Cheat in exams

This might be music along the lines of brainwave sync music. This is music that includes a specific frequency, played with other more pleasant sounds to make it less annoying or boring, that gets your brain into a certain frequency known for being the same frequency people exhibit when they are concentrating. I think it’s he same thing as what’s called “binaural”, before it was marketed as that.

You use it by playing it while studying, to help you focus and maximise your learning session.

If this youtuber has done it correctly, she should tell you to play the music through stereo earphones, as each channel plays a slightly different sound.

If not, I suggest looking up actual brainwave sync music from known sources, like the Monroe Institute. These definitely work but cost money. I use the CDs from Brain Sync Audio which are a ton cheaper than Monroe Institute. There’s one for learning, I had insomnia and used to use the ones for sleep with success. The one for high focus is for doing exams on.

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Just to confirm will i not get hooked by it by making artifical freque cy a habit that natrual even stop working?

And should i listen it pre session or during session as it contains chants

No this is not habit forming.

What can happen, the same as getting used to listening to music while studying, is you miss it when you don’t have it and that upsets your concentration until you get unused to it. But you’d have to do it all the time to get there and it wears off quickly, and it not a thing you’d get a craving for.

You do it while studying, so that your brain in is an alert state for studying. It’s the brain state that matters, because being focused while learning helped to you learn. If you have another way to get into that state the frequency wouldn’t be needed.

So lets the opposite of that theory, would the mind catch it frequency and auto matically starts it when studying without need to regularlywatching the video? Then its great for long term?

Why isnt our mind always in study state

This works great for retaining information:

I used it to memorize a play in less than 10 days.


10 days to memorize a play , was the role really that big ? And i am not thta much into occult would just saying it 1 time out loud would work full day of study ?

And could you also just watch that chant video for few secs and tell that is it for pre study watch or during study watch and could it be listened rougly while travelling or need to be mediatated upon

Like how do you gaze 3 sigils all together?

Yes. It was thirty five pages of information.

And no, chanting it one time will not do much. I would chant for a minimum of 10-15 minutes before studying, and then chant again for 5-10 minutes when you take the occasional break over the course of the study time.

Btw they say that dont bath after yoga etc as it removves the effect, so i bath in evening , so what about water that we drink

Drinking water is fine. They say not to shower after yoga or qi gong for at least 15 minutes because it washes away the chi/prana that is brought up to the surface of the skin with your sweat.

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Is it same with chanting, there is a chant which builds cocoon around you of protection bliss growth ecstasy etc instantly, its a consecrated chant

No, it’s not the same.

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Hope it not just helps in memorization but also in analytical process, maths, calculation,deep understading, problem solving and speed performance

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If you ever heard about concept of inflow outflow you might be able to answer
So chanting involves being vocal so doesnt being vocal convert from inflow to outflow?

Also is there any place in youtube that this mantra so that i can listen to it how every qord is pronouced the rythms etc

Becoz if its a geometrical mantra all needs to be perfectly aligned the gap the sound tunes etc qhile chanting ?

And is this mantra is just for you given by metatron or is it different

Is this the best open to all the other replies here eve that satania study music mantra ?

Also lets say if i sit in front seat instead of back and respect teachers does thatbindicate a geometry to universe?

Spirits in general want to see your hardworking before delivering something.

I had bad luck at exams. Like really bad.

I’m a person who studies a lot, I have sucrificed years of my teen life (basically didn’t experience anything as a normal teen should) because of school and exams.

That bad luck had started to come after me since I was 15, or something. I was a person who was aiming for the best results 100/100. I knew that, if there was something I didn’t manage to completely understand or didn’t have the time to study properly for it, was going to be on my tomorrow’s exam. Like always.

So, what I want to say is that exams do not only need studying properly, but also luck.

In other words, study. Study hard. And then, call a demon to get some luck.

Bro… you gotta understand that cheating is looked down upon for very good reasons.

You will not get the real good benefits of life through cheating…

You know, there is one thing you can do though.

How well are your listening skills?

If you can practice being absolutely quiet and listening very well to people or things in general, with a goal of information in mind, you will notice that your would be downloading information on a daily basis.

You have to have patience.

Nobody really does this because 99% of people (including magicians) get frustrated…

I aswell as others, can give you the answers all day…

But for true results, you must earn it… even if it takes years

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What do you mean by what comes up will really be pleasent (at mantra for learning prowess rtc by metatron)