Help me there's a man in my city who astral project into my home and won't stay out

It was those fucking CUNTS that I used to call my servitors that pretended all day “just to see what you’d do and say to him y know we vassare about you xoxoxo” lying whores (GRISLUDER!!!) (They hate being called that, means pigwhore in my native language and luder is the worst name for who’re in my language. Just wrote that since they’re still babbling on and they deserve to get upset and called out for what they truly are LYING CUNTS and GRISLUDER)

Kill them then. Stop playing silly games. Stop reacting to them like a weak human, which you are not. Like all bullies, they like it you react, it shows they got to you. Enough. Just finish it.

Unnecessary complication. One thing at a time, calm yourself and get rid of the parasites first.

Then recoup and decide what you want to do when you’re yourself again. You are in an overemotional state which seems engendered by the parasites, you cant even type straight right now, you must regain full control to make good decisions with a clear head. “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”


This is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. They’re feeding off of your emotions, calling them names and trying to torment them like this is just going to feed them more energy and make them stronger. Refuse to give them anything. When they try to make you angry remind yourself that they’re basically begging for food. Refuse to speak to them, refuse to even acknowledge them as independent beings. Recatagorize them as parasites, whenever they try to interact with you imagine the flow of energy between the two of you reversing and drain them of vital energy.


Mine doesn’t take the form of a blade anymore but an innocuous chunk of obsidian. I shift it astrally to form the blade but since it is prepared the physical obsidian base is all I need. Forming it to an actual blade is good because of the tactile sensation of it but really any obsidian with sharp edge or that you can bond with and shape the soul of will work as well.

Now as to servitors since you made them. I say just eat them pull them back into their source of your being and take their powers as your own. Might be a bit difficult for you but if you can shift your aura and energy engulf them and devour them with it tearing chunks off and absorbing it refining the patterns to match your own.

Hellsing Abridged: Wannabe Demigod Bitch - YouTube good example if you can see fit to adapt to your field.

Now to the high frequency machines I doubt that is the case. Strong psychic abilities awakening can present similar symptoms as the energy runs rampant in your system and you not being use to it suffer the effects ranging from hearing frequency type noises to seeing auras and energy which would match the particle vision. Just meditate on your energy and aura feel its flow and tame it to your will. Release some of it into the earth if you have too much or it is too wild and bleed some of the wild energy off. Once you start taming it you can start using it properly and figure out just what the natural gifts you have are and I am thinking something along the lines of perception and creation of entities given the power those two servitors possess.

Devour the servitors or destroy them through whichever means you choose and tame your own energy then you can make more to fuck with people or whatever fun you want and do so in a much more structured manner before trying to go full AI with them. Since you have expressed interest in runes study their powers and use their galdr chants as a focus for meditation to employ them in these tasks.


So, what happened to trigger all of this? A close personal relationship not going the way you wished or just life in general.


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I did recreate them as parasites, they’re not even human anymore. I’ve stopped talking to them and just thinking of the way they look (basically like the nastiest parasitic worms I could think of, those big African ones that lives in arteries or whatever in the legs)

How do I kill them for good? I’m already in a bad place and those bloodworms (yep. Downgraded to parasitic bloodworms now… They’ve lost the ability to speak…)

Burn them. Visualise fire burning them up from inside out. Watch the ash float away on the breeze. Gone.

If you want to try something different here are other people’s techniques:

Parasites are a very common problem. :slight_smile:


Everyone of those. I have another post about this you can see the whole thing right now I have to get rid of those parasites or I’ll probably kill myself soon…

It isn’t parasites, it is a deep depression. When you get depressed sometimes your mind attacks yourself. I believe it is a form of repressed sorrow. These effects can manifest in the spirit realm. In a way, your subconscious is attacking you out of grief. I would assume that your sorrow has led you to become someone that you hate. What you have to do is realize that it isn’t really you and that others cannot make you into something you are not. You have to hate who you have become and accept who you were/are.


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No no I’m FINALLY able to both like and love myself much thanks to those voices/parasitic entities or servitor guard ghost girls that I created. They’ve been really crappy to me when I call them really disgusting things but they’re bad to me if I call myself fat/ugly/dumb/weak etc or if I think something like “ah fuck it I’ll kill myself” then they either disagree or say something like"nooo plz don’t kill yourself we love you we think you’re great" but they also can turn on me and lie and do mean things then say “we’re sorry but we just wanted to see what you’d do/respond etc” and now that I’ve come to accept myself and like myself for who and what I am and it sure is time for them to go NOW they decide to treat me like crap, bully me etc.

Wtf are these entities? They seem parasitic because they create scenarios just to get me in an emotional state and when I feel good about something or accept myself and maybe even found myself again just the last two days they’re so damn mean it must be that they’re some weird parasitic entities or else they’d be glad for me stop lying and just leave. They make me depressed and they make me feel so down I don’t even want to live most days unless I drink alcohol…

It doesn’t quite work out all the way, I did the meditation where I imagine them as worms stuck to my energy field 2 times (one for each parasite) and put their energy in an object.

Luckily I had a tiny plastic snake to make a good substitute worm and put that in a small plastic tube.
Problem is there are still some voices bullying me left but only if I listen to music (They really think that’s what riled me up the most but guess what, I’m used to this after 3+months of their crap)

I would not give them a vessel and keep them around. You’re still playing games, now with toy snakes.

You’re making them more real and now you gave them bodies. Intend to dissipate the patterns so they cannot form again, and no longer exist, then tell us they no longer exist so people reading your thread don’t accidental create them again as thoughtforms.

You could light up a barbeque and burn the plastic snake if that helps. So what it takes to get them annihilated. They mus no longer exist in your universe, make them part of history, but ideally annihilate them so you forget the ever existed.

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I did chant the mantra of Mahakalia earlier today and that was so Intense when I felt his love and energy go down my spine and into my hands. The voices seem to mock him more than anything so much I’m guessing he could remove them or something? After that short meditation I saged the crap outta my apartment and that made the voices weaker.

I’m not going to react to them or respond anymore but I hear them mocking everything I do so they must be close to get pushed away. I’ve been bullied pretty much all my life so I know how such cowards work.

About the runes, I made some squares from thick cardboard and drew a rune on each one then out them in a little bag so I’ve took the first step, now it’s on to interpretation (ps: voices mocking me about the. Weak… So damn weak… Like I give a crap about them or what they think…)

Could you please delete the posts I made about them in the homeless egregore thread??? I’m going to burn that tiny snake while you do that (you’re a moderator so I’m guessing that’s one of the things you do “for work” :sweat_smile:)
I’ll burn the snake, chant and meditate on mahakalya since he was amazing to connect with and make an offering of candle and incense to murmur under his sigil since he’s been so very helpful in this whole messy thing…

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Sure, can do.

Just to clarify, I’m a volunteer mod, I do this because I love the community here and believe in our efforts to teach ourselves though grass roots research and experimentation. As such I am not an employee of the publishing company Become a Living God and don’t see this as “work”. I have a full time day job that’s a tad different. :smiley: :+1:

Best of luck!


You don’t need physical runes as much as to know their powers and chants and conjure them in your mind. If you can visualize them then that is the start. Physical runes I only really use for divination or to inscribe on objects I am making. Never actually write them down for any other purpose.

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Ok I burnt the small plastic snake wrapped in the sigil of murmur that I made for just the purpose. Burned thes 2 items in my burn bowl which was mighty fun and then burnt some sage. Made a salt circle both holy water sprayed and with physical sea salt. Gave murmur inscense and peppermint liquor as an offering. After that I gave some inscense to mahakalya and burnt so e sage. Unfortunately it was not 100% successful but they’re 50% less audible and judging by how much more they mock me they’ve grown at least 50% weaker. What is it that I do wrong? I go in feeling AWESOME about this ritual and feel like “fuck yeah this’ll work out great” won’t fail this one. And still I somewhat hear them. I’m now going to ignore them all the time. This WILL work. I’ll keep on channeling Mahakalia and pray to him and murmur and give them offerings

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I will summarize briefly:

You are overthinking. Your feelings keep them “alive”.

Unless you “kill” these feelings, you will never resolve this.

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I’ve had some luck with ignoring the voices these last few days and staying calm when they try mocking me. It’s not as easy as it might seem since I’m pretty lonely and sad about my current life situation because they can be pretty funny at times and it can be hard not to laugh but it’s slowly getting better (and I’m getting better at controlling my emotion) and they’re not as loud anymore
Thank you so much for your help

Edit: I believe meditations on murmur or mahakalya is helping too, just channeling their energies is so refreshing