What can i do to pass the exams?

I know just Vapula. It could be a seal, talisman, amulet, angel, demon, or something else. Can you write down the spirits that you have succeeded? I’m afraid that I will fail the class :frowning:

Chant this while you study:


Is there a way to Evoke metatron? Does he have a sigil or enn? Is it posible to work with both demonic and judean entities?

Why bother evoking? I just gave you a simple, and effective way of passing your test. I have used this mantra to quickly memorize a play in less than a week.

Yes, I do so regularly.


Thanks for your helping
How many times do I have to repeat it before studying?

There’s no set amount. I chanted for roughly 10-15 minutes before rehearsing my lines, but I would simply chant until you feel an internal shift in your head. For me, it felt like a slight build up of pressure, almost like my ears were plugged.


Really helpful
Thank you