Demon with yellow eyes?

When I was young, around 6, I woke up to something standing at the foot of my bed in front of a window. The only reason I could see it so well was because of the moonlight coming in. Anyway, it had no genitals, grayish/greenish skin, some sort of large spiral “things” coming from its head, and distinct VERY bright yellow eyes. It was quite tall and muscular as well. Could it have been a demon? I had never really given it much thought, I always thought maybe it was an alien or something and never really talked about it. I realized the other day that people say they feel like something dark follows me, and I agree. I’ve always felt a dark presence with me, but I love it. Whatever it is. This realization made me think, maybe this thing was a demon. I’ve tried searching it so much but the only thing that comes up is a yellow eyed Demon, Azazel, off of that freaking show Supernatural. Does anyone have any knowledge of the name of a demon with bright yellow eyes?


Reptilians have that appearance. It’s as if their eyes manifest before their bodies.


An alternate form of mine has yellow eyes as well.

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Azazel is so much more than this, but he may have used that link of appearance to identify himself, and he does sometimes mentor people and assist someone to come to practicing magick.

If you do a search on here you’ll find a lot of posts about him. :thumbsup:


Up front, I except many idea’s, that said… To my knowledge nearly all (for lack of better name) goblinoids, a type of fae have yellow eyes. Though rarely are they seen in our realm. As to other powers there are a few entity’s that manifest with yellow eyes. Most are harbingers, a few teach.
I suppose if you believe we are being visited/studied etc by aliens it could have been one. There are those that fit the description.
As to names, well everything has so many an few give their true name. I suggest you find a quite place, recommend you have general protection even if just a salt (I find sea salt works well) an sulfur ring. an focus on the entity that you saw. Ask for a name to call it. If it is an spiritual creature, an it has kept an eye on you it may answer. Be wary though, it could always be a imposter an even if it is the original there’s no guarantee it has your best interest in mind.
As to a dark something following you, it could be someone who attached to you, like a spirit(Maybe even a relative) . It could be worse. I suggest a cleansing of yourself. Be sure your aura is clean.
I hope you find some useful answers. Harmony be yours

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BTW, you didn’t say where your location was. If you were forest or city etc. If it was in the forest or a forest nearby, it could have been a forest spirit or entity. If you were in an area where crops are grown in could have been one of those spirit types.

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Yellow irises of the eyes is how I first saw an aspect of Lucifer. Everything else about him was normal though (and he certainly had genitals) …not certain

I had a similar experience when I was younger back in 2010-2011 I woke up to figure standing at the foot of my bed yellow eyes the only thing is once I saw it let out a high pitched scream then faded away every one told me it was a dream but I don’t think it was and I have the same problem when I search on it only supernatural stuff comes up hopefully helps knowing your not the only person

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Hello everyone!
I have a yellow eyed thing too. But I can see it only when my eyes are closed. It once talked to me and said he wanted to give me power over everyone and teach me magic. He frowns at me from time to tìme. I want him to leave though. I wondered what it could be. And same problem. Even there is not enough info abt Azazeel online. It seemed to me as a demon anyhow.

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It’s not Azazel, we call those “parasites”, because they’ll tell you anything, and appear as anything, to get your permission to attach and feed off you. Your intuition to get it gone is spot on :slight_smile:

We have a bunch of posts about how to remove these things, or search “parasite removal” etc.: search button is at top right.:

Ah dear thank you so much! I read some of the articles. Very helpful to know it for what it really was. I thought some demon it was. Pfffttt. It showed me it’s middle finger while i was trying to cast it away. Also he told me he loved me. I feel 24 7 low on energy and adhd af. Finally phew. Thanks for ur reply

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Note: at the time this thread was new, the TV series Supernatural was popular and depicted fictional characters labels as “demons” with yellow eyes (full, bold yellow contacts, not normal human amber eyes). It’s common for media to place ideas into the subconscious that would affect perceptions in the astral, but like dreams interpretations of astral impressions should be taken symbolically and with care, not usually literally.