Another Parasite or Succubus Thread

It indeed was a bad idea, but again we all make mistakes here. No ones really perfect. Even though it was not your intention but the thing still saw opportunites to attach and latch on you causing these issues. With every other reply here simply make sure you banish it out of the damn way at the given time. These issues don’t really occur as often when you come in contact with Lilith herself and ask to work with one of her sons/daughters as its precisely getting into detail with what your seeking into working with a succubus in this case. No succubus I’ve worked with has ever expressed to need to attach to myself as that is one of the strict boundaries set upon contacting Lilith herself. The majority of times these entities wouldn’t stay around for long and end up leaving back to back to their realm while still visiting you every once in a while. It’s been months since I’ve came into contact with any of the entities I worked with in my case. So it obviously seems like the thing has already thrown major red flags here and there.


Thank you! This is very good to hear. Yeah I suppose I have a lot of options from here. Do you think these things have emotions, or is it just a glamour?

In my experience the cards are better at yes no answers then at either or ones.

Try asking is this a parasite for 1 draw as a yes or no question.

Then if you need to draw a second for is this a a human type entity.

BUT I don’t think “is this a human type entity” is a good question as it kinda vague and requires you to be thinking of exactly what you mean by human type entity while drawing for it and to get a good answer.

I suggest drawing again with a more specific direct yes or no question if you want the best most accurate answer from your cards.

In the case with any parasite, emotions are very dim if not anything at all. Their main purpose is to feed in a negative energetic matter causing one to feel “drained” is where the term comes from. Things can vary from distress, physical negative emotions, off putting dreams or simply nightmares seeing the entity causing harm in the dream etc…If it gets to the point of any physical harm by the parasite is where things need to come to halt, gather information, tools, and or assistance to conduct an immediate banishment. With your question here if it is all simply a glamour is based on what turly one is referring to. With the succubus I speak off I’m not referring to any book (which either way are excellent tools of important knowledge when followed carefully and correctly), spell, or unkown rituals. Both Incubus/Succubus coming from directly Lilith herself are what one can consider the true form of these entities.

These beings feel, touch, have emotions, deeply love passionately, and become extremely protective among human partners they choose possibly causing harm to anyone that may harm their lovers. These entities are far far from anything perfect but seems will always be misunderstood behind the related possibilities with draining and feeding that are associated with major parasite activity along with basic sexual activities that most seems to go for with them. One has to know what they are getting into by contacting any of these beings. True forms of these entities will show just how knowledgeable they are into helping partners achieve desired results into any form of practices raging from any serious forms of meditations requiring any book you may use along to aid to what you seek, opening up any senses from within charkas in the human body to aiding in any advice they can help you with.

If you do not have any strict boundaries within these beings your giving them any possibilities of the power they posses to cause disrupts that you don’t need. For example jealousy is something that needs to be set straight with them as they will become very jealous of others if they see it as a possible new relationship. No actual parasite is going to give a damn about no emotion of jealousy in the long run as again their main goal is to feed on your energy leaving you drained and almost hopeless, they don’t care about others nor you so as long as you can supply them day and night. To them your a walking bottle fuel of sweet energy. These parasitic things are the lowest of the low. Simply disgusting. Setting the record straight from Lilith herself assures that she has found you the perfct match to work with, aid, and assist with and avoid any possibilities of attracting a parasite in the mix that is in disguise that is “claiming” to be said incubus/succubus. I never really dived in deep into the sexual categories into these entities because they have always been far much much more into what most to consider the typical “sex demon”. Its what intention you choose with these entities is what you work with. Its all you, not them. They bring to much to the entire table to only lable these entities as basic sexual demons that from what others out the outside the occult suppose torment the souls of those who come into contact with them. Ridiculous. You really have to look out the right materials and re-read carefully next time to avoid attracting any parasitic entity as most likely what happened here. Protect and ground yourself, there’s no rush with any proper summonings my good man. Take the most time you need to get your desired results achievable. Be safe out there with any of these things :call_me_hand:

Thank you! I am super confused about this… I suppose I will just have to figure it out.


Especially Mulberry has already written some very accurate and useful answers.

Also John Wick is right.

I actually have a lot of experience with this, so I will give you my input.

You describe all the tell tale and classic signs of a parasite infestation. It seems very certain that you have a serious parasite problem.
Please take it very seriously and it sounds like it has progressively been able to dig deeper into you and then gaining more and more control over your mind and body and weakening you progressively more.

The sooner you get rid of it the better. The longer it stays the more dangerous and the harder it becomes to get it out, eventually it can become impossible, so don’t play and fool around with it.

This particular kind of parasite is very intelligent and it can go through all your memories, traits and patterns of mind and use anything to its advantage.
If it is an advantage to create the feeling of a mutual relationship of care or if it is helpful to act as a hurt little kitten or a needy spouse in order to control you and make you open up to it and to allow it to stick around, then it will.
It will create any illusion in your mind in order to get what it wants.
You are simply a host, a source of food and a home to it.
If you don’t buy into the illusion of a demoness lover, who deeply loves you, well then it will just change tactic, it can present it self as it wants to, whichever is most advantageous to controlling you, which depends on your mind, your emotions, your fantasies, ideas and expectations and theories.
It could change into a monstrous spider if you are afraid of spiders (and it needed to scare you away if you were about to kick it out while astral travelling), or if you are an empath it could present it self as a cute kitten with very big shiny eyes so you won’t hurt it etc etc.

The point is, don’t get caught up in all the imagery, the images you see in your mind, even when you are truly astral travelling (visionary magic, shamanic journeying), are really just translators and interpreters, so we can better communicate with the realm of spirits, which would make no sense without these images in the mind and other spiritual senses. Sometimes beings present them selves the same way to anyone who visits them in the inner realm and thus we get the impression of an objective visual reality in the spiritual realms, but really it is not.
It is not like the manifest world with its higher degree of objectivity, if a being in a spiritual realm presents it self as a demonic goddess with big boobs, does not mean that it objectively is just that. It could just mean that you see a spiritual parasite taking images from your mind and presenting it self in a way that would satisfy your own desires so that it can feed and control you.

Even very skilled shamans and visionary magicians can’t determine whether the spirit they are interacting with is either a true deity or a parasite by just looking at its visual presentation that the being and/or your mind produces to understand/communicate with the spirit (the raw energy of the spirit behind the scenes of vision does not really look like anything at all). The way you determine what it is, is by assessing its behaviour, energetic frequency, intuitive feel etc.
It is sucking your energy, leaving you drained. It comes back, when you tell it to go away, it latches onto you again, it forcefully produces images in your mind to trigger emotional response that will feed it etc etc… it is a parasite… It does not matter what it looks like or whether it gives you the impression and illusion of a emotional, loving and caring relationship.

But who am I to judge, if you or others are really that desperate to risk your mind/sanity, health or even your life, just to get a parasite to fabricate the feeling of a sexual relationship, then maybe it is worth for you. Who am I to say otherwise, people must decide for them selves…
But if you actually are not wildly frustrated, desperate and are able to have real connections to people instead, then it seems obvious to me that you should do everything you can to get rid of it as fast as possible.

Trouble is, these intelligent and tough parasites like the one you have, really don’t get booted by all the best banishing/cleansing rituals in the whole worlds (I have tried before already), though they may sometimes remove the minor parasites, but okay to be honest there are a LOT of shitty rituals out there, even from the very popular books etc. and sometimes the authors don’t really know them selves.

You sound like the sensitive type, and more open maybe due to some drugs also, which makes it all the worse, since it can then dig much deeper into you and force manipulate your whole system to more extremes… like for example force stimulating you sexually while you sleep (call it rape if you want), which trigger a stream of sexual energy out from you, which it eats and grows stronger by… it is nasty nasty stuff and makes it all much more difficult when it already has that level of control over your physical body.
Only the clever parasites really get such control over the physical body.

If you really are good at astral travelling, then maybe you could go into your own body, grab it by the neck really tightly and travel down into the underworld and zeal the opening so it does not come back.

If you are not really experienced and capable when it comes to visionary magic, then the best way is to simply starve it out.
Just don’t react emotionally to any of its manipulations and fabrications in your mind. Learn to react with stillness. Not ANY emotion, not anger, not fear, not arousal, nothing.
Become nothing, become the void, practice deep stillness, self restriction, become like an ascetic monk for a few months now in your life… and if you are successful you may end up starving it out entirely.

Again all the fancy rituals in the whole world won’t help you, really, not if you do them in isolation as your only tactic, they must be used together with emotional restriction and stillness, so it can’t feed, then when it gets weak enough after at least a month of successful starvation, THEN use the best cleansing rituals you have.
Raw deep, true stillness, not just feel good relaxation, can be the best protection of all, and it does not tie you up with all kinds of weird other beings, or draining you to make rituals or feeding other parasites to help you (many modern rituals play around with parasites even though the authors call them demons or/and angels, which again is just the parasite presenting it self as our foolish ideas about demons and angels, tricking us). Pure raw stillness on the other hand, will balance your energies, emotions, body, mind, it will recharge you slightly of lost energy, it will sedate and numb the parasite and make it unable to trigger an emotional response that feeds it.
When you are truly deeply still you can stand and watch any erotic imagery it produces and you still won’t emit any energy, then you can observe it passively and the parasite can’t feed and it get weaker.
You must learn not to engage with your thoughts and emotions, but to create the observer mind, let go of them and then also neutralize in deep stillness… sort of learn to make your self vanish and become nothing in a short moment.

It is a serious marathon of stillness and self restriction you need to get cured, but you have to if you care about your life.
Of course you could get lucky to find someone with the real skills to pull it out, but be warned there is a whole sea of pseudo-healers/shamans/magicians who really don’t know wtf they are doing, so chances are you are on your own.
Otherwise be ready to spend endless amounts of cash that you toss at an endless amount of incompetent healers, who don’t even know they don’t know.
You need someone with true visionary abilities or someone who really knows the process who can stay with you in your long process of starving it out, assisting you with stillness, exercises, herbal treatment/support etc.

You could also be one of the many lucky ones who develop immunity to parasites and eject it automatically eventually, which may be one of the reasons that many people here are not pestered by this, even though they have played around with the same ‘succubi’-games.
But don’t count on it, better pretend you don’t get immune, since it is too much of a gamble.

The violent dreams really sounds like fabrications by the parasite, it is not that it is really happening, it is just a very vivid and carefully crafted dreams and images that the parasite produces to cultivate and change your emotional expression in the world and to simply trigger emotional energy, which it feeds on.
By the description of those dreams it sounds like there is a high chance that your parasite could also feed on violence and death.
In the worst cases, these kinds of parasites can manipulate their host into killing people, raping people, raping while also killing etc… pretty nasty stuff, simply because they want to feed on the sexual energy and the death energy.
It is not true what some other people have said that parasites always feed on ‘dark energy’ (whatever that is), these new age love-bunnies are often heavily parasitized and the parasites will make them feel full of glorious love and light and feed on the emotional response and triggers.
They can feed on all kinds of emotional energy, call it light or dark, good or bad, there is no such thing, it is just energy and food for parasites.
Yes parasitized people tend to become depressed, but that it more all the harm, damage to the body, the fried and fucked up mind, their lives falling apart, natural reasons to get depressed when having a being suddenly running your life and making your health suffer, it is also a chemical/physical thing, a result of the bodily damage simply… depression… it is not because they ‘feed’ on depression… They feed on emotion and in your case sexual energy and possibly death energy… so careful about your enemies, or making new enemies, stay safe and don’t get into fights, it could just tip your anger over the top in terms of what would be normal for you.

I really hope you get it out whichever way or solution you end up using, but I think starvation, monkish asceticism and deep stillness, combined with herbs, lots of rest/sleep, daily meditation, no emotionally charged rituals, no magic, no porn, no movies, games, etc that produce emotion, lust, excitement etc sounds like the way to go for you.
Even other sources of stimulation can make you emotional and start craving and suddenly the parasite can push you more easily back into sexual stimulation, so you need to be thorough and serious.

I wish you the best of luck.


Well… fuck. I suppose I will throw everything I can at it. This sounds about right to me for some reason. I have faded so much in experience at meditation that this sounds like it will be a real challenge.

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So you think I should do what @Mulberry says with the meditation on black fire, consuming the whole of my being, a few times a day? I will reread the parasites 101 thread. Last night as soon as the sun went down, I felt a feeling of darkness and anxiety from just above my belly, which I assume means this thing has moved upwards. I am going to start doing multiple daily invocations to Michael and my higher self to get rid of this thing. Would there be a way of attacking it back through its sigil that I drew for it?

edit: also, if it is constantly stimulating the muladhara area, does that mean it is constantly feeding? It is to the point now where there needs be no thoughts toward it for it to provide a slight tingling of the area, near constantly.

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Okay, I am now going to turn this thread into a journal of my progress with this. I have been meditating on Lucifers sigil, because I have some slight past experience with him. I am thinking of doing a late night ritual to him or Lord Yeesch.

Until then I am going to bless some water as described above and drink that throughout the day, as well as try and get into the emotionless void meditation as mentioned by @anon3738471

I am going to spend some time visualizing and feeling black fire burning myself up as well.

I was going to restart the simple parasite ritual found in Magickal Protection by DB, but I know that this might be overkill and could conflict with other things. If anybody has any more advice on the best possible course of action, I am all ears.

As you can probably sense, I am ready to be rid of this thing, and although I would normally be scared in this situation, I know that will only be counter productive.

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What do you guys think of this?


Not bad at all. I would have chosen to word it seek your assistance instead of ask but all in all :+1::+1:

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Thank you! I bought a fresh pack of Organic American Spirit Turquoise (my favorite cigarette) in the hope that he will find them as lovely as I do. I have been listening to Muslim Ruqyah since consecrating and drinking the water earlier as described, and just spent 25 minutes doing wim hof while trying my best to visualize black fire burning myself and the entity, while it screams in pain. I plan on doing this ritual tonight as late as I can manage to stay up. I am now going to spend some time chanting the Ay Eem Ma Ta Ah chant. I can still feel it, but I think it feels weakened. I do notice that it cannot affect me while doing the chant.

edit: changed it to seek


Another thing, is that before I knew something was with me and reached out to it, the voice I would hear in my dreams was very competent with speech. But the other night I asked it if it could teach me anything, and it said “No” in a very robotic voice. There was another question I asked that I dont recall, and the answer I do recall being very short and robotic. I am going to go through with the ritual tonight, because better safe than sorry, and I can feel it digging deeper.

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Okay, so stayed up super later to do the ritual last night and I still feel it, might be a bit weaker than it was, but not sure. I will redo it today.

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Okay, stayed up too late last night and slept til 3pm lol. I didnt get the chance (or have the energy) to do any attacks on it today, but I just got done with another evocation of Lord Veesch, this time with the Goetic Seal of Manifestation on the paper. I can definitely say, I saw the sigil come to life today a lot more than yesterday. Like how it changes from lines on paper, to feeling and appearing alive. I also felt my energy change quite a bit for a few minutes, felt very very strange (and maybe orange). Now I still feel the parasite but I believe it is much less. Still tickling my balls god damnit lol. But I felt compelled to take a sip of the water and put the sigil under my pillow. I will update tomorrow.

edit: Once I saw the sigil come alive I continued to stare at it for a few more minutes, then I read the request. I realized while reading that I am just reading robotically, so I put the paper down, started at the sigil, and just talked to him. I just let it come from the heart.

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Good luck friend. It seems you’ve covered all the bases here. We all hope it’s successful.

It appears I am having some success! I believe it was still in my dreams last night but I do not think it was able to steal energy from me! It feels much more distant. Thank you Lord Yeesch! I will continue to keep this updated. I do not feel it right now.


Okay, I still feel it in my root chakra area. It definitely was still present in my dreams last night, taking advantage of my relative unconsciousness in the dream. I kissed it, but no sex. I still feel it burrowed into my mind, making me kind of obsessive. I will do another evocation tonight and regular banishings throughout the day. Will try and attack it some later as well. I’m guessing if it took me a year and a half to get it this deep in me, it might take some time to get it out.

Slept all day today, have so much stuff to do. Tomorrow I’m going to force myself to knock it all out so I’m not stressing. Still feel the parasite, trying to chant Raziels mantra when I do.

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Oooooookay, so tonight was very weird. I had a dream first that I mistook for reality, where it was giving me downstairs outsidies (hand over the pants lol). I awoke from this feeling the energy strongly. When I went back to sleep, I ended up being with this entity in a dream world. I became semi lucid and asked to see its realm, being… pulled to another realm for lack of a better term. I was there for a while, almost completely lucid. It was like this Earth that I know. The memory has faded quite a bit now, but I found it fascinating that I was able to remain lucid and conscious during the whole of it, and the form of the plane seemed very very stable. I dont think I have ever had a LD that long or anywhere close to that long before, a good 30 minutes consecutive. I saw and talked with the entity, which would switch between being invisible, looking like a female, and looking kind of like Venom from Spider Man. What I remember it saying was that it wanted to marry me. I wish I could remember what else transpired. There were human soldiers it seemed hunting it, in that realm. Or perhaps we were just in the wrong location at the wrong time.

I am not going to let this all change my perspective back to what it was, still keeping my distrust and going to continue to stick with my evocations and meditations. However I just wanted to update the post, and maybe somebody can tell me if this means anything, or if it means nothing.

If it was more glamour, then damn. That was probably one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever had. Will try and remain rational with this.

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