Where do I start?

I have been reading the forum, days before registering. And I find the information overwhelming. I do understand many things are advanced and I feel stuck on doing anything at all. Add to that my health challenges with mind fog, getting tired easily, mental mess and working slowly.

I noticed that the Wealth Magic is on sale but I don’t know if this is a good resource for a slow beginner like me. About five days ago I found the “Tutorial: Petition Spells” thread. As I have a challenge with a bad person who is causing me a lot of stress and discomfort the last 3 years I used a spell to assist on resolving this matter and gave it a month’s time.

Other than that there are a lot of things I want to work with. And any progress big or small on any matter would be so much welcome right now. I have health issues, financial issues, relationship issues, emotional-mental issues.

Someone like me… doing baby steps… what would be best to do? Get the Wealth Magick? Read some other book? Connect with a spirit? I don’t know. Anything you believe would help or get me started, please share.


Some time ago I’ve read here an affirmation more or less like “I’m ok and everything is ok”, and also about self forgiving: for good measure you may use that, turning it in another affirmation (“I forgive myself”) and repeat both.
E. A. Koetting suggests the vibration of I (“iiiiii”) and O in order to disrupt energy patterns and getting rid of inner blocks.
Generally it’s advisable to work daily on aura (by visualizing it bright, large and for example golden-white; there are other colors for specific things), chakras, train in divination and other skills.
Tense and release muscles in order to relax the body, then breathe deeply and slowly although starting in a natural way: this deepens the relaxation and extends it to the mind. Also, it’s a way to achieve magical trance. From such an altered state will later be possible to scry, summon spirits and astral project or soul travel.


Have you found these topics yet?

Mantras are easy to get into and require no physical or mental effort. Usually mantras can be quite relaxing to do. You can do them at any time of day for as long as you want. If you look through the list you are likely to find something that will help you get started and you will feel like you are doing something magickal with ease.

You’ve already written your list of things to put your focus on. I would suggest you do something to improve your health and emotions first, concentrate on your wellbeing so you can get into a better frame of mind.

Then you might find you have a better outlook in general to be able to seize financial opportunities whether it’s landing a new job or earning some casual labour cash, which you might not feel up to doing if your emotions and other health have not yet improved.
Although don’t forget there are also lots of spells for attracting generosity from others and making your money last longer etc.

See how you go, there are lots of good books mentioned and tried and tested all over the forum and there’s nothing stopping you from aiming at each aspect of improvement right away :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @fapa79.

You made me think, a lot. Many healers suggested me various things over time and some are things you mentioned. I questioned myself why I didn’t follow through and I remember that I did attempt them, some for long time. What was going on was that either I had no indication if I was getting better and as a result I was abandoning them after a while as I was getting worse or a new challenge was coming up and my complete focus was on this. I have been doing qi gong in the close past and I have decided to re-include it in my daily ritual.

@CovertCreator Thank you, I will review these topics; no I was not aware of them.
Luckily I have enough savings for at least the next 3 months. I have been focusing on my health lately, the physical body. I am doing the best I can with taking as many fruits and vegetables and fasting as long as I can. When I fast more than 18 hours I get a ton of headaches, weakness, pain in the body.

I mentioned that I already used a spell five days ago because I wanted to know if, with my weak body system and as a beginner in magick, is a good idea to be doing spells that frequently. Maybe once a week? Or maybe wait until the month elapses (the timeframe for the previous spell)?
At the same time I am thinking that there might be spells that are simple and not causing burden. I was thinking to make more petitions for assistance with my health but is it a good idea? Or should I just hold my horses!


Well I think a pretty good gauge of how frequently you should do spells is simply how you feel at the time.

If you feel ready and can focus on thinking around the subject of the issue and then formulate a concise request, keeping your mind on track with it then all should be good.

You would want to avoid scattered thoughts that go completely from one subject to different one so if you find that you can focus well then go for it. We are all different so no one can really say how many is too many.
Some books say let the energies settle for about a day before trying another ritual and some people find they can do multiple rituals every single day. It depends on how much you put into a ritual.

The general consensus is that you make a distinct difference between one ritual and another. Meaning that you don’t request the exact same thing in two different rituals.

You can separate an issue into different aspects and then do as many rituals as there are aspects to choose from, just try to make sure you are not repeating the same thing each time.

For example with your health you might want good sound sleep for your body to repair, you might want good digestion for the foods you eat, you might want more physical energy to get through the day.

These are all distinctly different aspects towards a goal (of better health) and this would be a better approach than making multiple requests asking for “better health” in each and every ritual.

Look at the goal separating it into different aspects and then you have clearly different things you can ask for rather than confusing the situation with different energies aiming for the same request.

This also gives you clarity as you focus intently into exactly what is important to you right now with whatever issue you have. Better health means lots of different things and if you know exactly what that means to you then at the drop of a hat you know what parts to concentrate on. Therefore you have individual concise requests.

With this you could quite comfortably do a request each day or even one in the morning and one in the evening because you won’t be repeating yourself and you have breathing space between each one.

You might find this approach being health giving just by itself because you would be literally, actually willing yourself to get better step by step each day.

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Hello, for someone who is new. One reading the forum was a great start! While yes the information can be overwhelming (as there’s alot of it) – it does help to give you a realistic sense of what Magick is and isn’t.

There are many different ways to practice Magick. What I would do, is to get your foundation set. Learn how to banish, cleanse, and ground yourself. Learn basic energy work. When you are ready, you can explore what type of Magick you are interested in/what spirits your interested in.

I also used the Petition spell when I was new, and i would still prefer it even to this day. Magick doesn’t have to be long complicated rituals. It can be basic, and just as effective. Magick doesn’t need anything but your own mind, but some people like to use tools.

If I were you, I would only focus on learning/doing a couple of things at a time. Like you said, it can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Focus in on what Interests you/meets your needs.