Raziel Sigil to Defend Against Spiritual Harassment

Hey All,

We have a fair amount of beginners in magick coming to this forum claiming to be under psychic assault by a wide variety of different forces, and most of them are not experienced in magick or knowledgeable enough to properly wield a banishing ritual, or a cleansing rite, to help themselves so
I wanted to find a way to help them that did not require much in the way of magical knowledge or experience, and that could be used immediately to provide some relief.

Using the method of visionary magick from Jareth Tempest’s book Raziel’s Paths of Power, I contacted the archangel Raziel, and asked him to provide something that would defend against any sort of psychic attack, not just by demons or parasites, but by other angels as well.

For those of you not familiar with Raziel, he is a vast and mighty angel, known as the “Keeper of the Secrets of God,” and is said to stand at the side of God’s Throne, writing down all that is said. His knowledge, therefore, is considerable on many subjects.

What I received from Raziel was this:

Raziel told me this sigil was neutral, and would help against demons, parasites, and even other angels.

I enlisted the help of some of my fellow magicians on the forum to give this sigil a work over, and some deep diving has shown that, even though Raziel told me the sigil is neutral, it is still connected to him, and therefore does contain some angelic energies, though not in any overt or aggressive way, so unless you are overly adverse to the angelic, you can still use this sigil (if you are the type who gets ill from angelic energy, doing a banishing ritual before charging the sigil can help mitigate that).

The sigil is connected to the Hebrew words,“Shalom,” which means peace and harmony, and “Avodah,” which means service. It is also connected to the archetype of the Father, and the planet Neptune.

There is no energy drain caused by this sigil so there is no worry about it being connected to any parasitic egregore.

It’s purpose is to help reestablish harmony and balance. Psychic attack can be relentless, and cause the target to become restless, depressed, and mentally confused, making rational thinking difficult or impossible. This sigil can provide relief, so you can catch your breath, and marshal your forces to counterattack.

The sigil has been proven to work against parasites, bullying bosses, and even general bad luck. It seems to be the most effective as a ward rather than as an active defence. It emits an energetic vibration that entities with negative intentions don’t like so they stay away.

HOW TO USE: The simplest way to use this sigil is to charge it with energy, using whatever method you are familiar with, and as you pump the energy into the sigil, see it come to life in blazing blue fire. Carry the sigil with you or hang it on the wall of whatever area seems to be the epicentre of the attack (if you are being attacked in your dreams, hang it in the bedroom, for example).

I hope this provides some help for those of you who are struggling with spiritual harassment.


:thinking: I’ll use it on my office and see how it works! For now I am using charged crystals and they seem to work to some extent!
Thanks so much :pray:


Good one, Knight.

I’ll charge it so it aids in my quest of getting stuff falling in places that are not my head.

Thanks a bunch, man.


Thank you so much for this effort and your initiation to help and share with us the angelic pure power and protection of angel Raziel.
We all are grateful for this :gem::gem:


Talk about synchronicity!

I use a similar method (specifically, imagining the blue flames) and it’s been very effective, so I highly recommend using @DarkestKnight’s instructions.

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I’m always fascinated by the dichotomy of those who are being spirit harassed versus those who can’t get contact at all.

I drew up the sigil before and cautiously meditated on it. I have to be cautious or the negative thing attached to me will speak. Anyway I am feeling more at peace now so thank you for sharing this with me and others.


@DarkestKnight There seems to be a small curve drawing a little above the sigil in the image. Is that part of the sigil? Does it need to be drawn as well?

And should one continue to banish while having this activated and charged? Just asking for those who may not know and because it acts more like a ward if I’m correct?


Thanks! This is so helpful :black_heart:


No, that is just a doodle on the page I used to scribble down the sigil while in trance.

Yes, one should continue to banish.


can it be used for psychic attacks from yahweh?

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Good question. I don’t know. You would have to try it and see.

How do I do that??? Meditate?

Open it in the same way you would with any spirit seal.

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Now @DarkestKnight how to charge this seal
What should I visualize in here

Please use the beginning tutorials for sigil magic.

I have already said how to do it right above your post. Gaze into it the same way you would any seal, and visualise it busting into blue flame.

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I know this is old but wts the significance of it bursting into blue light?

Blue light is purifying.

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Bumping for the new kids.