I need help i don't know what to do(domestic violence)

i live with my father, mom and a sibling. my father is very violent and almost everyday he threatens to beat my mom, he breaks stuff at our house and sometimes he even threatens to kill her, he even said that if she break up with him or call the police he will find her and kill her, so it makes us afraid to do something to stop him

Call upon archangel Michael. You can use this mantra to protect yourself, and your mother.

Cast your father out and make sure he cannot ever return.


I’m not an expert on this topic, and so bear that in mind, but I think you need to make a plan to get out.

You will need to get law enforcement involved. If you can, try discretely recording one of his outbursts with your phone, like with it in your pocket. You can then show this to law enforcement to arrange for things like restraining orders, possibly even jail time, although I do not know.

Which is worse, moving somewhere else, or staying with him? People like this tend to fall apart when their behavior is exposed publicly, because they know they are a vile, awful waste of human life, but believe they can get away with what they are doing.

Perhaps consider the book Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield. Sometimes, the best protection is to attack.


I agree with @DarkestKnight and @shinri .

I am literally becoming sicker the more the night wears on. I am willing to help once on the mend.

It’s important to realize that magic can take time to manifest, so the above two should be used in addition to anything else.

That said, Pazuzu and an angel that works for Uriel came to offer help. These aren’t binding agreements, but offers of help.


Lilith might be able to help too. Give you and your mum inner strength to eventually leave the situation. You could call on her for protection too. Ultimately you will have to start planning ways to leave the situation.

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Surrounding yourself and your mother with White/Gold light might help repel the attacker. I have heard somewhere that “’‘white light reflects everything. You want to be left alone, fill yourself with white light… Filling yourself with white light on the inside protects, without being a barrier to others, if you want social interaction.’” . These are quotes I have heard on white light. Might work.

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Call upon King Belial and ask him to stop and remove this tyrant from your life. Belial loves destroying tyrants and abusers. Offer something you consider precious to you for King Belial and call him.


oh that’s great, thank you very much. hope you feel better soon :pray:

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thank you all for the advice im reading it all and it’s helping me to find a way through all this

Follow up. I gave them both offerings today, since I felt well enough to call them. I have an idol of Pazuzu, so it didn’t take much (still sick, much better). She, the angel, comes quickly without serious effort at this point.

Whatever else is done, they will work with it.

thank you so much for that!! :pleading_face:
sending positive energies for you to get as good as possible :pray:

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Do you want him gone? As a therapist, I find often times people just want the violence to stop, they don’t necessarily want the person gone… usually there are some parts that are beneficial and this is why domestic violence relationships persist despite the violence…

So if you want him gone obviously a lot of people have giving you ideas on how to do that…

However, if you simply want the violence to stop, you can manifest that also. Perhaps a severe disability…

Keep in mind when learning to treat clients that deal with domestic violence we learn to treat the victim and the perpetrator because they both have a role in it… if your mother, the victim, on a subconscious level is benefiting somehow then simply banishing him won’t resolve the problem…

Obviously I don’t know you or your family and have no idea what’s actually happening but that’s just my two cents. Good luck.


Listen, above all else it is important to record your father in his outbursts so you have some evidence against.

Now, for the more esoteric method, a pal of mine had a dangerous roomate who would not leave despite all the legal means she employed. I read the Exorcism of Edin Na Zu (in the Simon Necronomicon) nine times one night.

Next day he was gone. He just left the flat and never came back.

Sure, the guy had many problems and many were drug-related, he probably got spooked or thought some debtors were about to find him, what matters is that it worked.

Here is a link for you to copy and read that exorcism. You can whisper it, no need to read it out loud, but you need to vocalize it: