Help me understand why I can't

I didn’t bypass the shield (that’s impossible), I learned to work with it. For example, through trial and error, I learned that the shield basically acts like a permanent magick circle, and when I summon a spirit, that spirit appears within it. I also learned the shield comes with a geas upon it that prevents any spirit from acting against me (I learned this when King Paimon told me he didn’t like it).

Basically, once I stopped struggling against it and “trying,” things began to click for me.


Belial told me, through another magician.


Perhaps I need to get a reading or something, I’ll do more research here. Thank you for your answer.

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What you write about, I have long passed this stage. You know. There is such a thing as enlightenment. It either happens or it doesn’t. Enlightenment does not depend on time. The same with the astral, all magic. Even madness. Also taken from nowhere, if a person is destined, then it will be so. Practice prepares you for all this and more. But it will happen or not. It’s not for you to decide in principle and for no one at all. But every time you touch it, it eats a piece of the soul, consciousness, you become an indivisible part of what you crave.

I don’t do chaos magic

It is probably a frequency alignment issue. You are reaching out but just not to the resonance you are looking for. Potentially, your subconscious is looking for something in a succubus. Try to call Lilith. Or some spirit called Nahiem.


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Very well, it was merely a suggestion, I fully admitted that I was still new, so the tone wasn’t necessary, though perhaps it wasn’t intentional, I’m still waking up. Personally I view enlightenment as a part of the journey, not the end goal, but again that’s my newness speaking.
I wish you the best in attaining what you seek. I’ll leave this to people better suited to help.

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Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. If you want to go further with this. Then start with meditations, these are the basics, the most important thing is to learn how to relax, concentrate and turn off the internal dialogue

No offense taken :blush:, I wasn’t quite awake this morning and strange dream jolted me. I have practiced meditation for some time now, though probably for a different reason than usually practiced here. I have had some encounters during meditation, but typically have dismissed them as imagination. I will do some research and work to improve. Thank you for your suggestion.

I have a few answers for you as someone who suffered from that problem.

1). Don’t confuse ritual with actual magick!
perhaps you do too many practices. perhaps you should only focus on a few?
most techniques are equal and have the same purpose of leading you from “point A to point B”, but some are just intuitively more comfortable to you as a person, and therefore produce greater results.
stick with the few that work best for you.

  1. You’re talking about full body evocation, that your friend did in your post?
    trance work and meditation can assist you there. Also try for an entity that you actually feel an intuitive affinity with.

I feel great affinity with the eastern pantheons, being Asian myself, and gain results from them but nothing for western religions. I do have some affinity with Arzel, Nitika and the angels from the LBRP but those were affinities that I cultivated over time by doing western magicks.

3.) You might lack a “foundation”.
perhaps not enough ‘energy’ to pull it off. why not focus more on energywork that icreases your enegy as the primary purpose?


Do you really want Ascension?

Ascension is not easy, nor will it make everything fall into place for you, as trials and tribulations are all part of the process, but if you really want it, chant this mantra every day:

Mind the warning, though. This will get the ball rolling for your Ascent, so be ready for what will be asked of you. You may be forced to shed whatever holds you back, and it could be heartbreaking. I chanted this every day for 20-30 minutes for six months last year, and it greatly enhanced and solidified my magical power. This mantra is simple, yet profound, which might explain why so few have used it.


What energy practices do you recommend?

By ascension, I meant the discovery of my abilities. And I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time

My post still stands. The mantra I provided will set you on the path, but it will not be as you seem to be expecting.



I would like to tell you an experience that I had. One day… I decided that I wanted to be the strongest person in the world mentally, spiritually, and physically…

Well… let me tell you, what I started doing was alooot of affirmations. I mean, like I did it so much that it really turned into a job… I would literally stay in my room and walk back in forth saying to myself as loud as I can, “ I am the strongest “ all day long, with my voice and within my mind… from 8 hours a day to 14 hours day to sometimes 4 hours a day… it worked

I decided to kick things up a notch, so Instead I decided to go deeper and started asking myself the real questions “ Why, am I the strongest “… so with these affirmations I noticed that things started to manifest in all sorts of ways after awhile.

I noticed that I was constantly being tested, I was constantly attacked and constantly restless and constantly always a step ahead…

One day it became so hardcore that I needed to see a psychologist, and what I discovered was… through my hard work and efforts with manifesting my desires… I had become diagnosed with a mental issue called ‘Hyper Vigilance’.

So you see… in my experience… when you really want something, sometimes the best thing to do is not to rely on the entities, but rather manifest your own desires through hard Manuel manifestations using your own energy…

When I did that, I noticed that the entities favored me much more afterwards… and with the combination of black magic alongside my own energetic will, I have become truly worthy and they further decided to help me because of the effort I was willing to put in…

After going through this experience I decided to not become a Navy Seal, but rather something much greater.

I hope sharing my experience can shed light for you.

Thank you

  1. A banishing method like Lbrp or damon brand’s sword banishing from his protection magic book.

  2. Any form of “meditation”.
    meditation is a broad term and can refer to qigong sets, tai chi, breathing exercises, pranayama zang zhuang(standing meditation), some visualization exercises or sitting lotus position.

I am unfamiliar with you so you have to experiment with what you already have and think will work best.

I personally love the first movement of the 8 brocades set.
middle pillar ritual
and sitting mantra meditation


Oh I will definitely try what you suggested. Thank you very much

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I am not very attached to the material world, I have nothing to lose in it, since I have nothing and I don’t really need anything here

If you really do decide to do, I must tell you that I made some mistakes…

You see, when you are trying manifest in this way using your own energy, you have to understand that negative entity’s are going to do there best to fuck you up, to sabotage you…

A lot of the times when I would affirmations, sometimes my mind would start to wonder off and I would start to worry about shit, and because the energy I was putting to the affirmations, a lot of the time some of my energy was being put into these unnecessary worrys.

So when you do this please, force yourself to stay focused on putting your energy into your manifestations, when this happens you will do banishment techniques/rituals to get rid the evil that’s making you distracted.


Last thing I want to say is, the affirmations I used are for my own desires

So you need use your affirmations for your own desired abilities or what ever/ else your wanting… unless your wanting to be strong as-well. To be strongest is an ongoing thing, it requires a goal that is truly worthy and a lot ongoing progress, it may not even be achievable in this lifetime on earth, but… you can at least be strong.

It should be obvious to use different affirmations for your own desires, but it helps to repeat things and be extra clear.

You might find that you do things differently

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