How to deal with psycopaths/narcissists that seek violence as an option?

I’m personally an empath that live with my half-brother (temporarily). It happen time to time that he use violent term as a way to control and dominate me and when he do this, it make me so angry at him because from my empath point of view his tactic is so low consciousness and disgusting that the anger for justice block me emotionally. And the worst is that he do it often for, so stupids reasons that is incredible and mind blowing that he do it for real. From his point of view he is right and the best of the world and incorrigible. I will like occult tips to deal with this and protect myself from being trap in justice anger to someone that is brain damage without a doubt!


I’m currently reading through Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand. Last night I was reading that Michael can help protect you from anger and aid in things like that. Maybe it’s worth looking into but I’m sure others will be able to help more!

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Vovins freezer spell us supposed to be a fair binding. There is a cord of nine used via knot Magick as well.
Or will a Goetic spirit right next to them that might attack. Envision separate photos of the two side by side until merging them. I do this with eyes open and a certain consecrated deck.

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Work on your shields in general. Improve them so the negative energy has no effect on you.

Also look into this:

It is simple, yet effective.

You may feel like you need to correct that person, because what he does or says is not right, but is it worth the effort? Probably not.
You probably won’t change a narcissist so easily.
Better focus on protecting yourself and getting out of that situation.


Do you work with any spirits??

Thor might be able to help.Surtur offers great protection and Freya is quite loving. If you decide to go on the offensive then you can petition these spirits to help you too