Knight Musings

26/1/23 & 27/1/23

Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for about thirty minutes.

I’m going to begin work with the Lwa empowerments, and strive to better meet my commitments to several spirits. I’ve been a bit lax in keeping my bargains, and I don’t want to be known as an oath breaker. I’ve built up a lot of trust with my allies over the years and wouldn’t want to destroy that. Once trust is broken, it can be hard to get back. Plus, I have a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time and need all the help I can get.

It’s time to take my foot of the brake.



Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras. Meditation to a binaural track for an hour.

Took a journey to find another familiar as part of my New Year’s offering. I’m almost done; only a few more requests to finish up. It’s been fun meeting all of the new spirits, and I hope those who took me up on my offer have a great time with them.

And the adventures go on.



It seems Murphy’s Law is in full force today. I thought a contract was done and dusted but, of course, things were not as they seemed :joy:

Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras, and meditation to a binaural track.

Oh, what adventure!


30/1/23 & 31/1/23

The usual mantras and meditation. Work is keeping me pretty busy these days. Things just keep happening and they won’t stop :joy:

I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. I like being productive, even if it sometimes feels overwhelming with everything that is being thrown at me. My roommates are behaving themselves, and I’ve been successful in manifesting more money flowing to me. I still have some periods where my bank balance is negative, but they don’t last as long as before. I do still need to work on my money management though.

I’ve journeyed and found two more familiars for my New Year’s offering. I’ve got one familiar, one mantra, and one ritual remaining to finish it all off. It’s going really well, and I’m enjoying helping others grow in their magick.

The adventures continue.


I’ve noticed that you’re using mantras quite frequently, and I’m interested in the source materials, any links to point out?

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I’m mainly using the angelic mantras that I’ve channelled:


Are you into a more angelic path of kabbalistic ascension?

I wouldn’t have guessed that with a name like yours, and yet those archangels are darkest knights choice.

You don’t mind me experimenting with your channeled mantras do you?

Nope. That’s why I posted them, to help others.

I’ll generally work a current for a certain length of time, and then move into something else. I’ve been working with the angelic current for about two years now, and will be moving on soon. There are some deities that want my attention.


Fair enough. I won’t disrupt your journaling any further. Carry on without me, and godspeed to you, Big Daddy.

1/2/23 & 2/2/23

Spiritual perfection mantra and binaural meditation.

I channelled a personal mantra for my New Year’s offering. I’m hoping to complete the final requests on my list this weekend. It’s been fun getting to meet all the new spirits though.

I’ve got a lot of different forces vying for my attention and it’s getting difficult to choose what’s next for my path. I have the Lwa, Erishkigal, Prometheus, the Fae and Belial all waiting on me to make up my mind, plus some other powers waiting in the wings. It’s starting to get very interesting lol

And the adventures go on.



Another busy day. I only managed to get in the spiritual perfection mantra and a quick meditation.

I’ve decided to experiment with a couple of different systems of wealth magick so I’ve started adding the Daily Practice from Damon Brand’s book into my usual routine.

Not much else to journal about. My dreams have been kind of odd lately, but since I tend to forget them immediately upon waking, I don’t really have anything I can point to that would make them odd. It’s just a subtle feeling.

And the adventures roll on.



Mundane life continues to keep me hopping!

Spiritual perfection mantra for thirty minutes and the Daily Practice for about ten minutes squeezed into the day.

Had to deal with a violently aggressive person at work tonight. Better me on the receiving end than the young girl I was with though. Thankfully, no harm was done.

The adventures continue.


5/2/23 & 6/2/23

Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for thirty minutes each, and the daily practice from Damon Brand’s Wealth Magick.

I’ve started practicing the elemental meditation I received from my Fae guide back in 2021 again. I didn’t follow through with it like I should have the first time so I thought I’d give it another go.

The adventures continue.


7/2/23 & 8/2/23

Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for thirty minutes.

Elemental meditation for about ten minutes. I’m finding it hard to feel the energy and to sink my awareness into it. My mind is too preoccupied with mundane work stuff right now to give the meditation the proper focus.

I’ve been squeezing in the Daily Practice from Brand’s Wealth Magick whenever and wherever I have a spare moment.

I keep forgetting to do the Lwa empowerments in the evening though. Once I get home from work, I’m mentally exhausted and just want to relax.

And the adventures go on.


9/2/23 & 10/2/23

Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for thirty minutes each.

Elemental meditation for ten minutes.

Performed the Daily Practice at work.

In the evening, I journeyed to find the last familiar for my New Year’s offering. I’ve been so busy with life right now that I completely forgot I still had a request remaining.

Performed the Lwa banishing and the protection empowerment before bed. Felt the energy strongly across my scalp and down my neck.

The adventures continue.


Do you have some explanation of what the Lwa are?

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11/2/23 & 12/2/23

It’s been very busy for me in the mundane lately.

Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for twenty minutes each.

Elemental meditation for about ten minutes.

Daily practice from Wealth Magick whenever I could grab some time.

Added the dark empowerment to the Lwa rituals on Saturday, but was so tired after work that I forgot to do any of the empowerments on the yesterday.

End of the adventures.



The work just never ends! :joy:

Managed to chant the spiritual perfection mantra for thirty minutes and that’s about it. I had a day full of errands and assignments so didn’t do much else. I tried to do the Daily Practice while out and about but was unable to focus long enough to get into the proper mindset.

Remaining in a magical mindset outside of ritual still remains an elusive accomplishment for me. I just get too easily drawn into the mundane when I’m engaged in a task.

The adventures continue.


DK, how do you shift gears from chanting to mundane life sir?

This has always been the problem for me. I’m able to go into trances readily but to go back to regular functions of mind has been such a difficult challenge lately…

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I have the opposite problem to the one you describe. Dropping back into the mundane is an easy shift of focus for me. It’s holding the altered state while engaging in everyday life which I struggle with.