How to prevent or protect against psychic intrusion from others

Lilith told me to protect myself against psychic intrusion. I’ve searched but I’m not finding anything useful.

I’d prefer to do this with a magickal chant, hymn, incantation or something along these lines, on a daily basis. I’ve enough on my plate without having to do a full-on ritual or shielding each day.

Do you have anything effective I can use?


Are you adverse to angels?

My mantra from the archangel Michael could help.


Spirits such as Nyx, Ball,Loki and Nepthys can cloak you and make you almost invisible from those trying to intrude on you


Not adverse to angels at all. I’ll give the chant a go. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Also wondering if Beelzebub can also protect against psychic intrusions and attack?

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i use @DarkestKnight sigil from raziel for protection in my home and works great!