The Daily Forecast w/ Astaroth [ Personal Tarot Practice. NOT OFFERING READINGS ]

Welcome one and all.

This journal will serve as my little platform for simple readings or “forecast” for the day, and as a way for me to get to know my deck so I can better discern the meanings of each card more intuitively. I’ll also have Astaroth to assist me in growing in the area of divination, so a huge thanks to them for all the things to come.

This also forces me to hold myself accountable and keep up the practice.

Anyways onto the specifics and what y’all can expect.

  • The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.

  • Daily Two Card Pulls.

  • Occasional notes on the Deck and experience with Astaroth.

This is mainly a place to keep a log of my readings and learning process, I’m far from an expert in the areas of tarot or divination in general – so really take everything with a grain of salt, more for your entertainment and my learning process, we all win.

Edit: I am not doing personal or free readings. As stated above these will be general energy readings for the day, and practice for me. Whatever comes of it is just that.


Are you giving free readings?

I’ll stay tuned!!

Are you like um offering free readings ?

Oke îl ask a girl to go out with me in the next two days how will that play out , thanks :hugs:

Not an hour ago I have ritual with him, and now I see this on my very first page lol.

Hail Astaroth


Hey. Can i have one please. Pm


The energy this morning was high, I felt drawn towards the deck. Holding them gave off a vibe of “Pay attention.” While Astaroth seemed rather eager to jump into things. I started off with a brief meditation on her enn, a had a brief vision that lasted only but a few minutes before being brought back to my senses.

She instructed me to feel the energy of the cards rather than trying to read them outright as I’ve been trying in the past. I understand what she means, but I think getting past the general meanings and interpreting my own is what slows me down.

Anyway onto cards.

The four of swords was drawn initially but death kind of stuck to it, so I figured it was meant to be.

Initial thoughts.

The four of swords: Vulnerability, Reflection, Introspection.

Death: New beginnings, Endings, An unhealthy attachment.

They feel appropriate together, especially coming into a new year. A situation or relationship may require reassessing, setting aside time for oneself to rest and truly weigh out what serves you and what’s just an unhealthy distraction or a weight holding you back, knowing what truly matters in the end or what you desire with a clear focus is what will prevent you from feeling stuck. The end of a phase or change of pace may be needed to truly begin growing and living again.

A: Finding life in the passing of what once was, is the first sign of growth. Removing attachments or those that don’t help cultivate your growth as an individual is a necessary sacrifice and one you’ll relish in the end, do not be afraid to lose that which burdens you.


Take some time to rest and just exist at the moment. A new path may be on the horizon, take this time to start fresh, clean the clutter of the year prior and begin the process of growth, healing, and building the life you desire.

After thoughts

It stuck with me personally as I’m in the process of cleaning up both my spiritual and personal life of any clutter and hindering attachments. When you take a step back and really look at everything, you start to notice the little things that just don’t work for you, starting with the self is usually best IMO, in picking apart bad habits and traits that don’t do you any good, it’s better tix what’s within before trying to repair the world and those around you - plank, speck, and all that biblical jazz.

That’s all there is to it for today, maybe a bit of a nudge in the right direction for me at least.

Again thanks to Astaroth for the guidance, I’m looking forward to the next one.


I love this deck! :heart_eyes:



Had a bit of a late start. Sleep and I are having a bit of a falling out at the moment.

Initial thoughts.

Five of Wands: Conflict, Lack of direction or uncertainty.

King/Father of Pentacles: Grounding, Reliability, Hard work.

A unique pair in my opinion, but I can somewhat understand where they meet. There’s a lack of direction coming from the wands that heavily contrasts with the father’s stability and focus, but in the same sense they complement one another(?) Energy or focus may be a bit scattered or clashing when it comes to the value of needs over wants, that’s where the king/father comes into play. It reminds you to remain focused and balanced in life, enjoying both its pleasures, but also remaining level-headed and grounded, not rushing or making rash decisions before weighing every outcome and how they’ll affect you in the long run. The vibe again seems to point towards taking some time to collect yourself and focus your energy to make sure you’re investing in things that serve you best. It’s fine to pursue your dreams and higher aspirations, but don’t put yourself at risk to achieve them.

A: Call your life into order. Find the balance between business and pleasure, and then focus your energies on what truly matters. Do not grow complacent with small rewards from a source that requires a much higher payment, stand firm and discern the value of all you’ve invested in.


Evaluate what you’ve invested your time and energy into and ask yourself if it’s working in your favor or is it just taking up your time and offering very little in turn. Determine what matters most going forward, and how you can build a solid and secure foundation for yourself. Always ask is it worth the risk and my time, before investing yourself.

After thoughts.

It’s an odd one I’ll admit that. I can resonate with it, especially after having it explained but I think it pairs well with the reading from yesterday. After cleaning up any clutter I guess it’s only natural that the next step is grounding yourself, finding focus, and determining your values and what paths to take. Eliminating unnecessary risks in order to ensure you can work towards your goals with little resistance while remaining calm against any adversity.

I dunno. It’s still a learning experience for me, not that I’d encourage taking a blind risk but I think falling flat on your face is all a part of the growth period. How can you savor success if you don’t know that bitter taste of failure?

That’ll probably be one I think about a bit more just to see if I’m either overlooking or overthinking again.

Either way, thank you to Astaroth for the guidance and I hope this made sense to someone.

Astaroth and Deck note.

I feel a bit dumb not acknowledging their teaching me through the deck earlier on, but of course readings aside they’ve all held a good deal of guidance for me in them on later reviews.

They’re also rather ‘vocal’ in meditation. When using the enn for setting up our communication, I’m usually met with images of deserts and a woman or figure dressed in red, typically like a middle eastern fashion(?) I don’t wanna label it outright just to be respectful, but that’s all I can draw connections to. They don’t often speak, usually, they’re watching from a distance or inviting me to sit with them.

I feel at ease with the energy, like a gentle hand guiding my own. I get impressions of what to do next or how to read the cards versus trying to consciously make sense of them. It’s like drawing on their energy almost to hear what they have to say. It sounds crazy when I’m talking about cards but they feel more alive in an energetic way that I can’t quite understand.

Figured I’d make a small note of it just to have something to look back on if anything else lines up with it.


The deck threw me another curveball today. It’s interesting to see exactly how each pair can both contrast and complement one another, often in ways, you wouldn’t think when viewing them at face value.

Like I said for me it seemed like an odd pairing at face value.

Initial Thoughts.

Justice: Karma, Balance, Decisions.

Father/King of Wands: Stillness, Creativity, Control.

A pair that certainly caught me off guard, to say the least, but together they form an interesting message. While justice is normally associated with reconciliation or being given what’s owed/due or even karmic laws, the energy given by the king who is settled in compassion, creativity, and charisma seems to offset this, or at least redirect its intent. Every action is often met with an equal or opposite reaction, but the king offers stillness, a time for you to think and collect yourself, reminding that you also have control, no matter what the situation may be. Even if you can’t control an outcome you can control how you react, justice in this scenario may be the will of others or universal energies, what we’ve “earned” if you believe in karma, and these forces can often disrupt our lives if we allow them, the king of wands also flows into creative energy, so in turn with its calm approach to any conflict that may arise, he offers you a moment to gather yourself and to use the tools at your disposal to make the best of any given situation.

A: There is always a way out. You place yourselves in a prison of your own making, control and direct the energies life places at you with full confidence knowing that you will always have power. Do not allow the actions or will of others to shape your universe, to know your strength and yourself is to know true power. Use all that you’ve obtained to topple any obstacles that would stand in your way.


Stillness and confidence in the face of personal or universal adversity will aid you in paving the way to victory and success. Transform the energy around you so that it serves your greater purpose, don’t let the wills of others decide your outcome in any situation.

After thoughts.

That’s another odd one, but I can see where it stems from, I’m thinking that the energies from justice were reversed in this scenario, which explains a lot. The energy from it was off, and the King seemed most adamant to quickly follow from the deck when I pulled. I’ll also note that The Priestess followed soon after, but I took that as a sign to trust my instincts, so I did. Astaroth also instructed me to see past my expectations of each card, which allowed me to reach a more fluid reading in the end. An interesting read again, one I’ll certainly keep in mind.

Thank you again to Astaroth for the guidance, and I’ll look forward to the next one.


Meditation on Astaroth’s enn tried to bring on visions, I kept getting mixed visuals. I’ll work on silencing my thoughts in days to come, I will note that I used DarkestKnight’s angelic mantra for psychic enhancement prior, so it could be that or just an overactive mind, I’ll take it in stride and see if anything similar occurs during later usage.

Angelic Mantras by DarkestKnight

In case anyone wants a reference. I’ll probably experiment with a few and see what uses I can find for this particular practice.

Onto the readings.

Initial Thoughts.

The Chariot: Confidence and Will power.

Three of Cups: Community, Celebration, Authenticity

.A very vocal pair. Both hold powerful numbers in 7 and 3 on their own and together create 10 - if you’re into numerology. With the chariot in place, this could point to a good time to really invest in yourself, find your inner strength and ambition to accomplish the goals you’ve set in place, to not lose sight or forget your own power, it has a real take-charge attitude. While the three of cups remind you to commune with others that you hold dear and share true bonds with, community. Finding strength in one another to accomplish greater or shared goals, to invest not only in yourself but those around you with whom you share true connections, where you’re free to be your truest self, or can begin the process of becoming your truest self.

A: [ Had no audible input, the image of someone telling me to go on was there though.]


This came at a wild time. When I logged on to write this I noticed the monthly empowerment working had been posted. I can’t really find a sound summary for this, since I feel the reading has multiple results, the biggest things seem to be: Having confidence in yourself, Community/Authentic relationships - be they with spirits or humans. There’s a lot to unpack in this one IMO, it goes in a lot of directions, so that’ll probably be something I think on for the evening as homework.

After thoughts.

The timing was crazy for me, I feel like I need to do more work with Astaroth to try and build a better relationship, I feel like that’s where I’m being pushed. It’s like I’m being invited to step further in with them but I’m just not moving. This reading was a bit more challenging I’ll admit, but I could also just be overthinking.

Either way that’s all I got, thank you to Astaroth as always for the assistance, we’ll see how the next one goes.


Low energy yesterday, unfortunately. So here’s a late-night reading, I’ll probably do an extra in addition to tomorrow’s just to make up for practice. Also gonna meditate on Astaroth’s enn to make up for time lost.

Scuffed image so sue me.

Initial Thoughts.

The Magician: Self-empowerment, Fearless, Ambition.

The Hermit: Solitude, Reflection, Organization.

A pair based on the power of self. Spiritual organization, laser focus, the removal of any and all distractions or obstacles that stand between you and your goal. This pair speaks to inner strength and calming the mind, letting the power within manifest and take hold in your reality. Organize your thoughts, set a goal with very clear intentions. The time to act is now, and with a target in your sights let the hunt begin.

A: You’ve had time to plan and organize yourselves, be that work from year prior or the beginning of a new. The time to act approaches, those who truly hunger will enter the wilds and return with a bountiful feast, those who only wish to sit on power and wait for results will starve and blame the powers around them for “failure to deliver.” the inability to see past your own shortcomings and utilize the power you’ve been given will be your undoing, not the action or inaction of those you’ve called to assist. We will only care as much as you do.

After thoughts.

Vocal, simple, and beautiful work. The magician is actually my favorite card, so seeing it jump from the deck made me smile, and to be followed by another major suit kinda assured the thought that big things were in motion. Belial has been hinting at the same thing lately, so I can understand the deck practically shouting “Move!” and I’ve spent some time planning all month, so this feels like a call out from my team.

I do think that organization is important before just jumping into action, but if you’ve spent some time planning new works, maybe now is the time to try and put them into motion.

Also new Astaroth note: Their energy smells like roses(?) some flowery or earthy scent at best.

Edit: Almost forgot to say thank you to Astaroth for their help as always, and I’m looking forward to working with them again on the next one.

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Scuffed again. Fire me.

Initial Thoughts.

Seven of Cups: Confusion, Sacrifice, Illusion.

The Hierophant: Knowledge, Turning points, Growth.

This pair honestly made me stop for a minute. They practically screamed “deception!” “Look out!” so while we might be on the path of change and action, caution is always advised, especially in our practice. The pair advises patience and reflection, before making a rash decision. The Hierophant on its own represents a teacher or knowledge-seeking, so take a moment to check all the facts and ensure that all is well and that everyone you work with truly has your best interest at heart. Also in a time of transition, new teachers may be on the horizon, so be open and aware, be it an entity or a lesson to be learned.

A: Assess everything and everyone around you in this time of change. Are those around you truly who they claim to be? Are your behaviors that of self-empowerment or sabotage? Analyze everything including yourself. The threat often comes from within rather than out.

After Thoughts.

Interesting. Loud. Thought-provoking, at least for me. It’s like last-minute preparations, making sure everything and everyone are on the same page before diving in and having to find out last minute that someone wasn’t as committed as you once thought, or that you didn’t want something as bad as you originally let on.

For me, It’s taking a step back and making sure everything is in order and that everyone’s on the same page, but also having new teachers has been a major theme for me lately. I’ve noted this in other journals offline, but I feel Astaroth, but they aren’t alone. There’s someone else in the background who’s been prodding at me for the last few days, and I’ve either been ignoring them or just pushing them aside, so the approach is more in my face than before.

That and the hierophant practically jumped from the deck. Almost like: “Hey I’m here too.” They wanna be acknowledged, and I have, but I need a more solid foundation than what I’ve been given so far before I can actually extend any real interest, but that’s another topic altogether.

Thank you to Astaroth for the assist once again, I’m looking forward to the next one.

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