Help please? Curse/attack?

Magick is meant to encompass everything, are you serious?

Do you people truly even really believe?

My mindset, magick can do everything, literally everything, that mantra is literally for improving physical health and another for healing.

So to my mind, a magickal form is an everything form, it just depends on the kind of magick.

This is health magick (the mantra) and it’s by a global moderator, and someone really esteemed, so I’m wondering what is going on.

This is a magickal form and I’m talking about magick, health magick.

Yes, I’m dead serious.

Go seek medical help.


Yes we do. We also understand that magick works best when you put in the effort. Magick isn’t a cure all.


I’ve been using the phyiscal vitality one, maybe that’s more of an improvement than healing.

Maybe it’s using too much of my energy that’s needed for healing to try to improve me like forced exercise when you’re ill.

Perhaps that’s the issue?

If you feel the mantra is making it worse then why keep reciting it? Also, I suggested going to seek medical help because you yourself said you were going to call an ambulance. We can only suggest so much here…on this magick forum.

I’m not the problem, I’m just here to help.


Doing a mantra literally 12 hours straight for 2 days with no rest isn’t effort?

The hell is everyone so defensive and aggresive on this form.

Literally nigh everything is met with some type of forced “I know it all, isn’t it obvious how dumb you are!?” and “tough love” minus a lot of the love approach.

And that’s not jus to me, but like 95% of people that ask for help on here.

Your first thing is to both insult my effort, and make claims about my ignorance on magick.

Also why isn’t magick a cure all? a kill all, a full defense, a full offense, perfect insight, true enlightenment, ect.

Magick is just manipulating the forces of the universe and yourself with will and techniques.

With the proper power and knowledge, why couldn’t it cure all, you saying for example that literal god couldn’t cure all if they wanted to? Isn’t that their magick?

It’s just to do with the power, and knowledge, which is why I’m looking for more here, because I’m not looking to cure all, I’m looking to cure my specific problem.

It’s like you all say, it’s a magick forum, if you don’t have the answers on magick, maybe a more experienced mage can help? and that’s what I’m waiting for, no offense meant, because I’m not that level either, but I can admit it and ask for help.

But you aren’t taking the mundane effort. I understand that you think that magick is some supernatural cure all but it’s really just another tool to use. If you have a medical problem no amount of magick will be better than an actual doctor.

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Well, I think you are pronouncing it differently than designed, and you need to connect with the Angel, then the energy that comes in is new and doesn’t cost you.

Fo not Koh.

In addition, you need to have a connection to Earth the ground out the unwanted energy… that needs to have somewhere to go so you can get rid of it.
The easiest way to do that is to go outside and get your bare feet on the grass.
If you can sit on the grass and meditate with this mantra for a while, and watch the changes in your energy system, then you’ll know when it’s enough.


Another option, is to reach out [aka pray] to Raphael, who is a well known Angel of healing.

Layering work like this is common and they won’t be offended.

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When someoen comes here asking to summon a demon for cash, people usually tell them which one or to try which one.

No one says “THIS ISN’T A FINANCIAL FORM” If it’s about magickally roofying someone for a love spell, people tell them to try lillith or whatever, no one says “this isn’t a dating site”

Why am I being shamed for looking for physical magick to heal myself? It’s a school, people have spoke about it on here, it’s called biokinesis.

(which darkest knight claims to know by showing of these mantra’s, that’s medical magick) why aren’t you going to him saying “MAGICK CAN’T HEAL YOU! THATS BS, THIS ISN’T A MEDICAL FORUM!”

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Oh and yeah, I just wrote it wrong, sorry I actually WAS saying and using FOH, not koh, I was just writing it as koh there, mistype.

I was doing the mantra as “foh” no worries.

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@dagar You’re not helping, please stop derailing this thread. I get where you and the others are coming from, but the OP knows this, and it’s not answering the original ask.


I apologize if I have offended you. I’m just trying to help you.


Appreciate the apology.

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So, back to the price of fish. Yes, magick can heal you. A lot of energy has gone into making this happen, so it will take a lot to undo.

What may be happening here, is there is unwanted energy coming in causing this, so you have two aspects to deal with.

  1. You want to find the source of this energy and stop it.
  2. You want to heal the damage it’s been causing.

So I see why you’re wondering if it’s a curse, given the inability of doctors to identify it.

I’m not sensing a curse at the moment, so unless you know of someone in your life who would throw this at you, I don’t think that’s the first route to go down.

I would assume as a matter of course that this has attracted parasites and they would be making it worse, so a nice salt bath, and intentional shower, and a cleansing of you and your house with incense would help. If you can do more advanced forms of banishing, that would be great.

And do that daily on top of sitting in meditation focusing not on the words of the mantra, but on the work they are doing. You want to very clearly see and sense healing and a flushing of the ick leaving your body to feel it’s working.

And at the same time pay attention to your diet, keep a food journal of what you eat and when you feel worse, and look for sources of toxins and remove them if you can.

Last, take walks in Nature whenever you can, ideally where there are trees. This is also naturally healing. The trees absorb anger especially, but will also calm and soothe your energy overall.

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alright no curse, great, someone on a magick forum said they cursed me a long time ago.

Maybe it finally disappated long ago, if they even done it, sadly it was for a joke, a very light hearted one I heard on johnny bravo when I was a damn 12 year old kid (and was 12 at the time)

So if that guy did curse me, he damn cursed a kid who was literally just trying to get him to like them lol sigh

But it’s good to finally know if I ever had that curse, it’s not here now.

I dno about advanced banishing, but when I do banish, I usually to do it with force, strength and conviction.

yeah already take salt baths, took one yesterday.

That nature thing does sound a great idea, it’s been awhile honestly, and honestly you must be right, because I do feel so much calmer around big trees, in a very real way, they really are quite healing.

For stoping psychic attack, and parasites, the only method I know, is ironically another one of those mantra’s, but worried about using those.

Hmmm, again darkest did say they were from angels, but how do I know that? You know?

sigh and yeah I eat pretty well, guess I gotta eat better but, but not sure how much better I can do, I don’t really even enjoy sweets and whatnot.

My diet is pretty much clean perfect besides some coke I take now and then (coca cola)

Ok I’m feeling substantially better, not great, but far better.

For anyone wondering what I did.

I listened to both INSTANT HEALING Frequency - Invincible Immortal "THE IMMORTAL" Future-Channeled Binaural Beat - YouTube this

and 528Hz - Whole Body Regeneration - Full Body Healing | Emotional & Physical Healing - YouTube this at the same time.

soon as I put them on I felt a little better.

(if 100% is how bad I felt at the start right, then as soon as I put them on I got about down to 80%)

and have slowly over the time I’ve been listening (about 1 hour+ now) felt slowly better and better and a little worse.

Going up and down from about 60% to 80% again, then about 60% to 70% fluxuating.

On and off, but better than before all this.

With those both on, I just did something I rarely do and asked michael for help.

Then I just put on my old tetragrammaton anaphaxeton michael necklace and grabbed the symbol of solomon.

The second I put it on, and grabbed that I went down to about 20% and I’m fluxuating between 20% and 30%

Really helped, thank god, and thank michael and god and this symbol I guess, never been sure exactly what it means though, or what it’s supposed to do, but damn it’s helped.

Though I still think I’ll need to call the ambulance if it gets too bad again.

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Please understand people here are concerned for your health in the moment, and if you are ill you do need proper MEDICAL treatment, not mantras, not magickal replies.

I know that sucks but the fact is it could make you worse to be doing that stuff. Once something is manifest as an illness, it needs to be handled in the physical realm and only once that’s done, deploy magick.

It seems like angelic energy is helping so try this:

BUT, promise us that you will seek help for the phsyical, manifest, aspects, and not be on here worrying everyone silly with talk of looking for mantras instead of ambulances. It hurts to see someone online maybe about to make a big mistake and this forum is not set up to support people in crisis, either physically or mentally, and it can also be difficult for others to read and then spend their time worrying. :heart_decoration:

So please make sure to get the physical stuff sorted FIRST, okay?

If your house was on fire, you’d call the fire brigade, not crack open a drink and get on here asking for help with mantras to evoke the spirit of water. :wink:


Hello @alexis15 ,

I just wanted to reach out to let you know that moderation is closing this thread as we do not feel there will be any helpful replies.

I hope you feel better soon and if this gets worse please reach out to proper medical authority.

Thank you,

N.M. Ginnarr | BALG Forum Moderator