Sadness about someone i had never met

I am so upset about the passing of our head of the monarch as soon as the news broke i was in floods of tears and i keep thinking of how she held us through the pandemic and then the way she had to sit alone at her husbands funeral.
Ive been so sad and cant stop crying over it … 3 days and im still crying when i wake up
I know ive never met her but it feels as if ive lost a family member

Any advice on how to stop crying everytime i hear about it or think of it?

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It’s normal to grieve over a well-loved public figure. Every leader has their haters and detractors, but also those that love them. It’s no different than when a movie or rock star dies. Some Americans still feel the loss of JFK 60 years later, for example.

Give this mantra from the archangel Azrael a try: