Low on energy + Lack of enthusiasm

Check out energy work techniques associated with purification, such as breath work or even physical things like cleaning your space.


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Lots and lots of ideas for this one:


My go to is Andromalius, but for me that worked for a few days and then the ritual needs repeating.

If I were you, I’d start listening to subliminals about how to stop procrastinating and learning to focus better.

Once the subconscious comes on board, it will be like night and day difference.

If you just want some entities to help you with this, to light a fire under your ass: Belial is a good drill sergeant, any mars spirit, Aries himself lol, any friendly fire spirit like Djinn, as well.

Some or all of those may lead you to subliminals anyways :call_me_hand:


Try the mantra for physical vitality. It always helps me to feel motivated and productive:


Will definitely ask him for help, thanks!

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Never worked with subliminals, they actually work?


How many times should I recite this mantra?

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As long as you feel the need to. I usually do 15-20 minutes

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your ADHD is the thing you hide behind, your excuse.

What does it feel like after successfully doing a mantra? The only one I’ve tried is Robert Bruce’s in psychic self-defense but it kind of feels like I’m gas-lighting myself so I haven’t used it in a while.

You don’t know this person, ADHD can be a pretty bad and annoying illness. It’s possible they’re just making excuses but executive dysfunction is a genuine thing caused by ADHD, I think you’re being a bit harsh.


It depends on the purpose of the mantra of course but generally you’ll feel energy flow. I usually feel mantras mostly in my head; I’ll get a floaty feeling and my head will feel heavy. Sometimes, if I’m vibrating it, it will resonate in my chest and my limbs.

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Interesting, my energy senses are very bad so that might be why mantras never affect me.

How long did you chant? The duration also matters. It’s almost impossible to chant and/or vibrate a mantra for half an hour a day, every day, and not eventually feel something. I’m pretty unsensitive to energy myself due to my shielding but even I can feel something after chanting regularly.

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Well that does explain it, I didn’t even use it for like 5 minutes. Do you have/know of any basic protection ones? I really don’t like the Robert Bruce one from psychic self defense, every time I say it I just feel like I’m lying.

If you’re okay with angelic energy, I posted several threads of mantras channeled from the archangel Raziel:


Bookmarked, thanks man it’s appreciated.

As someone who also suffers from ADHD, thank you. Executive dysfunction is very real, and very hard to explain to someone who doesn’t suffer from it.

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Yes. They work on reprogramming your subconscious mind.

They are not a quick fix though, because your beliefs about yourself and the world weren’t made in a day either.

It usually takes about 21 days to a month of listening to them while you are either in deep trance or sleep, in order to change beliefs well established for decades.

Pick an aspect that you want to improve upon( like procrastinating) and focus on changing that for at least a month, (when you see noticeable results in your life ) before you change your focus to something else you’d like to change.