How do I get rid of these things

How do I get rid off a curse that worked with Lilith? A woman cursed me, and my home, and my family, and I know she is work with lilith. I feel a succubus presence too. I want to get rid of all of this, but maybe Im not enough to this.
Btw Im not sure If she did this curse with Lilith but likely

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It would be helpful to know what your experience is with the Occult or energy work or anything similar. It would help direct answers.


I’d recommend the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with the four archangels.

Or you could simply call upon the archangel Michael.


@Arthyst why don’t you work with Lilith? Best is at 3:33 am


Maybe im a beginner, but I have evoked some demons but Im not sure if its worked, I felt their energy, and I saw them but never heard them.


And How should I do it?

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But she hates mens am I right?

You can easily find instructions on how to do the LBRP with a quick Google search, or a search of the forum. I know EA’s video on it has been posted many times.

As for calling Michael, again, a search is your best friend. However, you could give this a try:


Sometimes all we get are impressions and nudges from them. I’ve never “spoken” with Pazuzu, for example. I only get impressions from him.


I suggest a short and simple cleansing ritual and then considering working with any spirits you might have a relationship with to help out with breaking whatever curse she may have put on you. Also, maybe angelic energies might be better for this? Additionally, stop thinking about the curse, if there was one, and attract what you want in your life. Unless she told you she did a curse, it’s possible you’re just attracting negative things.

I’m gonna go ahead and agree with @DarkestKnight on LBRP.


Nope, the triad of Darkness is for every black magician important: Lucifer, Leviathan, Lilith


Lilith rituals are in lots of books and webs with Enns and different sigils as well as the draconian Lilith sigil.


Male here

Never felt hate from Lilith

She hates rapists, and people who abuse others especially children

Assuming you aren’t one of above and don’t think Misogyny is the natural way

You should be fine

Lilith is a being of empowered Femininity
Not modern Feminist

This is all my opinion