Negative experiences with demons

Hi all. I was wondering if any of you had negative experiences with high level entities and how to deal with it. For a few months I was interested in Azazel and eventually I reached out to him. I was getting closer to him- used to his presence and considered a pact.

However, my guardian angels were telling me he’s not good, put it simply. I started distancing myself from him and he. was. pissed. He made it VERY clear that he was pissed.

Also because I grew close to him I constantly feel conflicted about cutting ties, sometimes I miss him, but my guardian angels are saying this is an abusive relationship and these feelings I’m experiencing are normal but I have to stay strong. I think he got pissed that I was distancing myself but still felt drawn to him.

Just recently…I think he declared me as his enemy? I don’t like it. Also, I’ve read a lot about him and I never read about a negative experience with him. A part of me is very frustrated that other people haven’t had such negative experiences, and I didn’t think distancing myself would have been such an issue especially since I never made a pact.

I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience, especially if with Azazel himself, and what they did?

I need to cut off Azazel before he gets worse. I keep trying different methods like cord cutting with AA Michaels sword, intention teas, calling on angels and guardians, etc. He keeps coming back. I would like some help. Note that I am not in a pact with him- he wants a pact and will stop at nothing. Thanks.

Before what get’s worse, exactly? You said he was pissed but didn’t say how you can tell.

It’s likely this is an impostor, and your original relationship is intact but masked,this happened to me with Samael. In this case it makes sense that your guardians say it was abusive, as Azazel is a high level being that doesn’t seem to need to feed off negativity at all.
The reaction to your distancing yourself reinforces that idea, as normally Azazel is kinda standoffish, at least with me.

We have some info on how to check for impostors and get rid of these and parasites on here, and out faves are collected here:


Sounds like a parasite to me.

Demons don’t act this way. They don’t force magicians into pacts. Many here have good positive experiences with the demon you have tried to summon

However I distinctly remember that for a period of time around this forum a number of parasites masqueraded as Azazel and Lilith and it seems that this problem is far from over

Mulberry posted a sticky on how to get rid of parasites so I suggest you begin there, but the initial thought is to visualise the parasite getting destroyed by fire.

Good spiritual protection is a must for your next summoning


Sorry I think I was writing my post approximately at around the same time as you wrote yours. My apologies

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Thank you I will try it…I am like 90% sure it’s him but if it’s just an imposter that would be a relief. It’s just…now I’m confused. I had summoned him using his sigil and I am sure I have talked to him and seen him in my astral temple. I have ancestral lines that connect to him so there is a connection there. He offered to be my mentor and I declined. I met a woman who had all her clairsenses enhanced and helped me to clean myself if negative energy and buff up my space. So I do daily cleansing and banishing if negative energies from myself and my space.
She had told me some unsettling things about the nature of my relationship with Azazel. Things like when he talks to me I hear the echoes of the past where he spoke to my ancestors and accepted which keeps me subdued when I’m with him. Also she said he’s…grooming me…and I felt super gross. I decided after the talk with her it would be good to distance myself. I called on my guardian angels and AA Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Auriel to protect me, cleanse me, and disconnect me from him. (Which includes disconnecting the ancestral ties I have with him).
That night I had a dream where I was being “hunted” down. I saw the names Belial, Asmodeous, and Azazel in the dream so I knew they were the ones coming after me but the archangels and my guardians protected me.
The next day at work…we’ll I saw him. My Claire senses have been kind of exploding since I’ve opened them. He would alternate his form from the handsome man (with dark hair, greenish-hazel eyes, sharp teeth, snake tongue) to an eight foot tall mass of pure black. He said some nasty things, threats. He seemed to have like torn my astral body to shreds over and over and every time I asked the archangels to take him away he comes back. By the end of the work day I looked high, I was that messed up. The days following- he’s always around. Every time I think I have gotten further away with all the energy/color banishing visuals, intention teas, calling on angels he just keeps coming back.
A lot of the banishments I haven’t done involve the demon kings and I am still hesitant about using those methods because I’m like 90% sure it’s Azazel…. Is there a way I can connect with someone else here who can help confirm who it is?

I did a meditation session with AA Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel. My guardian spirits were with me. They keep confirming it’s him. The say his name show me his sigil (not the sigil of Saturn but the one with the A Z and L in it). They keep saying he will do anything to get me to gain an advantage in the war.

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Then I suspect these “angels” are not hem ether, as there is no war and they are not on “Sides”. this sounds like xtian church dogma you picked up somewhere and your imagination is getting in the way.

I don’t know this woman so I don’t know why you believe her. It’s a good idea to get 3 readings independently before buying into other peoples UPG. You should always verify for yourself if you can.

I personally always leery of readers who jump to conclusions instead of giveing me the impressions and letting me figure out what they mean, it give too much room for invention not reality. She should have told you why she thinks that, not what to think yourself.

I find it interesting that upset only started after you spoke to her. :thinking:

Azazel is a highly creative being and that can affect humans, who are highly sexual, in a sexual way, as sexual energy is creative. Lot’s of people do start relationships with him becuase of this. Imo, is the difference between using Tantra like a kink and Tantra for actual energy development, I suppose you can do both but I think it’s a distraction and arises out of confusion. Don’t get confused and you don’t have to feel gross. Or just tell him you’re not looking for a creative interaction.

Definitely a parasite. Banish and cleanse. Azazel has many legions to do grunt work like this and no motive to do so. It’s honestly a waste of his time.

Use you own cleansing methods. I’m suspicious of the woman’s motives being so negative at this point, and that your troubles started after she got involved. This imposter you be her doing, a thought form created by her fear and manifesting her expectations.

This is another sign of a parasite: doesn’t want to give up a good meal. I think running away won’t do it, stand your grand. Read the Parasites thread for idea to attack it back, that usually send them packing. Just beware of sending it down the line to someone you know, maybe put protections on your family and close friends first.

You asked this in the goldfish bowl that is BALG, as you’re connected to everyone already. :slight_smile: 99 people have viewed this post, and more have seen it in the new posts list. You’ll probably get more responses when people’s schedules allow. :+1:


Ok I feel more relieved. Thank you. I will do and see what I can.

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