Demonic Attacks on the Body

My bf, his father, and his brother all woke up at the same time with the same two scratches and burning sensation. All in the same area even though we live in different houses. I’ve found stuff about kobalds and demonic attacks but I’m still unsure. Any ideas?

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The entity is usually harder to identify than it’s worth, given there’s a lot of disagreement on entity categories among he various traditions anyway. Our conscious minds just love to identify and categorise tings, it’s a survival trait, but here it’s not so very helpful: pay more attention to how it makes you feel than think.

We usually just label these “parasites” and banish and cleanse.

Sometimes a scratch is an entity desperately trying to get your attention, and is seen with human ghosts, it’s quite desirable on ghost hunting videos it seems… In this case communicating with the ghost, with for example, a ouija board, spirit boxes, mediums etc, can get the information you need to help him move on… Not all ghosts want to talk or move on though. Human ghosts can act parasitically as well.

Given three people were affected at once however, leans towards a largish parasitic entity. I haven’t myself heard of human ghosts being able to multi locate and infest multiple people at once like this, so, though I wouldn’t rule it out, it wouldn’t be my first point of investigation.

Here’s some info on parasites… I do look forward to your intro too! :slight_smile: