, hey may, hey meh”.
The second one was either “Jay may, jay may, jay may, jay meh” or “Vay may” etc.
I was becoming more and more charged with energy at each repetition.

you forgot to say what you used the mantra for :nerd_face:

Judging from the dream, I’d say it’s for becoming more powerful before a Working, or generally also to “replenish” oneself.

My friend channeled a mantra that allows the mind of Christ to take over when you’re manifesting something. The mind of Christ is essentially the version of yourself that manifests desires much quicker than ordinary waking consciousness. It is as follows.


Do you mean to use the mantra before a ritual? Or make it part of a ritual?:thinking:

It can be used whenever you’re assuming the state of the wish fulfilled / feeling like you already have what you’re trying to manifest during a ritual. More specifically it’s used for manifesting with the law of assumption.

the OP for mesh ka rel mantra was @micah in this post. There is also a lot more good stuff here
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Non-Angelic Healing Mantra Wrap

Sexual mantra

Powerful Hindu Mantra for removing the effect of black magic