Help with Cat’s Illness: advice and guidance requested

Hello. I hope that this is the right category. About a year ago, I reached out for guidance and advice for my sick kitty who had an infection and lump. The vets were almost certain it was cancer, jaw cancer. I’m still paying off the bills from tests.
Another member connected with me, and was amazing enough to offer their help; they worked with Helios & Hi’iaka. Within weeks, the infection cleared up and went away. I was relieved and grateful. No sign of it today.

Almost exactly a year later, my other kitty now has a lump in the same area, no infection. She’s getting a CR and biopsy today, and she is the sweetest happiest little girl. It’s been a very rough two years, and they were there when my friends weren’t, so I would do anything for them.
The user that helped us last year is unfortunately suspended. So I’m seeking advice from others who may have had success with this type of situation.

(Background: I had been reading up on magick for some time, but had felt uncertain reaching out to demons, angels, gods.
I had read a handful of books on angels and demons, made a spell notebook, but ultimately I had gotten the opposite of something that I requested, and no other results in other areas. Which made me think that I might not have been ready at the time or on the right path.
All guidance is very much appreciated.)


@Mars007 I would suggest Apollo & Hygeia from greek mythology as healing deities. Perhaps along with Bastet from Egyptian mythology as cats are her followers.


Hecate,abundia,Diana are well know for protection and animal care,besides angel Gabriel,Raphael.


Dulid specialises in healing non human types of animal as I understand it.
Also I’m finding Buer and Marbas called in together to be very effective for healing work.


Try this:

Several members have had success healing their pets with this.


Hello, in case you are interested in tips outside of magick - friends of mine healed their cat`s cancer with the “Emotion Code” Book by Bradley Nelson.


Obviously, listen to your vet and do whatever they recommend. Outside of that?

I HIGHLY recommend working with Freya! She’s the Norse goddess of both magic and cats, and she healed a mystery lump on my cats lip a few years ago.

I would offer her public praise, a donation to a no-kill cat shelter, and to make something with your hands for her as a gift, either a flower crown or Scandinavian trade, like rosemaling painting or a knife making class.

She’s so wonderful with cats. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Thank you for the reply! How would one go about connecting with them or reaching out to them correctly?

I tried to reach out to Raphael last week. Results of biopsy should be back tomorrow, but unfortunately the CT scans looked worse than they expected.
Is there a best way to reach out to any of the suggested that you have found? Thank you!

I will look into that! Is there a new library database with files or excerpts? Could always pick it up on Amazon afterwards. Do you have any more info on the what happened and what type they had? Thank you!

Went with a specialist, but they have no suggestions for cancer, which is what they suspect. Biopsy should be in tomorrow. Is there a method of reaching out to Freya? I’ve only read up on Goetia and angels prior. Thank you!

@Mars007 I would go with pictures in frames for there representation on the altar. Yellow & Green Candles for Health, Healing & Rejuvenation. Offerings of bread, honey, salt & wine. For Bastet add some beer, catnip & ball of coloured string for her too.

You can use orphic hymns & egyptian invocation or you just create your own calling to them. I would research them first so you can do each of them justice with your calling. Then proceed to the healing part of the ritual.

Offerings Thank Then Close.

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Buer of the Goetia is extremely powerful


I would recommend just praying to her and speaking from the heart. If you can listen to a guided meditation as you fall asleep while praying to her, that would be beneficial. Channel as much of your emotion into it as you can. If you end up crying about how stressed and sad you are, that’s okay! Ask her through your tears to heal your cat, tell her that you know she’ s done it for others and that you’ll light candles and do offerings to her once a month every week for a year (and then follow through!). A public post on social media and a donation to a no-kill cat shelter once your request is granted helps too.

If you can DM me a pic of your cat, I’d also like my prayer group to pray for their health. And I’ll pray too.

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I would recommend you to buy the book, I promise you won`t regret it :slight_smile: The cat of my friends had liver cancer. They learned according to the method in the book how to release trapped emotions. (We all have trapped emotions, even our pets. These emotions contribute to the development of our diseases). They didn’t cure cancer but released the emotions that caused the body to imbalance the cells.
It is important to work on symptoms: When you work later on your cat, you can ask “what is the cause of cell changes in…?” You clear those emotions until no other comes. Then you take the next symptom - pain or something else.

Our pets take on a lot of our emotions, so I would recommend you to work on yourself too… The origin of cancer is often a shock that has not been processed. Therefore, look at yourself if something serious has happened and start there.

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Oh what I forgot: if you meditate, imagine that you are in your cat’s body. Take a close look at this lump, then treat it with healing golden light and let it shrink until it disappears completely. You can also imagine that you spray the lump with a miracle spray or you smash it. The most important thing that you see at the end is gone. In the end, imagine that your cat is perfectly healthy and happy. It is best to do this 2-3 times a day. (Next time imagine the lump has gotten smaller before you treat it). I wish you success.

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In cat Magick protection by Raymundo rodriguez, he get steps to protect and do a self healing reiki in you petition, a cat talisman a altar to you cat tru goddesses badet a feline goddess, and a pray to go on the other side.strict cat book .

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