Stay hidden

How do you stay hidden from moast if not all entities out there im tire of getting visits from them

Any books the teaches this would be highly appreciated

Jason Miller’s “Protection and Reversal Magic” has techniques for this.


I don’t think staying hidden from most/all entities is in your best interest though. Maybe modify that to those who would do you harm, etc.

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Ward around your house to keep out uninvited entities is a good practice. You can cast a salt circle of protection around your whole house or even block if needed. I also put up iron horseshoes on my door lintels.

You can also intentionally raise your vibrations, with keeping your emotions positive and mood high. Doing this makes you invisible to many lesser entities. Or, of no interest as you don’t have the lower energies that attract them.

Also, you can set up spirit bottles, or water Taos that will attract them and trap them away from you.

Finally, if they bother you, attack and kill them, or try to kill them so they go away. Doing that just a few times is an act that is seen on the astral levels and the others will stop bothering you.


Eat them. It also works with people.


These entities arent lesser they are much much powerful enough to be considered a higher power

Yeaaaah this isn’t as easy as it sounds, first i wouldnt really know how to attack them. all i know is how to ward and i learnt every protection ritual for the purposes of defense not offensive. i tried to find the books the teaches psychic offense but couldnt find much on the matter. if you have one the does teaches you the please let me know

Lastly these being are consider gods I cant just attacked them i just recently god out of war with one the the archangel metatron had to help me deal with i dont want to go get into another one

Awesome ill take a look thanks

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Not as easy as it sounds

I should clarify: It’s not about power, it’s about vibration… these are two different things. Hiding doesn’t need as much strength as fighting.

One is amplitude the other is frequency. In the same way that humans don’t have the eyes to see ultraviolet light, but bees do, for example, the lesser entities literally can’t see you if you raise your vibration above what they are looking for.

Also, there are many kinds of non physical entities, including what I call astral wildlife. An imp is a lesser entity, for example. A shadow person is, imo, a lesser entity, and alien is a lesser entity, and humans in ego consciousness are lesser entities. Lesser as in, doesn’t have the same understanding and access that deity level or cosmic entities do.

But cosmic entities tend not to go around randomly attacking people, so if you’re being attacked without provocation, and without this being sent by another mage, then by definition it’s a lesser entity and you are within your rights to kill it.

Yes, this needs some power, by which I mean how much energy you can bring to bear all at once.

We have some info in the parasites collection of threads, but in a nutshell, the element of fire works very well. If you can visualise, get into trance, see the entity in form, and see it burning up. It will run or it will die. If you really want it to die, you can trap it in place (see a metal cage or hold it yourself in your arms) and hold it while you burn it.

By trying, you gain practice and get stronger at it, you gain power, or rather, you will use your energy but you build the capacity to hold more… so try and keep trying until it works, and it will.


Awesome thank you for the info ill take look

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There’s a sun pentacle that grants invisibility.

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Thats the name (sun pentacle )cuz i look it up most of them seem derive from king Solomon

The greater key to be exact.

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Okay so after i buy it thats it or do i need to get blessed by something

Unfortunately, the text isn’t very clear. It says that is “good for operations” of invisibility. However, I’m reading a book that involves the pentacle in a ritual for invisibility. Granted, again, these books should be clearer as to what the ritual intends to actually do. It’s not like the one ring that actually turns the wearer invisible. So, I can’t really say. Just try it out and see.

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Largely nonsense. Why? Because you are willing to get their attention, but not willing to do the rest of the work.

This isn’t a buffet. Do the work on yourself or walk away.

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Okay thanks

What?? And exactly makes you think the i’m doing this on purpose. i been warding and banishing left and right and for some reason they still manage to visit me through dreams

Who said i havent been putting in the work, coming HERE is my last resort so idk is exactly what your talking about

Bael has the power of invisibility.

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