Could I have been approached by an incubus last night?

Hello all, I am new and in my intro post I stated a few things pertaining to why I am here reaching out. I have little experience or knowledge of incubi aside from what I’ve googled, things I’ve seen and heard of in movies and podcasts.
I am a lucid dreamer, I almost always have full control of how my dreams play out and more importantly if I need the escape a dream I can force myself to wake up. This ability has gotten a bit weaker since I started taking trazodone for anxiety, depression and insomnia. I still dream and can control a lot, but forcing myself to wake up has gotten a tad harder.

Last night, I was dreaming that I along with an unknown friend were being haunted by some sort of entity. This entity at first seemed evil, hurting people around us, chasing us through wooded areas, house and other buildings. They at one point entered a woman running a hotel that we fled to and she ended up dying. It seemed like it sucked her life force to gain power to move through the living world. We finally reached a safe place or what I thought was safe. At this point I was sleeping in this dream, in what looked like a dark house, gothic style, to my liking but dark and a bit torn down. I felt the entity grab both of my legs and propped them up against their chest, then put one arm under the small if my back and dragged me to the end up the bed. I was filled with their intentions, a seductive feeling and well as my own anger that I couldn’t move my own body. Upon realizing I could t control my body, I used my anger to push the entity’s feeling out of me, which made them unable to touch me any longer. That stopped them from what i am certain would’ve been a sexual experience. At this point I was thinking how I needed to wake up, but I couldn’t. I started getting scared at this point but also slightly aroused. I also felt a bit remorseful that I had stopped the entity from using me as they wished.
The dream continued on as me, now alone, running from this entity. Trying to wake myself up, trying to hide, but every time I thought I was safe, I felt in my body and mind that the entity knew exactly where I was and was keeping a distance from me until my fear faded and then it would get closer. There were maybe two instances in this dream where the entity filled my body and mind with their lust, almost to the point where I gave in, but at the last second I grew angry and pushed it out. When I finally woke myself up I felt confused and sad but also very intrigued by what I had just experienced. I immediately started googling incubi and here I am! Any light that may be shed upon me is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to hear from someone soon!

The stock answer for this around these parts, is that’s probably a parasite trying to get a free lunch, and to banish and cleanse.

When banishing doesn’t work, as it sounds in this case it would just wait at a distance and ten try again, I would deliberately go back into the dream state and attack it, trying to kill it. Usually with fire. It will probably be fine but learn to leave you alone. Attack is the best form of defense type thing. :slight_smile:
What’s more, other entities will know what happened and also not start with you, knowing what happened to the other. At least that’s worked out that way for me.

We have a few discussions about parasites on here and some tutorials collected here in case that’s helpful:

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Thank you for your advice. I will definitely be looking into this further and try to fight it the next time it appears. As for why this happened, can a person’s stress levels, lowered self esteem and lack of sleep open themselves up to this type of situation happening? I assume I am in a weaker state due to stresses at work, being out of town for a wedding and anticipating the long travel home.

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For many people parasites are normal, they can be created by our thoughts such that things we have, like depression, or addiction, can sometimes be treated as parasites which is a more shamanistic perspective. This also means they can be created by other people and transferred to us.

It’s possible that this entity is something like this, and a result of the stress and the way it looked was your subconsciousness’s way of describing it, and it’s drain on your resources.

Another type of parasite is what I call ‘astral wildlife’ and attack can be accidental or deliberate. For some of these, it’s more opportunistic and a behaviour more than what it is at it’s core. Larvae, which clean up abandoned qi, can latch on to leaks in people by mistake for example.

Then there are the more intelligent types that I think of as ‘lesser entities’ that can speak, and fits the description better… this type are around as soon as you start shining on the astral plains by doing things like meditation and related self improvement work including magickal practices. You can ward them off by being too strong or too high vibration for them, and in this case stress that lowers these can make you look easier to attack.

Adding layers to your system made of thoughtform barriers called ‘wards’ (fixed around an area) and ‘shields’ (fixed around you) can also help to buffer you when you’re feeling more vulnerable. :slight_smile: