FUCK… I don’t what to say… I don’t know what’s happening, there is something on me that’s torturing me, I don’t know what it is, I can’t really diagnose it. it’s hard to pursue my everyday life I’m thinking about it all the time.

What have you tried so far to stop unwanted thoughts?

You can treat them like parasites and see them as beings that you exorcise for example. If they are coming through some connection you can cut or block the connection. Ward your environment, banish and cleanse, etc etc.

It’s not thoughts, it’s something on my right chest, that I’m unable to diagnose, it sucks my energy and the energy of my loved ones.
It’s not negative energy, more of a light energy.

And have you tried anything specific so far to pluck it off and send it away? Including literally visualizing picking it off like a big tick.

yes, I’ve tried multiple ways and called on many entities.

yes, but it comes right back on and doesn’t leave

There’s no point us suggesting things you already tried, and we can’t help troubleshoot if you don’t explain what you did, and what happened when you did, including what you felt and sensesd.

You’ve been on this site a while, so I’m trying to treat you less like a complete newbie and work with what you’ve done so far. Can do that if you don’t want to explain it. :woman_shrugging:

Otherwise, we have a bunch of tutorials you can try to get rid of parasites:. Try the LBRP.


@magic.check listen to her (Mulberry), very carefully and try to open up yourself, so the people around here will try to help you out.

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I’m still trying to figure out

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It’s okay take your time but don’t let these things build up upon you for long it’ll not be suitable for you.
Anyway, as you said earlier, which spirits you had called, and what did they say about it, anything you would like to share here…

If all else fails you can try this Removing Entities, Energies, Thought Forms and Energy Parasites Energetic/Frequency Meditation - YouTube , it’s worked for a lot of times for me, but I would follow what everyone else said so you can gain the experience to do it in future just in case it happens again.

thank you

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Well what spirits I haven’t called you might ask, I’m not able to get gnosis and revelations due to this thing I’m not able to identify, but I actually don’t think it’s a parasite, it’s something like a beam that’s putting in me ball shaped devices and sucking my energy and my family members’ energy. What I’m hoping now from this post is to get an idea of what’s happening to me, maybe someone that have experience to help me.

You should go to a med to get some studies and see what’s going on if there’s something that you cannot control using magick.

@Mulberry @DarkestKnight what can I do to rebel archons?, there was a post here from vk jehannum about it, that I couldn’t find

For archons follow along with this ritual with your intent:


From the little I was able to see- it seems you’re full of holes. Like something originally latched into your energy (including your shared familial channels). I don’t think it was noticeable when it might have started. It looks like it infused itself with your energies and sort of farms them.

The nature of the infestation seems mainly internal, like you had a major vulnerability (we don’t have many details, and it could be anything; physical, mental, spiritual).

I believe whatever this is, is so far engrained like a wheat kernel and it has been growing out of control, like a yeast. Most of it seems attached somewhere deep inside… again, internal.

If you can’t remember or don’t want to share additional details, I suggest calling Raziel - The Keeper of Secret Wisdoms. He is a powerful Archangel who can assist you or readily give more insights to your issues.

It doesn’t hurt to get a medical checkup as well since you’re experiencing physical pain.

Go inside yourself. Deep inside yourself. See what this issue has been draining you of. You’re seeing the demand for certain types of energies. Evaluate the types that are being taken advantage of, and you may be closer to the root of the problem(s).

OMG yes what you said was spot on

I have called on all archangels, unfortunately they’re not helping enough

I did, hey said I’m okay

Yes this is what’s happening, and it’s doing the same with my family members

The thing that’s hurting me more is that it;s affecting the people around me, and I can’t stop it neither in me nor from others, and all the entities I’ve contacted didn’t help me enough

What help have They offered? Many times entities won’t necessarily do the work for you- They understand that some things can ONLY be done by you.

Like losing weight to be fit; anyone can point out you’re unhealthy (overweight). We’re exposed to all sorts of information in the form of the media marketing programs, products, and gurus. But none of those things can actually make you lose weight unless you take the initiative of literally working on losing the weight.

Sometimes one big fix isn’t the answer, but a series of changes to address all vulnerabilities that would otherwise keep being a problem.

That’s good, now we know there’s no current risks to your physical health. I did see your Heart Chakra pretty banged up.

I think Celestial intervention would be best here after you’ve figured out how to sort of “contain” the situation. They’ll help you refine your solutions to get rid of the problem.

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