For Those Who Struggle With Parasites And Vampiric Beings

For Those Who Struggle With Parasites

I Myself and many people struggled with parasites and a lot of people in the field of the occult struggled with spiritual attacks this posts is a complete guide with dealing with weak ones and strong ones and dealing with multiple ones,i myself been a victim of these catergories but theres a lesson here.

Symptoms Of Parasitic Activity

  • Energy Drain - This happen when they manifest in your Energy and emotional Field.

  • Poltergaist - This where the strong ones come this is the point when they manifesting more and more in you but they are still killable.

  • Life Goes Down - Entering in the heart chakra they will emenate energies and thoughts that they will subtly destroy you and your life

  • Health Problems - This when they aslo manifest more deeper having influence over the body but still killable.

These are the main symptoms of parasitic activity but what are parasites.

What Are Parasites?

To Get this short,parasites are nasty beings either created by your own thoughts of negativity or if you are depressed,angry etc can draw them to you,mostly they are nameless they look for feeding to get more power and energy.

They reign in the dark depths of the abyss but they are not like the infernal demons that we work with like the gatekeepers,see the parasites sort of the poor,beggars and slaves there i literally saw abaddon walking overthem and when i was fighting with them i literally made a sword out of their molten souls that i melt with hellfire.


These are a list of helpful meditations,mindsets,rituals that can draw them out.

They Aint Shit

if there are powerful beings they wouldnt be begging to come to you,and with the mindset that they aint shit,they are trash beings that dont deserve respect,attention and basically ingnoring them while they are in you ignoring the drain if they are weak and minor ones can starve them out and they either detach themselves.

Stay Strong and keep fighting for you,and always remember you are god,fight for all that piece of you make yourself feel like a hero for you be your own hero i know its hard i been through them but go i gurantee you,you are more powerful than them and we can talk if any has more problems with them.

Ritual with belial

To cleanse parasites and negativity

Energy/Chakra Meditation

This is a powerful meditation that can aslo shield yourself its by far one of the most healing exercise that even got and used,the results are incredible

Healing Incantacion

Chant this if you need healing this calls the healing universal forces and aslo your true self Atman.


Do this when they are too deeply in you,this when you need to re create yourself i suggest you before rebirthing to get all your power with you along with the new this way you will have even more.

Spirits To Work with when dealing with parasites

Sandhana Meditation

The Use of this meditation is to connect deeper with yourself i suggest you when doing this to pull more self energy and power and make sort of an energy shield by only your energy this will keep out other entities but if you are sure you can call a other spirit that you can trust by simply giving them the permision.

The Sadhana is the act of surrending the ego and meditating in yourself with out ego and “I”
I know Entities and spirits use Sadhana Acts upon themselves for example as Ea Koetting said that Abaddon chants and prays a chant to himself.

Enter a Mindfulness state of mind
by observing your breathing and thoughts
as you fall deeper,your will see your mind
getting clearer and clearer observe nothing
and most importantly be nothing which is crucial in this exercise.

Let go of yourself of your ego,as now you are with nothing
Breath from the Root chakra feel the energy rising to all of the chakras
into the crown chakra and say
“I call Atman,I call god I call myself i Call the universe within me”
let yourself surf though the waves of Cosmic energies,
see your atman and connect with it and become him.

descend into your body as atman as your true self and through not attachment
become it,having let go of all past energies.

Reverse Effect.

This the last trick that i will share but it is simple but very effective.

people when they are aware that they have parasites keep feeding them with pain,fear,hate negativity this simple trick is literally changing your emotions,fear parasites hate love,they hate feeding from love and some are literally killed by it,so be positive and work for you.




Great post again. I usually just turn the tables and feed off them until they are destroyed. The ones I have came across have been weak but I will keep what you shared in mind if I come across a stronger one


Nice. Also I like the new profile picture.


This may be premature (I am reading the 4 threads you recommend for dealing with parasites and it may be in there)
I just want to be really sure.

How do you know if you have a parasite?

My neighbor is a Reiki healer (not a Master). She says she sees “cords” hanging off of me.
My psychiatrist and psychologist say I have Complex PTSD, and depression. I’m also an insomniac. Now to the part that makes me ask about parasites, they also say I have attachment disorder
Anyway, I figured the “cords” must be my attachment disorder but what if they are like straws for the parasites to suck my energy out through.

Again, how would I know if I have a parasite.

(frankly, I am convinced that there are far more spiritual sorts of problems in the world than there are real world problems. a statement like that probably needs some clarification - a broken leg is a real world problem whereas PTSD is a spiritual problem that is playing hell on your real world experience)

it is amazing to me how compatible quantum physics, psychology, and magic are. Your magic is my doctors science/research.

Anyway, could a sigil help me with parasites. I’m not ready to work with spirits quite yet. Most of the information in the 4 threads seemed to come from Demoness’.
Also, for now atleast, I see myself as an RHP guy, so maybe I could talk to an Angel or something.

If you think I might have a parasite, what would be your recommendation.
I know I sort of crippled your ability to guide me by wanting to stay in the RHP.


Maybe this is just my own personal magickal practice, but it is possible to utilize parasites as your own personal energy draining batteries.

The way I will use them for that is that I would use them in the same way that somebody would use vampirism to drain the energy away from somebody, but using parasites, you don’t have to have the energetic link.

Of course, you can always just harvest the little buggers, and then Unleashed them upon your victims.


Great! Thank you.

Ritual with Belial: What happens with the entity when I have put it outside? Do I need to treat it further in som way when its done?

Lord Yeesch: What does the chant mean?

Would you like to recommend litterature where I can read more about this, Belial and Lord Yeesch?

How did you manage to absorb the parasites?