How to get people to ignore me

So I’m chanting Archangel Michael’s mantra to get toxic people away from me but it doesn’t work on people looking intensely at me as if I’ve done something wrong. Who can help me to get the people to avoid eye contact with me and just ignore me? I have been paranoid and sensitive these days…

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There are a myriad of ways to help your situation.

For example, you could call upon Bael to make you “invisible.” The downside to this would be that even your friends might ignore you.

You could shrink your aura so that you don’t stand out and blend into the background.

Or you could do the opposite and expand your aura to encompass the whole room so that the toxic people are intimidated by your power.

You could also chant this mantra and return their gaze. Most people who stare do it as an intimidation tactic and will look away if you do it back to them:


Fay as in the name Faye or Fai as in ‘Like’? And also how can I shrink or expand aura? By imagination?


Yes, through intention and visualization.

Does perfect pronunciation matter or is it more the intention that matters?

Perfection pronunciation doesn’t matter. Just chant the syllables as best you can.


Use archangels of Magick by Damon brand on the section of the sigil rituals, arch. Michael can silence, weaken, shield against whoever you want. Further more he will protect you from whatever type of negativity they may imply towards you.

A simple book to call bael, use goetia path working by corwin hangrove. To avoid being invisible by everyone phrase your request by asking king bael to make you invisible to that type of group you don’t want. If you target them, all other people will see you just like normal only those that you have targeted they won’t see you.

Personally I saw, sometimes though it’s unnecessary but directing an angel and a demon on the same task, it works even faster.

But is up for you to choose, :blush:

I like a Servitor for this very topic. You can create one to that cloaks you in an illusion of invisibility but make it so that only your enemies known and unknown cannot perceive you.