Trying to reclaim myself through magick

I have been having some issues living with my mother, she has been acting really strange and im getting bad feelings like shes planning something behind my back. My anger issues arent helping either. Ive been so angry for no reason and i feel as if something is attached to me. She pushes all of my buttons and wont leave me alone and wont get out of my personal space. She literary is up my ass 24/7. She is getting pretty pushy and violent and has been snapping on impulse. Long story short i am trying to establish my personal boundaries and reclaiming my energy through magick and it has only been tormenting me. I feel tormented tbh. I am trying to grow and i need space as a young adult. I am pretty sure there is a thoughtform coming from her but im not certain. Both my brother and my mom have been acting VERY hyper and defensive to the point where its like bothering me and causing me to snap. Is there anything i can do to kinda HARSHLY FORCE Everything she is sending me back into her own face?

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Chant this mantra from the archangel Michael daily:


You can work with the fire element to remove and cut off her energies while working mirror magick to return to sender.


Upon second read, I had to deal with my mother who was similar. Try binding spells, in tandem with the fire element to sever and cleanse.

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Thankyou, ill start chanting it tonight.

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Thankyou ill do some meditation and try and channel the element of fire. Ill also design a ritual to bind her from doing anything to me.

You know I am having the same issue with my family lol, I feel for you bro.

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Michael is a great choice as he’s a warrior.

It sounds offhand like there may be parasites involved, attached to at least your mother and maybe yourself as well. Even if they didn’t start this situation, they’d be attracted by it and make it worse.

So you could layer into that some other things:

  • Scanning or divining for the presence of parasites and exorcising them is present.
  • A binding on your mother to prevent her from wanting to interfere with your space
  • Cleanse your whole house
  • Take a cleansing bath and ground out the unwanted energy frequently.

On a more psychological note, maybe look into the “grey rock” method for dealing with very difficult people like this.


Ill try it out Thankyou for your reply.

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Angry for no reason?

The reason is probably that your mother is a psychotic bitch lol.