Angelic Mantras

If it is a natural crystal, I don’t see why not.


Well. I think it would depend on if there was actually any need for healing wouldn’t it? If you’re not Intune with such things and just use the mantra because/without any real reason- the crystal might not need it. I’d also have to wonder if it would work like people/animals where to an extent- the will of the being your healing might reject it if it’s not wanted.

I am also not sure it would work if you did something like from the Shadownomicon where you essentially killed what the crystal was and repurposed it, but if it was damaged from being exposed to bad energy, it probably would.

Does that make sense? It does to me, but you know how awful I am at explaining what I’m thinking/feeling about a subject. :laughing:


I understand you.

to me healing is an endless process.A person can never be fully and completely healthy.

intelligence, strength,vitality,longevity and other concepts are a part of the spiritual definition of healthy to me and thus can be boosted.

Im wondering if the concept can apply to my jade


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today is day 21 for physical vitality mantra. not a lot of improvement this week. But on 5-1-21 I started a V-mantra that I suspended in the middle of Feb. @DarkestKnight mantras are light and seem to give energy. V-mantras drain energy. May 1 feelin lots of energy from the vitality mantra I decided after dinner I would restart a V-mantra. first 10 reps I felt like I got sucker punched. Haven’t felt like that since. I think the positive energy of the vitality mantra is slowly overtaking the energy drain of the V-mantra. (not the positive energy of the vitality mantra by itself… and not nearly as much energy drain by the V-mantra):thinking:

today is also 13 days for the psychic power mantra. I also combined this one he-ee-la-ah-ee-eh mel ah en tuhl es kuhl. There hasn’t been any negative effects from this. I still haven’t felt any positive effects yet. Because I am using this as part of a set of 4 mantras including the Tibetan 3rd eye mantra, I think the positive may develop more slowly.


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I used the Raphael mantra for my ankle pain, it works slowly but surely! It got worse before it got better, but it definitely helps. Thank you so much for this!


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Fo ta kem fa long tu - To Increas Physical Vitality

Received from Raphael:

Lok fahn to fa ko tek lon - To Heal The Subtle Bodies

Is that TU at the end of the first one like “too” ?

And is “to” in the 2nd one like “toe” ?

You might wanna edit this and rewrite em to the way they sound as all that matters is they are said right correct?

Could even do on post down here and that’ll bump it.

Like because if it is “toe” you should prob write it as “toh” for example

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For the Raphael mantra, It’s pronounced “two,” not toh.

And yes, “tu” in the vitality mantra is pronounced the same as “two.”


well see? We got different spellings for the same sound.

Would be real awesome if you could edit it for everyone, It’d hate to ask for every letter of each mantra.

Cause I think that will literally take hours, let me just clear up these two as they are most important for me.

LOK FAHN TOO FA KO TEK LON (using some real word comparisons below)


   ^like ceiling fan^   ^Koh or koo?^



        ^so not FOO TA?^

@GodlessEndeavor There is this thread as well, which has the mantra for healing the subtle bodies that i mentioned.

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@crookedpathfinder @Lucy144 the three of you are awesome, thank you so much. This broken old man needs all the help he can get lmao


This is great. Thank you.

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Is it also okay if I record myself chanting and just play it?
(In ableton or something)


Good question. I don’t know if the effect will be the same, but there is no harm in trying.


You’re sure this isn’t harmful yes? My health has been steadily declining lately, whilst using this.

I don’t know if it’s something else and this just isn’t helping enough, or it’s something else.

I think these may be hurting me, harming me.

But I can’t know for sure.

I’ve gotten ill lately, I was a little ill, about a week before using these, then got better and was fine the rest of the 5 days leading up to them.

I’ve gotten really bad since using them, went back to something older right now and finally seem to be healing.

Feeling much better, healed, less critical.

Soon as I start to use one of these again (physical vitality, or heal subtle bodies) I start to feel worse again…

If these are good sorry, for the vote of no confidence buddy, which is why it’d be great for other users to come forth and see what they say.

But from my experience, I think now they most assuredly may be making me worse, I think I thought they were helping before was the first few hours of placebo.

But as I steadily started using them, I was wondering why issues weren’t healing.

Now I woke today to find myself much worse, tried to use and got even worse.

Infact, If I wasn’t already using this at the same as using something else I use to empower myself and my health, I may have been in far worse condition.

I used two of the healing mantra’s literally all day for 2 days, when I wasn’t chanting with my mouth and taking a break, I was in my head for like 12 hours straight no break.

There is absolutely no way I should be in this condition if they were healing me, as I went above and beyond using them.

I think you may have been decieved @OP ?

Seeing as DarkestKnight is one of the most experienced and intelligent practitioners I have ever seen the problem most likely lies with you. I find it highly improbable that he was deceived in any capacity. To add on multiple individuals have seen success with this. Why aren’t you seeing a medical professional?