Parasites 101

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This is a guide to recognizing Parasitic activity within and around you and Is also a guide to resolving it. I will attempt to be as detailed and thorough as possible.

Terms and Conditions: Defining Parasites and Their activity

● A Parasite is any spirit or being whether human or otherwise that takes from or influences something or someone and either does not return the favor, or delivers few to no results on the task delivered to them.

Parasitic Activity is any circumstance where one person or spirit(whether by itself or in a group) is receiving the power, energy, attention, worship, praise, OR OFFERINGS (!!) at the expense of the person giving it to them leave g them no better off than before. This also applies to systems of Magic and meditation as well.

● The Host is any person, object, or system of magic/communication that puts out enough energy to sustain or produce life.

Misconceptions and Misperceptions: The Forms that they Take
*A Parasite can be or look like anything at all. What is most important is the symptoms and signs of their appearance.

● Leeches, Worms, and Jellyfish:

Location: These beings come from various parts of the Astral and some have sentience to them.

Environement of Development: Energetic Dirtiness brought on by lack of cleansing and Banishing. Built up Toxicity in the chakras, Nadis, Meridians, and human Body. Toxic emotional patterns and thought patterns.

Symptoms of Presence and Influence:
Feeling Drained of Energy. Organs of the body hurt. Chakras seem “stuck” or without color to them. Other people start to feel drained of energy. Trouble thinking straight due to low energy.

● Psuedo-"Demons"or “Psuedo-Vampiric”/ Poltergeist Entities:

Location: the Darker parts of the Astral including other Astral planets.

Environment of Development:
Attracted by Unprotected temples and Magicians who don’t know the difference between True Vampirsm and Parasitism. The inner mind of the magician.

Symptoms of Activity
Will not Hesitate to pose as a Demon that the magician summons. Will posses the magician and give them a false sense of power. Trouble letting go of emotional situations or life situations. Things and blockages that seem to never end. Feeling drained of energy. ** You or the person Setting up groups of people to get hurt by “Playing a game” and getting them to touch Astral Relics such as Grails or Astral Obelisks.**

Developing Proclivity to Astral and physical Rape where none was present before (groping someone who is defenseless astrally it out permission.)
Intentionally starting drama. Cannot control ones thoughts. Is convinced they are a True Vampire. Rapid Ascent that only leads to a harsh fall.

● Impostor Spirits

Anywhere in the Astral.

Environment of Development:
A magician that has no Astral sense development.

Is partial to other magicians who put in significantly LESS effort than you.
Will take countless offerings and NOT give you what you evoked them for.
Will make excuses about your thoughts, vibrations, etc not being high enough for the mnifestaion of result.
When asked for specific Info, are either unable o give it, or Will give Vague and general info or a “Message” to suffice that doesn’t help anyone.

Will look like the spirit you are calling but with a smaller aura and a pasty, copied, fake look and feel to them.

You are left wondering if you indeed spoke with XYZ spirit.

Incapable of producing consistent results over a long period of time.

Will convince other dumbass magicians who work with them that you did something wrong you ain’t do, thus starting War. They feed off War.

When you question them they get pissed and start attacking you.
The Remedies: Taking Out The Trash

Solar Energy:
True Burning hot Solar energy will kill them on contact because of the Quality of Light and Heat.

Use a tiny amount to run through your or the persons chakras. Too much will burn them and is painful.

Remove Seals, Sigils, and Markings
These will look Incomplete and Hidden even though they are on the person astrally. They provide connection to the parasite and allow them to control the host/victim. It’s also a form of mind control.

Remove these by using any type of Fire energy (preferably Black Fire) and feel the thing being burned off and torn to pieces. Near instant relief.

Removing Bound Entities, Shapes, and Xs
Wraiths are often bound to magicians by seals to prevent true freedom and healing from occurring.
Angels are used to this purpose as well in their true form:
Geometric Shapes.
A string of these are embedded in the air of the person and cause physical pain and attack.

Xs are targets that let ALL spirits know to consistently attack the chosen person. They also motivate spirits not to help said person at all when evoked.

It’s called the Mark of Cain, or the Mark of Condemnation.

Use CLEAR, burning light to firmly erase any of the above.

Baneful Magic
You can curse parasites and kill them with Magic. It’s a form of cleansing.
Take a basic Death spell and substitute “Name if Enemy” for “Parasite influencing XYZ”

Fragments and Residue
Channel the Fire element through your being to consume any and all leftovers from the parasites and kill any eggs so that none may respawn again.

Use the Water Element to do the same.

Create Seals or Sigils to Kill all Impostor Spirits on sight.

If an entity is wanting to “give you it’s mark” then don’t accept it until you know what it does and why it does what it does.

Be careful of any entity that makes you feel like you are in a relationship with it. Most of these are parasitic where the human is getting no real benefit at all besides an emotional high or “powerful orgasm” due to an unfulfilled need for love.

Genuine spirit relationships can and do happen. Just be careful who you are contacting.

Astral Insects, Reptiles, and Rodents: Spiders, Mantises, Snakes, Demonic Rats

These beings infest the aura and body of the person injecting “Venom” into them that is supposed to help them Ascend (snakes), lay eggs (spiders), feed off them (rats), or clone themselves and imitate them (mantises).


Nuff said.

♤A Word on Snakes, Spiders, and Venemous Astral Creatures♤

There are legit beings that can inject true Alchemical Venom in you that can cause powerful transformation. BUT THEY DON’T DO IT JUST CAUSE YOU ASK. They will evaluate you first and the condition of your energy bodies before making a decision.

I hope this helps y’all out. More is coming as I find more and discover more.

The Grand Demon of Ascent/Micah/Chad Thundercock


Summary: Whatever it is, just kill it with fire!


You learn well :joy::ok_hand:


Damn, it’s well written than my job resume!!!


Can you elaborate when you say kill them with fire. A type of meditation, mantra, stare at a candle flame or what?


Ooh cool thread.

Also some people leak qi. Usually because of damage to the aura/qi body, temporary physical illness/injury, emotional non-discernment etc. This attracts parasites, and also the astral critters that normally clean up left over qi. (They’re like the astral version of maggots [larvae] and fungi - not malicious but cause problems if the attach by mistake.)

Symptoms of Activity … Is convinced they are a True Vampire.

Seconded. Some vampires are vamps because of this leakage and permanent parasitism as a long term issue, and even learn to use the parasite symbiotically to replace losses. The ones with black tendrils are usually like this, imo, but I don’t see many. They can be carried pre-attached from past lives, and/or attached very deeply from a very young age, even a fetal age, feeling like a ‘born’ condition.

Trouble letting go of emotional situations or life situations. Things and blockages that seem to never end. Feeling drained of energy.

Also agree. Numbness of emotion is another symptom - if the parasite s attached to the emotional layer of the body, it can eat one more emotion as fast as it’s produced. e.g. sociopaths are parasitised where the parasite has fed on the emotions of compassion before the person can feel it. I removed one of these from a target that looked like a thin red leech living stretched out inside the spinal column.

If your senses are open you can sometimes hear them ask first, or see them coming. Many years ago I had one ask to attach to my back to take energy, and in return it would form itself into attractive black filigree wings ‘to fly in the astral’. I let it attach for three days out of curiosity, even though I knew I could fly in the astral anyway I liked. It took too much energy and was slightly tricky to remove. I let it go and it didn’t come back.
Not all can talk though, the first one I ever saw coming could only giggle; it understood me at least.

I don’t usually kills things too weak to do me real damage if they’re not malicious about it. I feel that’s like kicking a puppy for peeing on the floor, it makes me the malicious one that really needs to be put down.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I want to see if I can keep one to attach to someone else as a baneful act. Maybe I could go call one and see if I get a volunteer, or keep one that goes for me in a spirit jar and feed it until the right time.


Killing it would be no different than killing pests in our physical world it seems. I kill flies, hornet nests, mice, weeds, even some grass and bushes. Had cats toying with caught rodents. Well, I’ve seen them accidentally let them get away. So, now when it’s about to get away I smash it with my hand. The cat looks at me quizzically but knows I don’t tolerate the rodents.


There are also those individuals out there that are hives for such activity and attract and distribute parasites and negative thoughtforms to everyone they come in contact. Sometimes just reading or hearing these people talk is enough to get infected if not shielded. They are of course heavily infected themselves but usually at that point that do not even realize it anymore and are so deluded they often do not even think it is possible for them of all people to be affected or if they are it is always the fault of someone else. Usually paranoid in nature and have bad mental health they are really quite easily identifiable though they do tend to talk the talk in some circumstances depending on what they are involved in such televised preachers and false ‘magicians’ that have studied more than practiced present the opposite image. These are only really a threat to the gullible though as more experienced would detect them rather quickly.
Such people are best quarantined or ignored and awareness spread about their condition if possible and definitely cut them from your life if you do not need them as these are generally inherently toxic and deluded individuals. They are like the neighborhood crack dealer whose house is the source of the entire neighborhoods flea and termite problems.
Now I see a lot here is presented as after having gotten parasites with no preventative measures given. Prevention should be the main focus as anyone that has had any kind of a pest problem can certainly testify to how much easier it is to prevent the problem than it is to clean up after it has occurred. Now a few good practices for prevention are:

  • Routine energy work as this effectively keep your energy strong and resistant to outside influence and works to clean it of negative and environmental influences. Qigong practices are particularly suited to this.

  • Mental awareness and discipline. This goes right in hand with the routine energy work. Keeping ones thoughts and mind in order and remaining balanced in thought and action keeps one grounded and objective as well as controlling emotions to prevent any negative attachments or thoughforms from forming. Meditation helps with a well balanced mind set along with many of the visualization and mental practices that accompany energy work.

  • A good shield is really invaluable whether you are worried about parasites or not just to ward off the nasty feeling of any ambient energy or emotions from others. There are many easy but effective shielding techniques that are easy to find but the simplest is simply a field of powerful vital energy and vibration accumulated and placed with a purifying and protective intent over your energy field.

  • Routine cleansing of your space should also be conducted on similar principle to cleaning yourself with energy work and shielding yourself. This is basically routine maintenance and cleaning energetically and is good to conduct when you do mundane cleaning as well to get that lingering nasty energy out and keep the flow going nice and smooth.

With those steps it is possible to ward off most all parasites. The exceptions come from very well fed ones or intentionally created parasites that are usually made strong enough to survive a high vibration environment temporarily. In the case of well fed ones these usually come from already infected individuals and a strong enough shield will fry them just fine and if their presence is sensed it can be pushed away before it has time to latch on. Intentionally created ones can be a bit trickier as these are more akin to full spirits or demons depending on the practitioner but these are extremely rare as actually getting attacked by another practitioner is a very uncommon occurrence. Of course you must always be aware that any unhealthy obsessions in yourself can create them in which case they are born from you and much of these defenses won’t help if you cannot get control of your mind. Addictions, fears, these all lead to these sorts but that is why keeping good mental balance and objective thought is important.

Keep in mind once a parasite has made an attachment killing it is only a temporary measure as they set up conditions in your energy and mind so they can effectively respawn from the issues they create so first solution is always to fix yourself and your inner reality before dealing with the external manifestations.


Not sure if you are being sarcastic or not but it is from American culture that when you dislike something you “burn it with fire” or say “If it bleeds we can kill it”

Parasites don’t gaf if you’re American or not. The astral has no nationality and should be operated within with utmost care and regard for what is versus what we think it ought to be to fit our comfort zone.

Ah good old craigslist

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Not to sound like a noob or anything but how do you create/use solar energy,fire energy, burning light to use as weapons for parasites? You imagine or visualize it?


How do you create/use solar energy fire energy burning light?


A Way to do it is:

Imagine Sunlight gathering at your hand and use your breath to gather more of it until (most commonly) you feel your hand start burning or getting progressively warmer.

You then focus your mind on the image of, lets say, a sword and breath that energy into what you are imagine. Lo and behold, you have a Astral Solar Sword.

See what I mean?


Oh ok. Thank you I really appreciate it I’m trying this for spirit attachment I have.

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Agree with this, but I need to add that for some people (like me) it’s easier and more effective to visualize the solar energy going through your crown and from there to your hands, because the energy in the meridians move, usually, downwards.
Experiment yourself and find what fits better for you.


Thank you for this very informative post!

I know a friend who was in a pentecostal church who calls themselves “apostolic”, their services feature a lot of people going to the altar, offering themselves up to god, crying a lot, “speaking in tongues” and falling over being “slain” in the spirit. there’s tons of this behaviour not just in this church but in many other similar new age churches. because they are some of the most negative unloving people I know who gets nothing in return for their devotion i’m pretty sure they’re not being inspired by holy anything.

my question is, is it possible that these kinds of christians are having their energy harvested by some kind of powerful negative parasitic entity? can such parasites make them act in mass hysteria this way?