What would be the best thing to do to help attract ghosts?

So what are some good ways to attract nearby ghosts in my vicinity. It’s not for Magickal purposes, I want to start “Ghost Hunting” and record it and I want to catch lots of activity, I know spirit s exist, but I think it would be cool to actually record something paranormal to show skeptics (and also because I am bored and want to try to do some stuff on YouTube.)

So is there any good way to do this safely without attracting parasites (like a spell or spirit)? So I can get spirit manifestation s and activity and not have to worry about getting messed with by a parasite or astral sludge? Sorry if this post is confusing, I have horrible communication skills sometimes.

Your best bet is to go where they are.

There is a technique in E A Koetting’s Ordo Ascensum Aetrynalis book in one of the lessons that basically has you call out telepathically to the ghosts your local neighbourhood and invite them into your house. I found that to be very effective. It includes how to banish them afterwards.

Not really. Parasitism isn’t a type of entity, it’s a behaviour many kinds of entities can exhibit. The ghosts are quite likely to have their own issues, or they wouldn’t be ghosts, you’re kind of asking for “sludge” in this scenario. Just know how to clean up and have strong personal protections so it doesn’t bother you.

Be aware that these are people with personalities and thier own agendas. If you invite them just to dick with them and they aren’t happy about it, or think you should do more for them, you could have a fight on your hands. Not as bad as having a frat party and having to throw everyone out early after they brought the beer, but it could get nasty if you’re not experienced, and maybe even then.
Try inviting just a couple at first, ask them who they are, get to know them and see how it goes maybe.


you can evoke any entity or call a spirit and record its activity but no one is ever gonna believe in ghosts or spirts if they don’t want to. Even if they face supernatural activity by themselves.

And now for negative energy and parasites. You can always use banishing.

This can help you maybe.


Ghosts are usually just residual energy (except for the souls that refuse to move on) you can make a construct that attracts them, but it depends on what you’re looking for. Residual energy caught in a loop won’t be as interesting since it lacks external awareness and is just an echo of its former self.

If you’re aiming for lost souls/souls refusing to move on than you can program that into the construct as well.


By construct you mean a thought form or servitor, correct?

Sevitor yes not thoughtform.

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if you have a EVP you can talk to them, i have seen in most ghost shows the investigator uses a EVP to talk with spirits idk whether its fake but most people use it. Ghosts seem to roam around any place i guess, maybe find out about nearby haunted places and check them out. Even though its not possible to see them on camera you can always talk to them using a EVP.
Most people on Youtube fake it but i do know thats its legit

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if you interact with them you are feeding them energy to interact with you, the more you give them attention they seem to have more communication with you.

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