Crucial Parasitic removal: A necessity for EVERY sorcerer/magician

Hi, I think everyone should know this for themselves because if not doing the work, it will in itself be a main cause to devastate (or continue to devastate) your life, 100 percent.

Implants, illuminati attributed enslaving spirits to humans, and the misleading spirits of the dead.

1.The situation (and it may very well apply to you as it is most common with quite all humans)

At a certain point, I wondered why I felt like I felt pushed away from my gf, felt bored, silent to her, not myself, avoiding her, clinging to old perspectives while she had clearly shown signs of improvement, why she was snorring every single time that revelations came in from spirits around cosmic mastership at night.

I wondered why when I did rituals I was automatically pushed away from a mindset of always want to be outiside of my own power.

Why feeling ‘good’ came with patterns of behaviour that stood in the way of all my magickal goals, not being able to contact spirits properly or seeing them, nor hearing them properly, always wondering what was wrong with me. Patterns of emotional addiction, to repeat the same things over and over…; lack of courage, will, vitality, lack of individuality, the same misfortunes like you being screwed over out of the blue in the same area’s, you being kept away from your godhood, self-love, self-respect, being kept in spiritual oppression, endless procrastination, while great opportunities show up.

Whether you know it or not, at this point I realize it should be a basic procedure to make sure one is and stays clear. Truth be told, the majority of people are filled with astral implants placed there by: illuminati-collaborating entities that are often tall greys, green lizard tall humanoid (reptilian) and praying mantis looking like beings, that is what they would often look like. Not all beings that look like that are enslavers, but these happen to be walkovers from certain races that chose to serve the illuminati, which is a cosmic group, rather than just planetary. There are loads of types of beings serving them from many races, that have sold out, but these implants are the speciality of these beings.

How the implants work:

Generally spoken, they were forced upon humanity against their will,

For example (me)

I have a past life (read as in ‘parallel’) as all is here now, multidimensionally) where I was a monk, loving nature, peaceful, wanting to find herbs in nature to heal a friend in need. I fell off a cliff, being wounded in a deadly way, beings came to me claiming to be ‘angels’ but with a dodgy energy (they were not) .They said they would help me save me and my friend. Having only a choice between dying and saving that friend, and living, I agreed. They were such beings as described above. They violently stuffed my hands and feet and higher back with implants looking like technological gear and the energy was being transfered to saturn, through which they syphon humanities energy, which mean they farm us, literally, for that. For each implant, there are such entities guarding them, and you, as you are their slaves.

Parallel/past lives and implants do affect your life here and now.

If you feel depressed most of the time, know that when you do not have such influence, your mind is clear and you naturally see solutions, and are naturally more optimistic, ready for action.

Even when in the midsts of a seemingly negative situation, you see solution, you no longer feel oppressed.

The spirit of the dead are also a factor.
more often than not.

You think you are yourself, your gifts are blocked even if you asked tons of spirits to help you with things that don’t seem to manifest, you don’t seem to think crystal clear, perceive things crystal clear while you are a soul that in itself is in the know, spiritually.

Ups: The spirit of the dead can tell you and show you all kinds of things, but truth be told, their presence naturally block your own wholesome radiance, they naturally impose their views on you, their fears, limitations, addictions, unresolved issues upon you, and keep you away, ultimately from you embodying you, just by mere presence, even if they mean well. They are not supposed to be there, as they will ultimately block your ascents, 'willingly or unwillingly manipulate/influence your thoughts because of them just being there, blocking your self development, blocking or delaying most of the thinking processes that other spirits you chose to work with in rituals, according to your own will.
They will naturally force upon you their own limited moral views that generally do not rhyme with the full scope of you being your own god(dess) and wanting to explore the fuller scope of your nature - they will keep you away from what THEY don’t like and you do like - because after all, they are still personalities and in the case of the spirit of the dead, they won’t let you be you and keep your mind and scope of life in their corners feeding off of our energy, all of the time by default- therefore:

The spirit of the dead (and illuminati related or implants) should NEVER
be left to stick in you, ever-if you want spiritual help, ask adequate spirits that are made for the job you seek.

As a word of precaution:

If you don’t know:
Ask to be cleared, and make sure that you stay clear or you will live most of your life in vain.

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P.s. Removing them is not always an easy matter as it comes in many facets. If you don’t feel fantastic, or don’t see solutions as a state of being or feel bright and clear, something is wrong, and that something may very well be one of these things.

Remember it is almost a standard with almost every human, even if you are practicing magick.
@C.Kendall , (and others) maybe you would like to comment on this, or have your own solutions to these issues?


I have a question. Why do the Anti-Illuminati always seem to be on a loop like a broken record, while the Illuminati seems to be running the world?


I don’t use this language but basically, yes.

People are way more influenced than they realise, from many sources repressing the unconscious, and people have started breaking out, but in violence not enlightenment because they don’t know any better. Whether you call it implants, parasites, binding or domination spells, the collective unconscious, the thoughts of the people in your social circles and family, these all pull at your psyche, for better or worse - it’s not all counter to your health or goals.

As occultists we attract more interest, hence using not just wards and cleansing, but the inner work inclosing shadow work to know ourselves. The one who truly knows himself is king of himself - sovereign. You have to clear the influences even for just for a moment to see the difference between them and you, then when you walk back into them you can see them for what they are and choose to act with them or not.

It’s my feeling that this complete separation and knowing of the individual self is the entire point of being human on an individual level, and that discarnates cannot achieve this in it’s totality, as they are always aware of being an aspect of source, hence the “angels don’t have free will” way of putting it - discarnates do and they don’t as they are never disconnected.

As for the specific influence of the controlling cults in power, It will change because change is a constant, whether these spiritually-defunct people like it or not.
Civilizations rise and they fall, usually due to the fact that we live on an unstable planet - mega volcanoes like the one that destroyed the highly developed Mycenae civilization, the change in water supply that allowed civil unrest and starved out Akkadian civilization, and even larger planetary extinction events. Ragnarok is real. As in, seen in the fossil record and scientifically predicted real; they don’t call it that of course. These catalyse drastic change. The best the suppressors can do is use their riches to try to survive these by preparing in advance, but even so, they will die out with no people left to control. I hope knowledge survives again in the caves of Tibet and others FEMA tunnels?) as before, but there’s no telling if it will work, people being people. This is coming soon (30 years ish).

So in response to this OP, my advice to anyone and everyone is, use this to help work on yourself, clear the dross, be the best you can be and gain your ascension of you didn’t already. Never mind trying to be a millionaire, never mind about that cutie you want, it’s getting a bit late to play with those things - do the great work. The rest follows. This is your lifeboat, spiritually - it’s what matters.


@Mulberry it’s similar to some thoughts I had recently - “just focus on your ascent and things will fall into place” huh


What’s the best way to go about getting cleared? Hire an energy worker to do it?


I often Astral battle these spirits but it’s easier said than done. I’m not exaggerating. They can be terrifying and will use this to their advantage.

You can perform uncrossing and cleansing. I used to draw in solar light and visualize my entire being been cleansed.


Did you use the solar energy for both uncrossing and for cleansing?


You can use it for both yes.

I use a shower to uncross and solar energy to cleanse my items after the shower.

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