URGENT: Performing a ritual to save my friend. Has anyone else had success working under pressure?


Tonight, I will perform an evocation of Andromalius. I’ll be following @Mike_Bee 's Evocation Guide. If I don’t retrieve my friend’s stolen things soon, he will be in serious danger, so this is a high pressure situation.

This will be my first evocation, so I’m a bit nervous. I’ve written a little bit on here already about my situation, and will link it to the thread. I believe I’ve already made contact with Andromalius before about this issue, but it was not via a proper evocation. I do not think that I can hear or see spirits, so I’m going into this blind, but I am quite open and receptive to impressions and energies.

I’m going to focus on what I wish to manifest so intently that I won’t be pulled off center by my fear. I know that I need to be confident and relaxed, so I see this as the primary challenge.

Has anyone else had experience performing rituals under pressure? If so, what helped you get the best results?

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Pour the strong feeling of needing these things returned into the evocation give Earl Andromalius all of that strong need emotion. You should be spent emotionally when the ritual is over. After that be still and know the situation will be resolved.

That’s my best advice. Good luck.


Thanks for your reply! During which part of the evocation would you suggest pushing out all of my feelings of need? Throughout the portion where I am addressing him directly? I get the sense that I should pause and focus on the feeling for as long as it takes, but I also don’t want to keep him waiting if that would be seen as impolite. Is there a more appropriate or respectful way of doing this? Thanks!

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Most especially build a sense of urgency during the conjuration and also when you give him the charge. In my experience he detests thieves tell him how much the situation has aggrieved you and exactly how, charge him to punish the thief and force him to return what was taken. Really make Andromalius feel your sense of urgency and anger. Make clear the matter urgently needs to be handled.

I think you understand exactly how to do it. Don’t allow doubt or fear to hinder your or his work.


I performed the ritual yesterday. I didn’t see the seal change, but I did feel a presence. Kind of a cool, clear, powerful feeling. I cried out of a sense of relief afterward. I felt like a ton of fear and anxiety poured out of me. A very comforting feeling.

I banished after the ritual with the LBRP and consecrated water, but I am new to it, and I still sensed a presence afterwards. It felt like my energy was being poked and prodded, as though my energy center we’re opening and closing in a minute way. I can still feel the presence today, but I feel slightly anxious.

I’m going to perform the LBRP again and see if the feeling continues. Is this a normal experience? To feel a lingering presence of this kind after a working?

I just have this feeling that I got some kind of imposter. I called Michael and felt temporary relief, but the anxiety has come back. Trying not to panick. I’ve been reading everything I can find about parasites here, but any additional advice would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone here remove parasites for hire? I’m going to do my best, but it would be really helpful to have some backup and nip this in the bud.

Try this if you think you have an attachment:

And this for overall protection whenever you feel the need:


Thanks! Chanting the Raziel mantra as I type. I feel a sense of relief as long as I’m reciting it. The anxiety creeps back slowly when I stop. I’ll keep it up. I’m thinking of recording my voice repeating it so I can listen during moments when I can’t chant out loud. I realize it’s most effective when it is vibrated throughout the body, but maybe this will help a bit. Do you suppose its power is increased if I call upon Raziel to assist me while chanting? Maybe I’ll just try it and see how it goes.

I’m prepared to fight this thing. I get the feeling it’s sizing me up because it tried to comfort me in the beginning to get me to trust it, and it seems to have been been poking and prodding my chakras ever since. It’s definitely a new and different sensation, and I feel physically colder than usual.

Are there any banishing rituals other than the LBRP that are especially useful against parasites?

Hey DarkestKnight, I saw in one of your other posts that you are familiar with the 6 Tibetans. I do them every day, but I am wondering if they will give a parasite easier access to my energy centers since the first one seems to really open them up. Not sure if there’s a clear answer, but thought I’d ask anyway.

Unlikely, but if you already have an attachment, then it already has access to your energy. I would kill it with fire.

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