Trapped in a Nightmare, Long Read

Hi, Ive posted before about a dream with Anubis and Hermes a year or so ago. Here I am again with a different situation. I have twice now within the span of a week had similar dream situations that Ive never had before. Let me preface this by saying that I cherish my dream time, and have always had long, interesting, fantastic dreams. 9/10 times I remember them vividly and about half the time my dreams are lucid. Ive flown, fought, died, lived decades with a family, survived two weeks in a zombie apocalypse, traveled dimensions to battle in some female entities arena games, Ive had horrific nightmares, sleep paralysis, night terr0rs. My dreams are all over the place and up til now have never complained whether good or bad.

In these two dreams, they both started off similarly with my wife and I milling about in a home that was and wasnt our home. The first dream was a barn, the second a castle with towers. In both dreams, there is a sudden shift in the feel of it that is palpably evil/negative. Its such a sudden shift into extreme terr0r; typically my nightmares are more subtle, gradually building to a crescendo of fear that I wake up from fairly easily once it peaks. In these two dreams, reality shifts along with the terr0r level. Along with the shift is a feeling that something else has entered my dream and taken control. Structures and creatures twist and morph in a way I can’t describe but that served to intensify the fear. The fear level in these two dreams was enough to send my lucid-dreaming body into near paralysis. I knew I was dreaming. Up til now if I am aware Im dreaming I can reset the dream, change the dream, fly away, make my aggressors vanish, wake myself up, etc. In these two, I was almost completely powerless. I tried yelling “RESET” which should change the dream entirely but all that happened was it faded out then came right back more intense than before. I tried various things but each method had the same result. Dream fades to black, comes back with a vengeance. Ive never felt this level of terr0r or this lack of control before, literally trapped in the dream. It felt like something was fighting me for control. My last-ditch effort was to try and wake up my wife so that she would wake me up and save me. In the first dream, I tried shouting but couldnt get my real voice to work. I then tried violently shaking my body, and I could feel myself slipping, felt her body next to me, felt my leg begin to move, then back in the dream even worse than before, back and forth, until she woke up and woke me up. In the second dream (last night) there were multiple somethings instead of just one, and they appeared along with the feeling of a negative shift. One looked like twisted fingers made of chewed bubble gum, one was a being made of carpet flesh, never saw the third one. In the end of the dream they close in on me and grab me, not suffocating me but preventing me from moving or speaking. I tried to fight them, yelling out “RESET! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME! GET OFF ME! THIS IS MY DREAM!” But each time had similar effect as the first dream, fade out come back worse. This time was slightly different in that I was able to get my voice to work, I pushed the bubble gum thing away from my face long enough to yell out “HELP!!!” as loud and as powerfully as I could. The wife was awake cleaning and heard me, and having told her about the other dream she already knew what was going on so she woke me up and comforted me.

Never in my life have I had a dream where I was not the one in control, where I could not wake myself up, where I was trapped by a nightmare. Ive had scarier nightmares as far as content but not feeling, Ive had longer nightmares but never anything like this. Ive looked, as always, for mundane scientific answers first. I have no new stressors in my life, no major or minor changes at home or at work, this is arguably one of the most stable and content periods of my life so far. Im not close to realizing a big goal, or afraid of change. I feel that I am in control of my life. I cant make sense of these dreams. If anyone can shed some light on them, or if you’ve had the same experience, please share. With these dreams I fear what would happen if no one was there to hear me, to wake me up. Thank you.

Tl;dr Two dreams I couldnt wake up from and had to either shake my body or yell to get wifes attention to wake me up.

Hello there @StatueNation2, I had to edit your post because it was one long scroll horizontally instead of reading vertically which made it difficult to read, but it’s fine now.

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Thank you! I assume I have to hit enter after every line to make it into a vertical column? Its been a while since Ive posted on here.

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@StatueNation2 you probably hit the </> which makes your text horizontal.

On to the dream, the only two times I haven’t been able to wake from a nightmare were first when they were a present from Sitri, and second when I was doing a lot of energy mixing with a person who enjoyed killing other people for a living. (No details on either, just my experiences.)

See if you have a spirit sending you into these & evaluate where your energy is allocated are my suggestions.


Thank you, that is interesting. I isolate myself from people aside from what I can’t avoid like with work, but my coworkers and I get along really well and they’re quite tame compared to how I am. Now that I think about it I currently primarily work with Hermes and Anubis, and they both came to me in a dream… I’ll peek around and see if I can come up with any answers. I had only been looking at it as some form of invasion, and hadn’t considered it as attempted contact of some kind from a being outside my familiarity.

Hey there,
this is just an idea that came to mind after reading this part:

Since everything seems to be going smooth in your life I was wondering if maybe something from your past could be cropping up. I think that times where everything is going great give room for undigested things to come up again.

IF you think this could fit I also found that this part kinda stuck out to me. Maybe Im projecting so apply the necessary amount of grains of salt but on the off chance that Im correct you might consider looking at this part a bit more:

IF you want to look at it the question I would ponder would be “how does it make me feel if no one hears me?”. Also you could take note of associations or memories that might come up while pondering.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Have you considered banishing or taking cleaning baths? Or perhaps an intensive protection regimen like the Master Protection Ritual by Damon Brand?

There are some angelic mantras on this forum that have helped me a great deal. I’ve chanted one of them in a dream before—perhaps this could be a useful tool for you. Check out the parasite mantra and the mantra for protection against negative energies.


I have considered this, and its a possibility. There are a lot of things from my childhood for example that I have resolved to leave in the past. That being said, this isn’t the first moment of peace I’ve had in my adult life, and I have had more drastic transitions from timultuous to peaceful than I have now. I’ve had dreams of my childhood, some with my siblings and related to various events and feelings I choose not to revisit. Some I have talked through with my sister on a slightly deeper level. I’ve never had dreams like this (the two in my post), even the night after deep and painful conversation. Still a possibility though and thank you for your ideas.

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Thank you for the info and resources. My wife and I both practice, she Wicca and I a more all-inclusive mixed bag thats centered on chaos magic. Our homes and our selves are always protected, I renew mine throughout the week and she hers weekly or biweekly. Our home feels safe and secure, peaceful, and our entities wouldn’t allow anything negative to enter. That being said, I haven’t done anything specifically to protect my “dreamlife”, mainly because I have worries that it would limit my experiences. Its definitely something I will look into, thank you again.

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Huh, very strange. I’d be curious to hear how you decide to tackle this issue. Best of luck!